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Since we are featuring gardening ideas this week, here is an older post showing Tawra’s house when they first moved in and how they set up their garden beds for square foot gardening. If you have seen her recent pictures of the house, you can see how far they have come.

We have been working on the gardens each weekend and it has been some hard work! Right after we moved in, we had to replace our septic system and afterwards, the yard was a big muddy mess. We are first working on the septic tank mess.


Here is the "before" picture, where we started outlining the garden with the free bricks we got. You can see all the dirt where they dug for the septic tank and it’s just a mud pit! My motto is, where’s there’s mud there’s a potential garden! :-)

garden in progress

Here is the area over the drain field for the septic system. I’m going to try and put in a huge drought tolerant perennial bed. I was going to try and do it all this year but I think my dreams are bigger than my or Mike’s energy. You can see he started rototilling in the front and then the tiller broke. We are going to have to wait until we can fix it to get the rest done. It’s just too hard to hand dig. BJ is going to put his Giant Pumpkins in the back.

future garden

This is how it looked after we got the compost filled in. We just decided to do everything as raised beds because the ground is such hard clay it’s not worth digging unless we dig it out. We are going to cut down the septic tank vents so they don’t stick out so much. All that is right on top of where they put in the new septic tank.


This is our raised beds for our vegetables. We are going to make four raised beds this year and then, if we need more later, we will add them. I am doing my favorite method of gardening, Square Foot Gardening. It is SOOO much less work than traditional gardening!

Of course my wonderful husband did all the digging to get the bed straight and then he hauled and filled in with compost. He has worked hard but once it’s in, then it’s easy!

raised garden beds

For all the paths, we are putting down newspaper or cardboard and then mulching with free wood chips.

That’s our start for this year!