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Here are some “Short Answers” to some of the questions readers have submitted to Tawra and Jill:

Jill from Michigan asks:

“Tawra – I read your information of cloth diapering and I’m wondering how much vinegar you wash them with and do you use special laundry soap?”

I put in about 1/2 – 1 cup in and don’t use a special detergent.


Janel From New Jersey asks:

“Hi! What can I use to clean wooden kitchen cabinets? Some of them are sticky and greasy (especially over the stove). Thanks, Janel”

I use Murphy’s Oil Soap. You can find it in the cleaning section of the store. Tawra

I use Dow foaming bathroom cleaner. I spray it on the gook literally rolls off. I once had to clean a house in which the cabinets were covered in a thick gummy layer from having a heavy smoker in the house and the Dow just bubbled it right off. I use it more in my kitchen for all grease then I do in my bathroom. Be sure to wipe dry when you are done. Jill



Nancy from Ellinwood, Kansas asks:

“Can you use canned pumpkin to make your pumpkin pancakes, sauce, etc?”

You sure can! It works great!


Mollie From Florida asks:

“What is the difference in types of powered sugar? Usually the recipes call for powered sugar, but not what type. I bought 4x and someone told me that you should only use 10X.”

If you are just doing baking at home it doesn’t really matter. Where it matters is for professional bakers who do fancy things like wedding cakes. Whatever I find in the store works just fine for me. I have never had any problems with my baking because of it.


Denise From New York asks:

“Is it possible to freeze chili con carne? I am the only one in the household who eats it. I only make it a couple times in the crock pot because it can be expensive(because of the meat).”

Yes, you can. I just freeze mine in 2 cup portions in zip top bags or 2 cup plastic containers.


Elizabeth Asks:

“I put self-rising flour and all purpose flour in separate containers for storage, however I never marked them. Is there any way to tell which is which before I go to bake, like adding a little liquid to them? “

You might taste them. The self rising would have a bitter salty, baking powder taste to it.


Kathleen writes:

“I see tips frequently about how to re-use vacuum bags. Please remember that the bag is part of the filtration system, and will not work nearly as well after emptying it. You would be doing yourself, and your vacuum a favor by buying the cheap bags and changing them more often, rather than try to re-use them.

Thanks for the tip, Kathleen! We tried this once — ONLY ONCE. The resulting dust cloud quickly made us realize it was a a bad idea!


photo by: valeriebb