My Cool Homemade Key Holder!

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My Cool Homemade Key Holder!

I had this broken rake. I hated to throw it away because I just “knew I could use it for something“. hehehe

I needed something to hang my keys on so I had a lightbulb moment. :-)

The only problem is I’m afraid that someone is going to skewer themselves on it so I think I need to put it up higher and in a frame.


PS  You could use this for things like dog leashes or in a storage shed to hang your small gardening tools by sliding the handles into the slots.



  1. Anonymous says

    now that is what i need!… hehehe … i am constantly losing my keys… now, i just hang them up in the kitchen on one of the cabinet hooks… the kitchen is always the first place i go to when i walk thru the door…

  2. CHICKLETTE says

    What about taking it off the wall and holding it against a concrete walk, and trying to mash the points upward (inward) some more. You could either stand on it or maybe use a hammer. I LOVE this idea.

  3. Frankie says

    Oh, what a memory! My mom passed away in 1993, but not long before she died, she made everyone in the family rakes. She painted her black, like yours, but she had my dad cut scrap oak in the shape of the rake to mount the rake to. She then glued on some rafia and flowers. That was the coolest thing! Not only great for keys, but I used mine in the bedroom for necklaces, belts, ties, etc.

    Thanks for a happy memory. (I have no idea what happened to my rake!)

  4. Anonymous says

    I have seen your ‘key holder’ for sale in a very expensive magazine called ‘Country Sampler’ I love country style decorations. That is very cute. I am sure if you hang it a little higher no one will get stuck by those prongs. It looks very nice.
    I hope your new home gives you and the family many many years of joy as you go about your lives. Your blog is a wonderful inspiration to many. Thanks for sharing it. Roxie

  5. Anita says

    I have one like this! One of the few things that survived the tornado from the garage… I will have to use it like this when we get our new house done.. As long as my accident prone hubby doesn’t trip on something and run into it…lol

  6. norma says

    those old rakes can also be used to hold potholders and small kitchen gadgets,like measuring spoons,utensils can change a ribbon to match the holiday.

  7. Jaime says

    If you know anyone who does any kind of wood working maybe they can grind down the sharp points for you.

  8. says

    That’s a very clever idea! If concerned over the points, as you said, put it up higher and maybe put a small shelf right under it ( a place for mittens in winter). And I especially like that it’s using something for a purpose and not just going to a landfill!

  9. Donna says

    I didn’t read everyone’s comments so forgive me if I repeat someone’s idea – if you’re worried about it being too sharp – my husband has this spray-on rubber coating (similar to a spray paint can) that you can use on the tips. The rubberizer comes in handy for other jobs too & I’m sure you can find it in your local hardware store. Good Luck :-)

  10. Liz says

    Love this! Of all the crafts I’ve made over the last 35 years, I’ve never seen this. I agree with Lili. If you put a shelf under it that sticks out a little more than the rake, it should be fine.

  11. Maggie says

    Hello, everyone.
    We’re having a beautiful day here in Virginia.
    Tawra,this is such a clever idea. I think we could use this in our basement for my husbands small tools. He has quite a collection and they sit in the tool box but having them out might be easier to get to. I have a small metal rake that belonged to a kid’s set that might work in my kitchen. HMMMM!

    • says

      Talking about a child’s rack Maggie reminded me that if anyone has some hard to get to places like in flower beds a child’s small rack is great for getting out leaves and things when the area is to small for a large rack. I love using child’s tools for many things.

      • KrisO says

        My husband has one of those grabber things for handicapped people to pick up things out of reach. I prefer to use a child’s rake to reach out and grab things. I hook the object, then turn the rake over and pull it back to me, otherwise just rake it back. Works like a charm. Came in really handy when we found a snake in the house one day. lol

  12. Cher says

    I hope you have that hanging in a place where no one will accidentally get pushed into it. I stepped on one of those when I was younger and it took a long time for my foot to heal.

  13. Maggie says

    My husband is quite a gardner and our kids wanted to help him so we got this great set of kids tools from “Toys to Grow On” back in the early 80’s. It was a tad expensive but all the tool’s handles were wooden and the implement part were metal. It even came with a metal child’s size wheelbarrow. After the kids were long “over this”, my husband continued to use the tools for our tomato patch, and the wheelbarrow was the perfect size to move mulch without it being too heavy for him. One of the best items we ever purchased. We still have most of the tools but the wheelbarrow finally hit the dust because we couldn’t find replacement wheels. I’ll bet he used that wheelbarrow for 20 years. I had nearly forgotten about these until I saw Tawra’s rake. Thanks for the memories. It was always so cute to see the kids working in the yard with their dad.

  14. Dawn says

    I use mine for hanging wine glasses. Works great and it is up just past eye level where no one will hurt themselves on the prongs.

  15. Mary Jane says

    Love this idea, and all other sorts of re-purposing ideas. Ones that I have used are as follows: dollar store waste paper baskets that had a hole drilled in the bottom and were then used as lamp shades on hanging lamps, a men’s tie rack (the collapsing or self folding type) that was hung on the wall and is used to hang necklaces, and a wire type half basket used to fill with moss and then plants, and hung on an outside wall….I emptied mine of everything, cleaned it up, put it on the bedroom wall and it has become a very good place to hang up and admire my extensive scarf collection.

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