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Bathroom Etiquette – Respect Yourself And Others

Here are a few things to do out of consideration for the next person who will be using the bathroom. Each one of these takes only seconds and will leave the bathroom neat and tidy for the next person. Make them habits.

  1. Remove all dirty clothes or place them in a hamper as you leave.
  2. Hang up used towels.
  3. Put up the bathmat. I lay a 100% cotton rug on the floor beside my tub, where is stays all the time so there is one less thing for my family to worry about.


  1. Rinse the hair out of the tub or sink. Keep a plastic glass or container in the corner of the tub to use for this. If you have a shower head on a hose, that’s even better yet.
  • Use a dampened piece of toilet paper to clean hairs off of counters.
  • Put away toiletries— make up, hair products, toothpaste and toothbrush, etc. Time yourself. Once you have the bathroom clean this should take 30 seconds or less to do.
  • Teach all male members of the family to wipe drips off of toilets. When you start potty training little boys teach them this. Better yet, teach them to wipe before the drip happens. Guys, be considerate of your wives and daughters. It’s the little things they appreciate!


I have a little saying for my grandsons that cracks them up. It goes:

If you sprinkle when you tinkle,
Be a sweetie, wipe the seatie.

If you are saying, “There is no way I have time to do all these things,” think again. All these things take a total of only 2 minutes. Cut that 30 minute shower or the 30 minutes you spend on your hair and make-up down to 28 minutes and there is your extra time.


You will also find that you will be saving time because you aren’t stumbling over everyone’s dirty clothes or pawing through the counter trying to find the toothpaste, lipstick or brush. Even the seconds it takes you to push things aside to find a place to lay your curling iron could have been used to put those same things away the day before and you would have saved time today.

Most importantly, you are teaching your family respect and consideration for someone else. How do you think people really learn to give respect and, in turn, gain respect? It is by making it a habit daily to be considerate of others in millions of little things that they do– always thinking, “How do I want to be treated?” and, in turn, treating others that same way. It’s an old fashioned truth from the Bible called the golden rule.

We have got to start loving and caring more for our own family members and treating them with consideration. You or your kids don’t need to sit down and read another book about How to gain Self Esteem and Respect. Just start cleaning up the bathroom after yourselves!



photo by:  joanna8555