Homemade Lip Balm Recipe- Homemade Christmas Present Idea

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Homemade Lip Balm Recipe

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE making homemade lip balm. I’ve made it for years and every fall I make a fresh batch just in time for winter!

Making homemade lip balm is such an easy thing to do that it makes a wonderful homemade Christmas present.

Some of the ingredients you may not be familiar with but your can find most of them at a health food store or they carry many essential oils at places like Wal Mart in the craft or cake decorating section.

Try these homemade lip balm recipes from Dining On A Dime:


Lip Balm Basics

There are many ways to make homemade lip balm. Basic lip balm contains oil, beeswax and flavoring (optional). I prefer a softer lip balm. If you want one that is a little more waxy, add an additional teaspoon of beeswax. Experiment to see which you like the best.

Use any of the following oils when making your homemade lip balm:

  • coconut oil
  • castor oil
  • almond oil
  • sunflower oil
  • lanolin
  • jojoba oil
  • olive oil
  • shea butter
  • cocoa butter

Vitamin E is a preservative and is also thought to be healing for your skin.

Comfrey root and rosemary extracts may be used for their healing properties. If you wish to make your own extracts, you may boil comfrey and rosemary in sunflower oil for an hour or two. Strain oil before using in lip balms or creams.

To fill the containers, I use a small baby food spoon but you could also use a dropper or tiny funnel.


Homemade Lip Balm Recipe

1 tsp. beeswax beads
1 tsp. sunflower oil*
1 tsp. coconut oil*
1 tsp. (total) comfrey and/or rosemary extract (optional)
2-5 drops flavoring (optional)- peppermint, cherry, grape, vanilla, orange or anything you like.
1 capsule Vitamin E**

Heat oils and beeswax just until melted. Add the rest of the ingredients. Mix well. Use a dropper to place in tubes or small jars.

This is my favorite homemade lip balm and I’m very picky about what kind I use.

* Note: Most days, I don’t have both sunflower oil and coconut oil on hand so I just use one or the other.

** Be sure to use the vitamin E. It’s a preservative and the lip balm will go rancid after a few months if you don’t use this. (Ask me how I know! 😉 )

Chocolate Lip Balm

1 tsp. beeswax
1 tsp. cocoa butter
1 tsp. sweet almond oil (or coconut or sunflower)
1 capsule Vitamin E
3-6 chocolate chips (optional for chocolate lip balm)

Heat oils and beeswax just until melted. Add Vitamin E and chocolate chips. Mix well. Use a dropper to place in tubes or small jars.


Honey Lip Balm

2 tsp. beeswax
7 tsp. sweet almond oil
1 tsp. honey
5 drops flavoring (optional)
1 capsule Vitamin E

Heat beeswax and oil just until melted. Add the rest of the ingredients. Mix well. Use a dropper to place in tubes or small jars.


Homemade Lip Gloss

3 Tbsp. petroleum jelly
1/4 tsp. lipstick*

Melt petroleum jelly and lipstick in the microwave just until melted. Mix well and place in a jar.

*Add more or less lipstick for desired shade. This is a great way to use up the last bit of lipstick in the tube.


Sparkling Lip Gloss

4 Tbsp. petroleum jelly
1-2 Tbsp. glitter or edible glitter*
1/2-1 tsp. lipstick
10 drops flavored oil

Melt petroleum jelly and lipstick. Add glitter and flavored oil. Omit lipstick for clear lip gloss.

* Edible glitter may be found at cake decorating stores. You could also use shimmery eye shadow instead.


Use a lip brush to get the last bits of lipstick out of the tube. Save old lipstick and lip balm containers and put your homemade lip balms in them.

You can buy small clear containers at the Dollar Tree or use small mustard and jelly containers (the kind received in Christmas gift packs) are also great for storing lip balm.

Put on lip liner, then lip gloss or petroleum jelly. This gives your lips a shine and makes it look like you are wearing lipstick.

These homemade lip balms and glosses are from Dining On Dime Cookbook. Lower Your Food Bill With Food You Family Will Love!

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photo by: enersauce


  1. Kimberly says

    I wish I knew where to get some really pretty jars. I’ll have to look around for some. This all sounds so simple and the lip gloss one sounds like it would take nothing to make! Some of the girls I know are going to be getting lip gloss for Christmas!!

