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Bigger Tomatoes

Bigger Garden Tomatoes

I saw the latest “cool” tip on pinterest this week it was how to use Epsom salts on your tomatoes. Today as I was wandering around on our site I found this “cool” tip we have had on here for years.

We use this tried and true method for getting bigger tomatoes in our garden. When planting tomatoes, place one teaspoon of Epsom salts in the hole before placing the plant in it. Water the plant well afterwards. This will yield bigger tomatoes and longer life of the plant.


We have so much many ideas I can’t keep up with them. I like to think of our site as the forerunner to pinterest because you can wander and wander on it and still not read it all.  :-D

One last tomato tip.

We do have this tip in some of our articles, but one thing Tawra taught me on tomatoes many years ago and that is to strip the stem of the tomato plant of all it’s leaves except the top few. Instead of digging a deep hole straight down, dig a ditch like hole and lay the roots and stems length wise covering the whole stem with only the few top leaves are left showing. What this does is to cause the stem to give off roots where it is buried and gives the plant a really nice root system which is the secret to a strong nice tomato plant.



Photo By: spablab

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