Christmas Greenery

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Christmas Greenery

From: Cindy

A simple way to add some greenery to Christmas or winter decorations is to use branches from an artificial tree – either one you are getting rid of or branches that you can leave off the tree because they are in the back and wouldn’t be seen anyway. They are great to tuck behind a jar candle or snowman on a windowsill or tabletop.


Great tip Cindy. An old artificial tree is a treasure. My husband once took a couple of different small trees he had gotten for pennies and shaped them together and made a huge (about 5 ft.) wreath for outside. They also are great to pull apart and use,  especially for outside decorating, because they have wire in them so they are easy to bend and hook or wrap on columns, fences, etc.



We don’t put the bottom row of branches on our fake tree so that we have room for the presents. This would be a great way to use those! -Tawra


photo by: dominic-hallau_de


  1. rose says

    our friend had the prettiest table setting i had ever seen in a long time… she had a wicker plate (like the one’s you use when you are on a picnic and put a thin paper plate on top (the wicker plate is to help keep the paper plate in place and not fold over bc its not sturdy enuff) …
    she then took some pine cones and dipped them in glue and rolled them in some glitter and stuff that she had in her craft baskets and put those pine cones and some of the tree branches (small branches) in the plate and voila! 😀 … it was so simple and yet pretty… and then she put underneath it all one of those car deodorizes that look like trees and put that underneath all of this to give it that “pine” smell…
    another friend made a family of gingerbread and well used the same recipe that you have for the applesauce xmas ornaments but instead of using cinnamon she used ginger spices, all spice and etc (she said she got the spices at the dollar store when they were on sale)… and the way she decorated everthing, it was soooo cute … with the house, and the pets and hte people…
    if she had to buy a kit or have someone make it for her, it would have cost her a fortune! …

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