Just an Ordinary Day

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Family Time

Did you wake up to an ordinary day this morning? You know the kind I mean… the kind of day when the house looks like a bomb has blown up in it overnight, a day when the alarm didn’t go off so everyone is running late, the kids sent a glass of juice flying all over the kitchen and you can’t find the car keys.

After you get everyone off to school and work still it doesn’t stop. The phone rings off the hook– A child calls from school because they forgot their lunch, you can’t figure out how to pay these bills, you dump a can of paint on the carpet and when dinner rolls around you don’t have half of the ingredients you need to cook it.

Years ago, I was having a very bad ordinary day. That same day I ran across a poem called Just an Ordinary Day. God has a way of “gently(?)” hitting me over the head with something like that. I wish I could remember the author to give her credit but I can’t.

She started the poem by describing an ordinary day like the one I described above but at the end of it she said “in times of war and famine and walking away from a loved ones grave, it is at times like these people cry out for and long for an ordinary day.”

How right she was. I know that in my own life that is true. How I have longed for a “normal, ordinary day” at times when my heart was hurt and broken. So now when I have a day with all of its ups and downs, I am so grateful that it was just an ordinary day.

There’s a verse from the Bible I love. Because many of us hear it so often it tends to lose it’s meaning but I want you to read the words and think about them. It is perfect for an ordinary day and at the end of the day we really should think of this verse:

Psalms 118:24 “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

We need to put things in perspective and really dwell on our blessings more and our everyday “miseries” less.

Today I can say that verse and rejoice but there have been times when it was very hard for me to embrace it, so God gave me other verses to comfort me on my unordinary days. You may be in a situation where you are longing for an ordinary day so just cling to this verse:

Psalms 34:18 “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

For some of you I know it hurts so badly that at times you can’t even pray but don’t panic or worry because God understood us enough to help us even at those times and told us to lift each other in prayer.

I love the story of the paralyzed man in Mark 2 where his four friends went to great lengths to lower him through the roof to bring him to Jesus for help. At times we are so emotionally and spiritually paralyzed that we can’t do anything for ourselves. This is why we have friends– for those times when we can’t help ourselves. This is why we are to pray for each other.

So many of you are praying for us and I want to thank you because you never know when the one you are praying for may be having an unordinary day and needs you to “lower” (lift) him to Jesus for “healing” at that moment.

May God bless you with an ordinary day today and tomorrow.



Photo By: Drew Coffman


  1. Nicole says

    Thank you SO much for writing the EXACT words that I needed to hear TODAY. I am SO blessed to have “ordinary days” and wonderful, supporting blogs like this to read from other mothers who understand.
    Thank you,

  2. Anonymous says

    Jill, you have a way of saying “ordinary” things in an “extra ordinary” way. So many times you say things I know but hadn’t thought of in that way.

  3. Tawra Jean says

    Thank you. Sometimes I’m not always sure if what my head is thinking is going to translate right into what my fingers are typing. HA! HA!
    You aren’t to bad at “puns” on words either. :) :) Jill

  4. Anonymous says

    Wow, thanks for writing this blog. I have been having an overwhelming few weeks and this is exaclty what I needed to hear.

    Thank you so much.

  5. Anonymous says

    Wow. Jill- I am always so touched by your down to earth Faith. God Bless you and Tawra and thank you for being part of my blessed ordinary day!


  6. Anonymous says

    I also have remembered this poem all these years. It was in a magazine in the late 60s or early 70s. I would like so much to have a copy of it. I’m searching.

  7. Renee says

    Thank you for posting this. I’ve had many of these days lately where I’ve have been too weary to pray. Thank you for reminding me that God is there ready and waiting for us.

  8. Angie M. says

    This article is really hitting home this morning. I have been thinking similar thoughts for the past few days.

    I found out last week that a family I know have recently had their two sons diagnosed with ALD. I don’t know much about the illness but that it is fatal.

    The sons are aged 6 and 4. The 6 year old was having symptoms and was diagnosed. There was a 50% chance the younger son had it and he did test positive although he has no symptoms yet.

    It’s such a shock because the disease strikes suddenly in children that previously seemed healthy. I saw these two boys playing t-ball in little league last summer and they seemed perfectly healthy.

    The mom is the carrier for ALD and any other boy children she may have would have a 50% chance of having ALD also. They had no idea she is a carrier.

    I’ve heard the oldest son may only have a few months. My heart is breaking for this family. I’ve been thinking a lot about this mother and how she must be longing for the normal, ordinary days. It really puts everything in perspective.

    If anyone reading the blog would like to pray for this family, I know they would appreciate it.

    Jill, reading through this article I was also reminded of a Bible verse we discussed in a women’s study group I participated in when I was in my early 20’s. I can’t remember where in the New Testament the verse is found but it was something along the lines of: when we are so upset or hurting so badly that we don’t even know what to pray, that’s when the Holy Spirit is praying to Jesus on our behalf. Does that sound familiar to you? Do you know where to find that verse? I would like to read it again. I think I’ll do an internet search…

    • says

      Angie that is too heart breaking for words. Of course we will pray for them. The verse I think maybe you were talking about is Romans 8: 26,27 I like to read on to vs. 28 too.