    • gypsymichele says

      Hi Lisa, I’m allergic to beeswax also. I have been making my own for about 30 years now and I never add any wax and it still hardens, but you can use palm wax. That’s used in many of the vegan lipbalms.. Have fun making your lipbalms. Much Love <3

  2. Carol says

    What about the orange or grape? Those sound yummy esp. for young girls.
    I’d prefer not to use artificial flavorings :)

    PS…. I love your website and have passed it on to many friends :)

  3. says

    Wow these are really neat. Can’t wait to try! I have a jar of coconut oil I’ve been wondering what to do with. I bought it a few months ago thinking I was going to start this new “diet” and I really can’t stand the flavor when I cook with it. I’m glad to know there is something I can use it for! I just need to get the vitamin E, beeswax and containers now.

      • Paula Hughes says

        Coconut oil makes the BEST fried chicken, but it is pricey. My grandson, who only wants to eat cereal, actually ate 2 pieces the night I fried it with coconut oil. Wish I could find a way to get it cheaper, I’d use it all the time.

      • Linda says

        if you get it in large amounts, the price drops. Make sure you get a good brand, tho, as some are cheap. A great one comes from http://www.tropicaltraditions.com. You can get the expeller pressed, which is cheaper, for cooking. It is still very healthy, even tho it is “refined”…it’s not refined in the normal sense wher the oil is damaged. You can buy large amounts in gallon or 5 gallon size. Try first, tho!

    • Tamara Marshall says

      I use coconut oil for sauteeing veggies and I especially like the oil added to a bit of butter or olive oil and melted to drizzle over popcorn.

      • says

        Yeah, I think it’s an acquired taste. The problem is I tried to “acquire” it just before morning sickness for my current pregnancy started. Not a good time to try new things! Tried using it for cooking things I would normally use canola oil for and got completely turned off of it!

  4. Camille says

    I have been researching lip balm recipes. i made it years ago and couldn’t remember it. This was the most helpful. Thank you so much! I like all the options that you give.

    • says

      We do have. This recipe is in Dining on a Dime and Pretty for Pennies. We also have in there how to make Lotion Bar, Lip Balm, salve and much more.

      Almond Lotion

      1/2 cup almond, olive or vegetable oil
      1 Tbsp. beeswax
      1/4 cup distilled water, boiling
      1/8 tsp. Borax
      5-6 drops essential oil

      Heat almond oil and beeswax together until melted. Combine water and borax. Slowly pour borax mix into heated oil while stirring with a wire whisk. Add essential oil. Coll and place in bottle. Makes about 1 cup.

  5. Susan says

    I would like to try making this! I do have coconut oil but need to find other ingredients. For those wondering what else you could use coconut oil for, I use it to pop popcorn and I also put it in my oatmeal. I did try to make a deodorant with it which also had baking soda and cornstarch. I can’t remember exactly where the recipe came from. It seemed to work okay! 😉

  6. Michele says

    The balm was going rancid with sunflower oil because it has a small shelf life. The balm will last as long as your oil does. Google information about shelf life of oils.

    • says

      This is one reason I usually don’t make too many homemade things because as cool as it may seem not to have preservatives in things you can get even worse things in your homemade baby wipes, lotions, make up removers etc. like mold, mildew and germies. I am continually amazed that people just don’t know or understand that many years ago this is the reason they invented and used preservatives in the first place. If all these homemade cleaners, toiletries etc. had worked so great in the first place they wouldn’t have had to change them and start adding preservatives. Using oils and anything else without preservatives you will have them spoil.

  7. says

    I use up my old lipstick, by scraping out what’s left in the tube, then putting in a small dish with Vaseline and some plain chapstick. I microwave to melt and stir. I keep it in this dish and just dab it on. I add the chapstick, so that it isn’t so greasy, and won’t smear all over my face

  8. Maggie says

    Can you use small plastic containers to hold the lip balm or will they melt.
    I think I would melt the wax in a glass dish then put it in the smaller containers but is the wax too hot to use in plastic? I saw some really cute containers at Bed, Bath, and Beyond yesterday and thought they would be the perfect containers to use as gifts.

    • says

      Maggie it does depend on the containers but I have pour very how broth in them sometimes and they do ok. They do have a package of the perfect size containers for lip gloss at the Dollar Tree and are the hard plastic which work really good for this too.

