Homemade Bath Salts, Wrinkle Creams, and Global Warming

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 Homemade Bath Salts Recipe

Wrinkle Creams, Bath Salts and Global Warming

 I often wish I could just sit back and go with the flow. I drive myself crazy at times wondering about and questioning things.


Here are some of the things I wonder about:

Wrinkle creams – They say, “This cream will get rid of 30% fine lines and wrinkles.” Well, what am I supposed to do with the other 70%? Even better still is when they say, “Our day cream will get rid of all of your wrinkles,” and then proceed to say ,”You also need to get our night cream to get rid of the wrinkles.” If the first cream got rid of the wrinkles, why would I need the second cream?

Bath Salts – You are supposed to use bath salts to keep you skin soft and young looking but, at the same time, for thousands of years people have used salt to dry food like beef jerky!!!

Make Up – “This mineral foundation will cover everything.” So why do I have to buy primer to put under it and the concealer to go on top? You put the concealer under your eyes, around your nose, chin, cheeks and anything on your forehead. Whats the difference between that and good old-fashioned foundation? If the first stuff covers everything, why do I need the rest?

One Shoe – Why is there always only one shoe laying in the middle of the road when you see them? Doesn’t the person who lost it notice they are walking with only one shoe and if they were thrown out a car window why just throw out one? Very curious.

Temperatures – Why are you supposed to have a cool room to help you sleep at night but they make churches cold to help keep people awake during the service?

Global warming – Why do I always see articles and shows everywhere about global warming in August but I rarely hear it mentioned in January? Or better yet they say “Temperatures are reaching into to the 100’s.” As if it is some kind of important breaking news. Duhhhh. It is August in Kansas. It gets this hot every year.

Hummmm???? I wonder why????

In spite of what I said, :) if you still love your bath salts, here is a recipe for homemade bath salts from Dining on a Dime. It is one of many homemade beauty products included in Dining on a Dime.


Homemade Bath Salts Recipe

1/2 gal. Epsom salts*
1 cup baking soda
A few drops of food coloring
Vanilla, almond or peppermint extract or your favorite perfume.

Place all into a bowl. Mix well and pour int a pretty jar with a ribbon. Use 1/2 cup per bath.

*You can use the salt which is used for water softeners. It is less expensive if you are making several jars.


For lots more easy recipes for elegant all-natural homemade bath and beauty products, take a look at our Pretty for Pennies Frugal Bath and Beauty Guide!



  1. LA says

    This year I shopped early and got some fantastic deals. I bought my granddaughter in September a winter hat and mitten set for only $1.00 at Walmart. At Christmas it was marked up to $7.00. I bought her a PJ set for $3.00 at Christmas it was marked up to $8.00. I bought my husband and son a PJ set in August for $9.00 at Christmas this same PJ set was marked up to $14.00 for the set! I always try to shop early and try to get a lot of my shopping done in the summer. I also look for bargains at Christmas sales and on the internet!!! This saves money and a spares me the headache of trying to fight crowds during this frenzy shopping season. I am able to relax and enjoy it more with friends and family without going crazy! I also make my own bath salts, soaps and bath bombs as well as candles!!! It adds a special touch for that special someone!!!

  2. KarenHoward says

    I Love Love Love This! I agree. Homemade is appreciated & much more economical,& it makes great gifts.I also make candles,bath products,& herb vinegars, Saches, etc. Go to- http://www.Herbquarterly.com BHG.com LadiesHomeJournal.com Favecrafts.com & Stashtea.com for beauty remedies-All with herbs ,salts,fruits,yogurt,etc. for a fraction of the cost of store bought bath salts & other beauty products. Some things cost a bit more, but in the long run-it Is cheaper. If I can’t afford something on my list-I buy it the next month-crossing off what I buy- as I buy it. I save jars & bottles & covers from everything (mustard to roasted peppers & speghetti sauce to honey) to put my homemade concoctions in & some if the jars are pretty too. I’ve settled for Eggbeaters cartons & milk & juice cartons for candle molds until I can afford to buy a couple of metal molds from Michael’s Crafts. And you can use straws,stirrers,pencils or markers, to tie the wicking at the top & lay it across the mold.Crayons are pretty cheap too -especially at the$$ stores-or wait till they go on sale for Crayola-at other stores.I use these to color my candles, as the candle dye can be costly. Ladies-we have to pamper ourselves now & then-we deserve it-& we’ll be able to be our best selves for others when we take care of us 1st. Enjoy :)

  3. Bea says

    I made the Vanilla Scented Bath Salts last night. They smell so good, and it is such fun to use in a bath.

