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Don’t throw away that old shower curtain! These tips offer easy ways to recycle plastic shower curtains, which are incredibly useful for many purposes!

Ways To Recycle Plastic Shower Curtains

Ways To Recycle Plastic Shower Curtains

I had to replace my plastic shower curtain liner. You can wash them and I have, but after a certain point you need to break down and get a new one. As much as I hate changing them, it was time for me to do this. I hate to throw away my plastic shower curtains equally as much so I don’t. I thought you might like some ideas on how to use these plastic shower curtains, wonderfully large chunks of plastic for things other than a shower curtain.

Use A Plastic Shower Curtain:

  1. As a small tarp for over firewood.
  2. To line your table or floor when your kids are doing a messy project.
  3. For a bed liner when the grandkids come to visit and they aren’t quite potty trained.
  4. Under your blanket on a picnic to keep it from getting damp.

  1. Keep a plastic shower curtain in the trunk of your car to lay down when you haul things or to throw over your head if you are broken down in a rain storm with no umbrella.
  2. Lay it on the ground when you are pruning rose bushes or pulling weeds. You can drag the whole thing to your compost pile or to toss the clippings.
  3. Cut a hole in it to use it as a poncho or to make a cover for kids when doing a messy job.
  4. If you have one of those freak 2 minute summer rain storms, toss it over the clothes on your line to keep them from getting them wet. That way you don’t have to hurry and take everything off of the line.


  1. Place old shower curtains under tents when camping or throw them over camping gear if it rains.
  2. Cut into chunks and use for things like under the dog or cat bowl.
  3. Cut and sew them into bibs or to sew on bibs you already have as a liner.
  4. Use as a drop cloth when painting. Even buying a new one at the Dollar Tree would cost less then buying a regular drop cloth.
  5. Use as a tent instead of sheets for the kids in the backyard or on the deck. If it rains it won’t matter because they can still stay out and play.
  6. Use it as a temporary covering for a broken window or to patch a leaky roof.
  7. Sew them into beach or swimming bags to carry your wet suits. Some curtains have a perfect “beachy” look to them to make them really cute.
  8. Place under a rug by the front door for everyone to set their snowy boots on when the walk in.




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