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Holiday Stress Bubbling Over?

Do you usually find yourself stressed during the holiday season? Is trying to find inexpensive but nice gifts making you ache all over?


They say one of the most common stress busters is a candle lit bubble bath. I have tried that myself a couple of times but without much success, I’m afraid. Just convincing the family to let me into the bathroom- alone and with the door shut is a challenge.

I can never remember where I put the candles. (Being frugal, I only have a couple and after battling my way into the bathroom, I scarcely remember my name much less the location of the candles.) Finding them only complicates matters, since my claw foot tub and pedestal sink leave me no place to set them. Placing them on the floor ruins the effect since I have to climb up out of the tub to admire them. At last, I place them on the toilet seat- not the most attractive spot, but at least it’s flat.

I pour my new bubble bath, “Essence de la Gardenia”, and I can’t wait to have my nostrils tickled with the scent of my favorite flower. I stand with my eyes shut and sniff – ugh! It wreaks of “Essence de la compost!” Still, I don’t despair. Maybe it’s that new stuff that has to mix with my own body oils to create my own signature fragrance.

I slide into the warm water (Have you ever noticed that no matter how full you fill the tub, some part of your body always remains exposed and ends up freezing?) I grit my teeth and assure myself that I’m enjoying this even though my beauty mask has turned rock hard, my smelly bubbles have disappeared and my water has turned cold. If I have done my 15 minutes of toe yoga, I can usually turn on the hot water, but what’s the use? By now my family is pounding on the door and if they aren’t, the noises coming from the other side of the door are scaring me enough that I know I need to get out there fast!

If your bubble bath is something less than relaxing and the stress of finding inexpensive but nice gifts overwhelms you, never fear! I have found something that everyone loves regardless of age, sex or nationality — one size fits all — and that’s food! Here’s an idea for candy that can be made early and are sure to please!



Party Mints

2 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1 egg white -OR- 2 Tbsp. milk
2 tsp. butter, melted
4 small lids peppermint flavoring
1/4 cup paraffin, shaved*
1 pkg. (12 oz.) chocolate chips

Mix powdered sugar, egg white or meringue, butter and peppermint flavoring. Make into small balls about the size of a quarter and then flatten on a cookie sheet. Put in the freezer. Melt chocolate and paraffin over a double boiler. When melted take mints out of freezer. Put a toothpick though the center of the mint and dip into chocolate. If mints on the cookie sheet begin to soften and thaw, refreeze because they are easier to dip. Put back on cookie sheet and let chocolate harden in the freezer. Wrap each mint in a piece of 5×5 inch foil. Makes twenty 2-inch mints.

*Paraffin may be left out and chocolate coating or almond bark may be used instead.


From Dining on a Dime


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