  4. says

    You’re too funny. This reminds me about the washing detergent TV commercials from when I was young. It was “amazing” how white white could become.

    • says

      I know what you mean Jenny. I would have loved for these washing detergent tests to have been made on a pair of socks worn by a normal person like an 11 year old boy who played football in his socks in a yard which had just been mowed and was muddy on top of that. :)

  5. says

    Haha…keep those questions coming! Life is certainly full of contradictions. I remember wondering why some shampoos claim they can get rid of all your tangles and make your hair all smooth, shiny and all, and then recommend that you use the conditioner with them, too (what else for, right?)

    Anyway, I think I’ll try your bath salts when I have the time – I certainly could use them to spice up my bath, which right now, is my personal indulgence since I get so busy and tired taking care of my new baby.

  6. says

    What I want to know is why everything is anti-aging? What’s wrong with aging? Why is it important to “look our youngest”? What does that mean, anyway? I think it’s a bad message. I can understand “look your nicest,” though.

  7. says

    At Jayne^^

    I would say look your nicest for most people was when they looked their youngest! At least in the eyes of the media…

    I agree wholeheartedly with your statement; it is a bad message that has been portrayed that should really be as you say look your nicest for the day you are living in.

    • says


  8. Stacey says

    This was hilarious. Thank you for sharing this. Your article hits so close to the heart. So many have become paranoid to the media giants; it’s an all or nothing mentality. We are afraid because if we do or don’t it will be the end of it all. The Earth goes through cycles, just as our bodies do, in an attempt to keep things homeostatic. Sadly this is often in the form of superstorms and the like. Our bodies are constantly changing, cells die off and others are formed. The commercials LOVE to advertise to this effect and have us so fooled. My grandmother used ponds cold cream to clean her face and used petroleum jelly as a moisturizer, when she died at 86 yo she look about 70. She was a very pretty lady. No, I don’t advocate using a petroleum based product on your skin, mind you..lol. I think what we need to do is seriously sit back and think. Consider everything and realize that much of what we need to do is look right at home, instead of what the advertisers are trying to sell. God knew what he was doing when he created water. DRINK IT!!! That right there alone will help smooth out at least 30% of your wrinkles…lol.

  9. Rachel H says

    Well, I sell cosmetics, so I am glad that there are women who buy it! As far as wrinkles go, stay out of the sun is good advice. We live in Florida. My mother and sister stayed at the beach as young women, often without sublock. Yes, they have tans, but their skin looks terrible! They are wrinkled and leathery looking. I always wear a hat and apply sunblock.

  10. getforfree says

    May be that’s why the people so helpless these days, can’t cook, fix things and can’t take care of themselves using what they already have. That’s because they are bombarded with all those ads telling them they won’t survive without buying this or that product, while in reality they could.

    Yea,better drink free water instead spending money on that wrinkle cream, and then, you have to make sure not to forget to apply it every day.

  11. Joanie says

    Very cute and thought inspiring article! For a while, I purchased anti aging skin products. The commercials make it sound like any positive changes are here to stay, kind of a fountain of youth miracle. Then it dawned on me that any significant improvement in skin tone is lost the minute that you cannot afford the product anymore. Now I use a knock off moisturizer from the dollar store and that satisfies my need for pampering. Besides, a smile and a cheerful attitude are the best anti aging solutions around and they are free!

  12. Gael says

    I don’t sell cosmetics, but I don’t know even one woman who doesn’t look nicer with a bit of makeup judiciously applied. It doesn’t need to take more than 5 minutes to freshen your look, so I don’t understand not taking that tiny effort, much less boasting about it. A few women look good gray, but most just look old and tired as their hair starts turning, so that’s a no-brainer for me, too. I don’t care if women make their own cosmetics or buy them, just take care of yourselves. Drinking water goes only so far.


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