Liquid Coffee Creamer

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Liquid Coffee Creamer Recipe

Here’s an easy coffee creamer recipe that is easy to make and you can add a variety of specialty flavorings to suit your own taste!

Liquid Coffee Creamer

1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk
2 cups milk
1/3 cup flavored syrup (like the Italian syrups you can buy)

Mix all ingredients. Store in fridge.


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  1. getforfree says

    There is a cheaper way to make creamer. The way I do it is:

    1 cup powdered milk mixed with 1 cup warm milk to dissolve completely
    1/2 cup of sugar (white or brown or a mix of two)
    a pinch of sea salt
    3 more cups of milk
    4-5 teaspoons of caramel syrup o other flavor
    If it tastes to sweet, you can add more milk

    • says

      Be sure to check the prices on ingredients either way you make it. For me I can get sweetened condensed milk for much less the powdered milk then add in the sugar, and sea salt it would cost me more and often the more ingredients you have the more work it is to. Double check your area on prices to see which is best for you.

  2. Rudi Pittman says

    I just use plain powdered whole milk as creamer…not the fat free skim kind….it dissolves completely and doesn’t have all the strange stuff in the regular creamers.

  3. grizzly bear mom says

    It would take me a lifetime to use up a container of powdered milk. Where do you purchase the syrups? Can I make my own with cooking extracts like caramel or run?
    Thanks for the tip Jill.

    • says

      You could try extracts. I don’t know why they wouldn’t work too. To by the syrups many grocery stores carry them now and I think I saw some at wal mart too. Not sure what section they would be in – maybe with the things like nestles Quik, Hersheys syrup. You might have to ask. We have a store here that carries spices and teas in bulk and that is usually where I get mine at. But try the extracts first. The syrups come in about 30 flavors or more that is why I suggested you use those.

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