Homemade Christmas Present Idea- Ice Cream Sundae Kit

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Homemade Christmas Present- Ice Cream Sundae Kit

Jan at mixingbowlkids.typepad.com came up with this really cute Ice Cream Sundae Kit. This would be great to give as a family gift and to teachers! It would easy to make up several of these all at once and have them done and ready to go before Thanksgiving!

You can get cheap cellophane bags from a florists shop and all the goodies in bulk from a warehouse store in bulk foods store. 



  1. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    Love it! Great for the person with everything, lots of kids, or an ice cream lover. Ummm…who doesn’t love ice cream?

  2. says

    I really like this idea. Another family gift I have given in the past was popcorn, a bottle of pop and a gift certificate to a local movie rental place so the family could have movie night. I gave it to a pastor’s family during Clergy Appreciation Month (October), but it would be good for a family gift anytime.

  3. Grandma says

    thanks for the idea.
    I am sending down a parcel for my grandson’s birthday next week and I will add this kit so the other 2 younger ones don’t feel left out.
    He will get his gift and they will be included so they know grampa and grandma love them as well but it is Sean;s big day not theirs.
    I think his gift will be $50. he reads like crazy and I can’t get to a store that sells the ones he likes so money so he can get the ones he wants. books are so expensive.

    • Elayne says

      Have you tried half.com for books. I buy them chap and have them sent directly to them. You cna choose condition and price. it might be an option take a look.


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