    • says

      Forever almost. The vitamin e is a preservative besides being good for your lips but even with out the ingredients aren’t things that really spoil. Not for years anyway.

  9. Sophia says

    I want to incorporate ALOE VERA gel in my lip balm. Do u have a recipe for that? Please hopefully u do. If u don’t, what could I replace it with in a recipe, or could I just add a teaspoon of it into the mixture at the end

  10. Anne says

    I just made the basic lip balm today, however, I did have to make it twice. The first batch I made exactly per the instructions. It was way too sticky. The second batch I cut the beeswax in half & added essential oils. I love it!

  11. Bea says

    I have 2 homemade beauty recipes to share:

    Magic Bath Salts
    4 cups Epsom salts
    1 envelope unsweetened Kool-Aid (any flavor)
    Pour 1/2 the epsom salts into a one-quart container. Empty the pouch of Kool-Aid into the salts. Cover and shake until combined. Add the rest of the salts and shake again. The mixture will be subtly colored, but the color magic happens when the salts hit the water and the fruity scent is released. Use 1/4 to 1/2 cup per bath.


    1/2 cup baking soda
    2 teaspoons salt
    3 teaspoons glycerin (available at Walmart)
    10 or more drops of peppermint or wintergreen extract (flavoring)
    1 drop of blue or green food coloring (optional)
    warm water
    In a small bowl, mix the baking soda and salt. Add the glycerin, flavoring, and if desired 1 drop of blue or green food coloring. Add warm water, one drop at a time, until desired consistency. Spoon the mixture into a clean squeeze bottle or any convenient container with lid. You may adjust the amount of glycerin to arrive at a consistency that suits you.

  12. paula says

    When I followed your honey lip balm recipe but every time i add the flavoring it separates from the oil. Any suggestions?

    • says

      I think what happened is you got a water based flavoring instead of oil based. I’m sorry I didn’t make it clear. I didn’t even know they made water based flavorings.

  13. Bea says

    I just made some Lip Gloss this morning. My easy recipe is about 3 tablespoons Crisco and 1 packet of pink or red Kool-Aid (cherry, strawberry, black cherry, etc). Melt on low heat in pan, after mixing, until liquid. Mix and then refrigerate until solid. Comes out nice.

  14. Maggie says

    My friend gave me some lip balm in a little round tin last Christmas. I have been looking for some of the tins to make my own lip balm. I found some plastic ones at Bed, Bath and Beyond but haven’t seen the metal ones. Anyone have any ideas where I might locate them? Would Michael’s or Joanne’s have them? I love your recipe, Bea, and always have Kool-aid and Crisco in the house so this would be easy to make. Only one question, did you use the original Kool-aid – non-sweetened? This would make lovely gifts for my sisters and friends for Christmas.

  15. Bea says

    Maggie, The lip gloss recipe comes out real nice. You would be surprised how nice it looks and feels when done. You use the small packet of Kool-Aid. The ones without sugar. There is about 1 tablespoon of Kool-Aid in them. Just put about 3 tablespoons of Crisco in a bowl and mix, then put in pot on low heat until liquid or in microwave. Mix a few times when liquid and then put in container and place in freezer for awhile, or refrigerate until it becomes solid again. Crisco is good for skin too, so it moisturizes lips, and since both Crisco and Kool-Aid are edible, you can give to young girls, and if they lick their lips when lip gloss is on, there are no harmful chemicals.

  16. Maggie says

    Bea, One more question. How long do you think this will last without it going rancid? I have Crisco on my shelf a long time but it has not been heated. Does that change the properties? I want to be able to make these as gifts but want to tell the receipient how long to keep it or where to keep it (fridge or purse?).
    May make some this afternoon since my Burt’s Bees lip gloss went through the laundry yesterday. Luckily,no clothes were damaged (that I can see yet) but now need something since the weather here is getting colder and lips are getting dry.

    • says

      Maggie Bea can probably answer you better but I am pretty sure this is one of those things that will last for a very long time. Like you said Crisco will keep forever almost and the Kool aid the same way. Heating it shouldn’t change it’s properties at all so if you could make it now for Christmas gifts and it will last most of next year even.