  9. says

    Here is my extra ordinary day.
    2 am struggle out of bed for pain meds. fall into the bathtub. struggle out and back to bed.
    4am wake myself up crying in pain. Grab the deep cold glop and spread it on my legs so I can get out of bed.
    Go into the office and talk to my husband so the blue glop will let me walk down the stairs to get some coffee. Say good night to my husband and make it to the couch.
    7am take more pain meds an hour early but they are so badly needed.
    rub cream on my hands that is supposed to help with arthritis. it doesn’t
    sit here for another few hours watching my knucles swell to 2 sizes larger than when I woke up and feel my feet doing the same thing.
    Reading a book on the e reader since I can’t hold a book in my hands.
    Getting frustrated that I can’t go out and clean the kitchen or even knit on an outfit for my grand daughter.
    Unfortunately this is my life and has been for about 2 weeks now.
    Not really complaining because my husband overlooks the clutter and mess and still loves me dearly but finding it frustrating that this time the pain is lasting so long.
    I want to get back to living again.
    Maybe tomorrow.

    • says

      I know living with continual pain is so hard. Grandma when I was first sick with my cfs I couldn’t hold a book either. My son had made a clear hard plastic holder to set your cookbook in and keep the pages open while you are cooking. I pulled it out and that is how I was able to read again. It of course wasn’t as handy as just holding it but at least I could slowly read again. I have seen similar things at the store so maybe something like that might help you to at least be able to read your favorite books.

  10. Lori says

    I did a search for your poem and couldn’t come up with it. I don’t suppose you’d be comfortable posting it in its entirety?

  11. Angie M. says


    Yes, those are exactly the verses I was looking for. Thanks!

    I hadn’t thought about those verses in years and today had a memory of that Bible study. It’s neat how sometimes we remember things like that at appropriate times.

    • says

      I know but the Bible says if we read it that at the right time God will bring back to our memory what we need. It happens to me to and it always amazes me still. I am still thinking about your family and praying for them.

  12. rose says

    angie and grandma.. i am sooo sorry you both are going thru this .. i will pray for u and the other family as well…
    ((( hugs ))) …

  13. rose says

    soemtimes when going thru pain or seeing a loved one going thru pain i think of that “footprints” story and pray that JESUS will come adn help and carry these people .. and i know HE does ..
    i know HE has helped and carried us thru so much .. and yes i will definitely pray …
    just wanted to share that with everyone …

  14. barb~ says

    I really needed your inspiration today! So glad I had a chance to read the comments and needs of everyone this evening. My FM and disc disease are causing me great discomfort, but when I read of Grandma’s pain and the precious little boys who are terminally ill, I know I need to focus my prayers tonight on them.

    My illnesses have given me a greater depth of compassion for other people-for that, I am grateful. I have food in the house, my bed is warm, I have great friends and family, my doggy diva is with me (snoring!) and I have The Lord. I am blessed.

  15. says

    After yesterdays post I thought I would come back and say today will be better.
    Couldn’t turn on the heater but Don did that for me before he went to bed just now. We use the heater so the furnace doesn’t run which is so expensive with fuel and electric power to make it run. It stays on at night but during the day the heaters take care of the downstairs and when don is in his office it heats the upstairs. not much point in heating the upstairs when he is sleeping with the door closed.

    I was sitting on the couch reading when the phone rang and I let the machine pick it up. Heard my grandson talking so picked it up and got to talk to all 3 grandchildren. Hearing their voices sure did perk me up and then I talked to my son for about an hour. Nice way to end the day.

    Mother nature is co-operating and not jumping up and down like a yo yo so I am not as sore as yesterday and when I got up to take some meds I didn’t fall into the tub.
    I try to distract myself by humour so today will definetly be a more ordinary day.
    My wish is that everyone has a good day. And if it isn’t at least get a laugh or two out of the experience. Just don’t laugh while trying to get out of a tub. Just doesn’t work well.

  16. rose says

    wonderfully said barb! 😀 …
    i hope ur feeling better today grandma ..
    and prayers of comfort for the family of the 2 boys ..

  17. Julie says

    Thanks so much for this. I remembered it last night, driving home at 11pm to a sick little boy. It made me remember how blessed I am to have that little angel in my life.

  18. Cris says

    Jill, so beautiful. I also fully agree that the Lord lets us remember or find a scripture at exactly the time we need it! Thank you for all your encouragement. :)

  19. says

    Hi Jill, I love reading your posts since you keep inspiring people to keep smiling whatever comes in their lives. It’s not always easy to meet ends these days and reading your ‘thoughts’ makes me smile every time I do so 😉

    • says

      Thank you Carel. I hope you got to read the original poem. It is in the box with the pink flowered tree right after the post. I found the original whole poem after I had written this post. Have a super good day.

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