Scented Cinnamon Ornaments

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Homemade Scented Cinnamon Ornaments

If you have gone to the trouble to make someone homemade gifts, go the extra mile and make the presentation and packaging special too. It can make the difference between an “oh, thank you” gift and a “how cute is this, I love it, it’s adorable!” gift.

  • If you are giving cocoa mix in a mug, tie peppermint sticks or candy canes onto the mug to use for stirring. Even one or two spoons dipped in white chocolate can make the difference between a “ho-hum” gift and a “wow!” gift.
  • Copy the packaging and presentation ideas you see in magazines or on TV. There is a reason they can sell $.50 worth of cocoa for $25.
  • Instead of just giving someone a plate of brownies, cut them into Christmas shapes with your cookie cutters. Things like stars, trees or bells work well. Go a step further and covering them with frosting or sprinkles.

  • Take everyone’s favorite rice crispy treats and cut them into shapes with your cookie cutters. There is even Christmas cereal available now. Try using that instead of regular rice crispies or add red or green food coloring to spruce up the rice crispies.
  • Instead of giving someone a plate of cookies, buy cellophane bags to put them in and tie with extra pretty ribbons. You can get clear cellophane bags at party stores or flower shops.
  • When giving cookies, put a different twist on them by pressing a lollipop or popsicle stick into them before you bake them. If you use a popsicle stick, personalize it by writing the person’s name or a special message on the stick. Once again, do something cute for a package. Slip them into a cellophane bag or cover with colored cellophane paper and tie with a bow. You can get lollipop or popsicle sticks at any discount store in the crafts or cake decorating section.
  • Tie little jingle bells to the ends of the ribbon you use on your package or just for fun, put your gift in a box before you wrap it and throw in a couple of hands full of wrapped peppermints or Christmas candy.

This following recipe can be used for more than just ornaments for your tree. Tuck them in different corners of your house to add a lovely spicy scent here and there. It is also fun to tuck a few into a package you are shipping or delivering so when the person opens the package he or she gets a wonderful Christmas smell before even seeing the gift.


Scented Cinnamon Ornaments Recipe

1 cup cinnamon
1 Tbsp. cloves
1 Tbsp. nutmeg
3/4 cup applesauce
2 Tbsp. white glue

In a bowl, mix the spices. Add applesauce and glue, stirring until well blended. Work mixture until dough is smooth and ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Divide into 4 portions and roll each portion on a floured surface to a 1/4 inch thickness. Cut dough with cookie cutters of desired shapes. Using a straw or toothpick, make a small hole in the top of each ornament. Place on wire racks and allow to dry at room temperature for several days.

(For more uniform drying, turn ornaments over once each day.) Thread ribbon through holes to form garland. You can also glue to a wooden hoop, forming a wreath and decorate with ribbon as desired. Makes approximately 32 two-inch ornaments. DO NOT EAT!

For more creative holiday recipes, check out our Dining On A Dime Cookbook!


photo by: davefayram


  1. Jaime says

    Good ideas, but if you are giving away the gingerbread ornaments I suggest putting a big label on them saying “Do not eat!” in big, bright, bold letters.

  2. says

    I made these last year and I decorated them by running a fine line of silver or gold glitter glue around the edges. I made mine in the shape of stars. They turned out very nice and am planning on making them for gifts.

  3. says

    How nice! Hmmmmm I may need to try this one…finding a place for drying that is out of the reach of curious little fingers could be a challenge though! LOL

    Thanks for all of the great creative tips. We are making aprons for aunts & grandmas this year. We are going to hide a little surprise in the pocket of the apron for an extra special touch. 😀

    God bless you and have a great weekend!


    Mary Joy

    • says

      Good idea Mary Joy. I am decorating a chef’s apron for Tawra’s middle son who is 7 so I will use your idea and may be tuck some peppermints (his favorite) or a little toy in the pocket. Thanks.

  4. Jessica says

    We made these and I love them. When we go out and then come home, the house smells so good. When I was a kid, my Mom would buy a cinnamon broom and I loved the smell during the holidays. Because we are pinching pennies, I could not justify $6 for a smell to remember my childhood. Well, I froze some apple butter that nobody liked, thawed it, added the other ingredients and wallah! We are planning on using some on our tree and to give others as gifts to our new neighbors as we just moved to a new neighborhood. Thanks!

  5. rose says

    i bet these smell good too .. thanks for sharing .. and what a nice gift to give to someone ..
    also, if you have relatives that dont celebrate holidays (or they celebrate hannuka/kwannzai (sorry spelling) you could still make these but dont use the xmas cookie cutters .. and the recipient can still have those scented items for their homes ..
    and also make spice/pumpkin cupcakes too (take the spice cake mix, add 1 can of the libby’s pumpkin puree (not the pumpkin pie mix in the can) bake as directed .. when cooled ice with cream cheese frosting) .. now that is a really nice treat to any gift basket .. 😀 😀
    and ur house will smell awesome from the cake/pumpkin mix 😀

  6. Jan says

    Just made these lastnight and they are so cute…I’m going to try using glue and glitter for that extra sparkle. Thanks for another great idea Ladies, keep em’ coming!

  7. says

    About 18 years ago, my mom, sister and I owned a gift shop together, which my mom and I still own. My sister made these ornaments, and had about 100 lined up on her kitchen table, ready to decorate for the shop. My husband and I went over for a visit, and he ate one of the “cookies”, not knowing they were ornaments. At the time, my sister wasn’t a very good cook, and my husband thought those were the worst cookies he had ever eaten. You can imagine the look on his face when my sister told him they were ornaments…with glue! We still laugh over that every Christmas when we are baking cookies.

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