  17. Maggie says

    That’s great news. I’ve been in the hospital and the ambulance bill arrived yesterday. Not sure how much the insurance will cover of this $600 bill so want to make as many gifts as I can this year. This lip balm and some homemade fudge will be nice and easy gifts.
    Just an FYI, I found some wonderful necklaces at Avon for $5 each that donate money to domestic violence charities ($3.48 of each necklace). I purchased a number of these for Christmas and birthday gifts throughout the year. Again, these and some lip balm will be nice gifts, too.

    • Angie M. says

      Maggie, be sure to follow-up with your insurance company about the ambulance bill. I work in the health insurance field and that is one service we offer is helping our clients with medical claims. We work with the insurance company on behalf of our clients to make sure they get correct payment of benefits. You would be surprised how many times thing are billed incorrectly or get paid incorrectly. If no one catches the error, the client loses out on benefits.

      I don’t know if your insurance is a private policy or through an employer. If it is through an employer, check with Human Resources. They can either help you or give you the phone number of the agent, who can help you. :)

      • says

        Angie thanks for letting Maggie know about that and us too. When you are sick sometimes it is so hard to deal with these things so I do appreciate it when someone explains or tells us about these things.

  18. Bea says

    Jill, Yes, Crisco was recommended in the past for rough dry skin. I have a book written by a women who was told be a female dermatologist to even use Crisco on your face (in small amounts) and it helps moisturize your skin. Also, doctors sometimes recommend Crisco to heal scars from burns etc. AFTER skin is treated first, and skin cools down. Apply later to help heal.
    Maggie, I would think that the lip gloss made with Crisco and Kool-Aid would have a long shelf life.
    Jill, Hope your granddaughers like the Lip Gloss.

    • says

      You can get e capsules almost any where. Look in the vitamin section at Wal Mart, Dollar General or any grocery store. I did find some in the face cream section of the Dollar General one time too.

      • GG says

        Jill if you are using vaseline do you still need vitamin E, or if using crisco do you need vitamin E for the lip gloss. I made some gloss for the first time yesterday with 4oz of vaseline and a package of strawberry cool aid and it came out purple and greasy, what did I do wrong?

        • says

          The Vit. E is a preservative so you almost always need it but not necessary if you are using vaseline. The greasy is because you used too much Vaseline and the purple is because the strawberry must have had some blue in it.

        • says

          You might try the Crisco instead of vaseline too. Even though they both are greasy the texture of the Crisco may not be quite as heavy as the vaseline and maybe a texture you like the feel of better.

  19. Bea says

    If you want an idea of what the Lip Gloss would be like using Crisco just put some PLAIN Crisco on your lips. The only difference is by adding the Kool-Aid it will have a tint or color. Lip Glosses are shiny and tinted. Cherry Kool-Aid may give you more of a pinkish tint.

  20. jumana says

    i want to ask u tht if can’t find the beeswax than can i use the petroleum jelly instead of the beeswax for making my lip balm please do let me know as i will be eagerly be waiting for ur reply.

    Thank You

  21. jumana says

    one more thing tht i would like to ask u tht is it ok if i use the food essence to give flavoring to my lip products :)

    • says

      Yes you can use the food essence. The only little drawback on using flavored anything it sometimes causes people to lip their lips because they like the flavor which will cause them to dry out more.

  22. Liz says

    Little jars could be purchased at a bead store or the bead section of a craft store. You can usually get 6 for about $2.

  23. Linda Holleman says

    You can also use this formula for making solid perfume. (But without the Kool-Aid. Ha.)
    Instead of Kool-Aid and essential oil, add a few drops of your favorite cologne or perfume. Makes a nice gift, or it is a nice gift for yourself.
    Linda :o)

  24. Maira says

    Well I tried the honey lip balm recipe and used coconut spread instead of oil ( had some in the fridge ) the balm turned out great but once it set I had a little liquid runoff. Is this likely from the use of the spread instead of oil, or is it a common problem? Might this be avoided by using more beeswax?

    • says

      We will try in the future to do that but until then what you can do if you have a question on what size container for different recipes is just add up the ingredients. For example if it calls for 5 tsp. of something that is about one and a halt tablespoons so you know you need a container that will fit that amount. If it is 9-10 tsp. that is about 3 Tbsp. etc.


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