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Here is a sample monthly budget. It was our actual monthly budget for 2006. It was based on a total after tax income of $2486.00 per month. At the time, we lived in Wichita, Kansas and owned our home, a 1600 sq. ft. 3 bedroom, 2 bath bi-level on 1/2 acre.

A couple of notes about the budget:

  • Our credit card debt was at 0% interest. We had to buy a "new to us" used car and our son had medical problems when he was born. Those were put on the card to save interest that they hospital and doctors would have charged.

  • All eating out was included in the Social-Entertainment category.
  • Our grocery budget included food only. Our food budget was for two adults and 3 children, 8,7 and 3. I buy almost everything at one store and stock up buying only sale items from other stores. I can get paper goods cheaper at Wal-Mart than the grocery store, so I buy them there.
  • At the time of this budget, we did not have medical insurance, which we estimated would cost $400 a month. (Note that there was $400 available in the budget for that expense.)

Monthly Budget

INCOME-after tax
Mike’s check $2483.00
Tawra’s disability $348.00

Tithe (church donation) $300.00
Food $250.00-300.00
Mortgage (Includes taxes and insurance. Also includes an extra $30 every month toward principal.) $855.00
Sewer, water, and trash $30.50
Phone $50.00
Electric and gas (on the high side) $200.00
Gas for car $120.00
Credit cards (car payment and medical) $100.00
Internet (The book pays for it.) $00.00
Uncovered Medical Expenses $75.00
Wal-Mart (includes all paper goods, some clothes, soap etc.) $125.00
Clothes (mostly from yard sales and thrift stores) $30.00
Stamps $6.00
Car insurance $50.00
Car repairs and tags $75.00
Haircuts (Tawra and Elly) $20.00
Presents-birthdays, etc. $50.00
Social and entertainment $30.00


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  1. Betsy says

    Thank you for posting your budget! It is very helpful to see your actual expenses. Does your budget now look the same or similar?

    I had just a few questions. How do you pay for home improvements and repairs? Do you and Mike have any personal spending money? How do you pay for your garage sale purchases? What about kids activities?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this!

    • says

      Betsy their budget is pretty much the same now. Some things have gone up but others have gone down. Tawra and Mike don’t take any personal money like an allowance or anything. If they need something it is included in with the Wal Mart money. They also use Christmas money or birthday money to buy things with if they don’t need it for bills. They try to keep about $2000 in savings for home improvements and use things like tax returns or extra money like rebates etc. for that. Kids activities well they aren’t in many and usually are limited to one. Most of the activities their kids are in aren’t expensive. If the kids want to be in more they have to pay for it themselves. Garage sale purchases comes from her regular shopping money (like the Wal Mart money) or birthday money.

  2. Suzanne says

    My biggest “WOW!!!” was 250-300/month on food. Our grocery budget for a family of 4 (my husband, myself, 7 y/o and 3 y/o) is about $700/month. Granted, that includes what would be covered in their wal-mart budget as well (things like light bulbs, paper towels, OTC medicine, etc…), so adding them together, it’s $425. How???? I buy generic mostly, unfortunately I don’t have the freezer space to buy a lot in bulk, and I’ll use coupons on non-generic items when I can, but I don’t get a huge savings from it ($50/month on average).

  3. Sheena says

    Can you repost your sample budgets that were on your previous website? Also what does your budget look like for 2013?

    • says

      Right now we don’t have a “set” budget. We just pay all our bills first and then spend what’s leftover. That may sound like I’m contradicting myself but in reality we pretty much have it memorized so we just do it that way.
      Some of our expenses right now are:
      house- $900
      food- $500-$600 (I’m buying special foods for my special diet in this too)
      car- $450 including gas and insurance
      medical – $700-$1000 ($475 insurance and then special things I’m trying to help me feel better)
      clothes- $75-$100
      utilities- $200

      This is just a few of the things but you can get an idea.

  4. Amy says

    Oooh!! Save $20/month by cutting your girls’ hair yourself. :-) And good job at paying extra on your mortgage to get that principal down. :-)


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