Using Leftover Crumbs

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using leftover crumbs

Here’s how to use all those leftover crumbs!

How often do you toss leftover crumbs, whether they are in the bread bag, cake or dessert leftovers or something else? Which if us hasn’t cringed at throwing away that last piece of cake? You can usually use these leftovers for something else, saving money and often adding something special to another food item! Try these tips for using leftover crumbs:

Leftover cookie crumbs – use leftover in place of graham cracker crumbs when making a graham cracker crust.

Leftover bread crumbs – save in a bag in the freezer. When you have enough, toss leftover crumbs with oil and seasoning. Toast until golden brown. Use in place of Parmesan cheese or us in stuffing, casseroles or bread pudding (without the oil and seasonings)

Save and use cake crumbs, cookie crumbs and brownie crumbs as a ice cream topping

Use cereal leftover crumbs for topping on muffins, yogurt, pudding, oatmeal, fresh fruit or use 2 cups with 1/2 cup margarine and your favorite herb, broil on a flat pan until browned. Use on top of hot vegetables, macaroni and cheese or casseroles. Store unused portion in an airtight jar.

Leftover Jelly or Jam?use for popsicles or add more water, boil and make syrup

One serving of leftovers? – Line a muffin tin with foil. Put one serving of leftover mashed potatoes, meat anything and cover with foil. Freeze.When frozen store in labeled plastic freezer bags.

Add leftover cooked rice to pancake batter. – Cook as usual. Serve with butter and syrup. They make a hearty breakfast.

Sundae Pie – Crumble leftover cookies, angle food cake, pound cake or brownies in a pie pan. Spoon vanilla ice cream on tip. Spread on a thin layer of strawberry jam and cover that with chocolate and butterscotch ice cream topping. Freeze and serve for dessert.


photo by: little blue hen


  1. Chris says

    I think utilizing leftovers like crumbs and dribs/drabs that appear to have no use is a good budget buster – especially when you apply the creativity consistently

  2. says

    Great ideas. TY. I have another to add: I throw leftover crumbs from slicing up my homemade bread into the crock pot as I serve the soup for supper! LOL. That way the “good” in the crumbs doesn’t go to waste! I just tap the crumbs from the cutting board over the Crock… :) Away they go! :)

  3. Barbara says

    I had a whole container full of dried brerad that I just needed to put in the blender to make the crumbs. I was going to use them that night for meatloaf. My husband cleaned and detailed the kitchen and toissed them in the garbage. Guess I start again!

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