Fun Halloween Treats and Other Food Tips

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Fun Halloween Treats

Fun Halloween Treats and Other Food Tips

Halloween is going to be here before you know it! Here are some yummy Halloween recipes and tips to use for your Halloween party or on Halloween night.

  • For some cute and tasty ghosts, dip Nutter Butter cookies in melted white chocolate. Use mini chocolate chips or M&M’s for eyes. Use a toothpick to touch up the area where you held it while dipping.
  • Mix up your favorite Chex Mix recipe and when you are done baking it, add some candy corn to it.
  • Mix equal parts of peanuts and candy corn for a different snack.

    The Chex Mix and the peanuts in these tips helps with the overload of sweets that will inevitably happen.

  • Use leftover Halloween candy in Christmas baking and for making gingerbread houses.
  • Place a plastic spider or a pair of plastic teeth at the bottom of everyone’s punch cup for an unexpected surprise.
  • Serve your punch in a large plastic pumpkin instead of the usual punch bowl.


Halloween Orange Punch Recipe

1 can (46 oz.) pineapple juice
3 cups lemon – lime soda
3 cups orange drink
2 liters ginger ale
1/2 pkg. (half gallon) orange sherbet

Mix first three ingredients and chill. When ready to serve, pour in ginger ale and drop-in scoops of sherbet.


Jack O Lantern Juice
(This is a similar to an Orange Julius.)

1 (14 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated)
1 (46 oz.) can pineapple juice, chilled
1 (2 liter) bottle orange soda, chilled
Orange sherbet, optional

Mix all together in a large punch bowl. Top with a scoop of sherbet. Refrigerate leftovers.

For a fast dessert or for those school treats your kids forgot to tell you about until the night before, grab your favorite brownie mix and bake it.


Jack O Lantern Brownies

When brownies are cooled, cut with a large pumpkin cookie cutter. Then frost with orange butter cream frosting. If using canned frosting just add a little orange food coloring to vanilla. Decorate as much or as little as you like.


Jack O Lantern Eggs

Hard boil eggs. Dye with orange food coloring:

  1. Put a couple of teaspoons of vinegar in a mug and several drops of food coloring. Remember if you don’t have orange food coloring, red and yellow mixed make orange.
  2. Fill mug with boiling water and place egg in mug. You can let the water cool slightly before putting the eggs in if kids are doing this.
  3. Use black markers to decorate with faces and other fun designs!


Jack O Lantern Pizza Recipe

English muffins
Spaghetti sauce
Cheddar cheese, grated
Black olives

Spread muffins with sauce and then cheese. Slice olives in different shapes to make eyes, nose and mouth. Broil or bake long enough to melt cheese.


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  1. says

    Hi, Tawra.
    I’ve enjoyed your newsletter for some months now. I need help. I recently have taken a position at a homeless youth day center ministry in Denver called Sox Place ( ). It is an unpaid position so it is a faith walk for me. I’m one of two people actually living at the center and since I’m onsite and an early riser guess who gets to fix the noon meal. I fix something for 60 to 80 young people who live or hang out on the streets of downtown Denver. This might be the only meal they get each day. I’ve fixed spaghetti, Nacho Mac and Cheese, and other things that get donated. Sometimes my choices are limited to what has been donated the day before or what I can find in our pantry. What I need is some simple recipes for soups, stews, chili, casseroles that can be easily converted to 60+ servings vs 6. I’m not by trade a cook, but by necessity that is my responsibility. I want to see these young people get a hot delicious meal. Healthy and nutritious would be good but not always possible. We provide a safe hangout for a few hours a day and also clothing, sleeping bags, blankets, a hug, a smile and hopefully an encouraging word. Some of these street kids include infants and toddlers. We feel the Lord has told us to just love the kids. We try to be His hands extended in love. We love them and watch the Lord meet our needs for finances, food, clothing etc.
    Thanks for any help and/or advice. Anything will be a help and a blessing.
    Come see us sometime.
    Troy Robinson

  2. Shosha says

    I love the idea of using up the halloween candy for the gingerbread houses!! Every year, my mother-in-law, my two daughters (now 23 and 20) and I get together and make gingerbread houses. Dollar Tree (love dollar tree!) is also fantastic for finding said candy!

    I also plan to make the “ghost” cookies this year for our party!

  3. susan says

    Hi Jill and Tawra

    Just thought I would share an idea I had. back in the summer I found two brand new tin cans with lids they were unsual in shape , not small but not large either and they had the buttons and birds on them really pretty not sure what they were intented for,but non the less they were sealed and I gave the lady at the yard sale a quarter for them. I figured I would use them for something. well a friend of mine was wanting to know what to do for two female workers in her office(for christmas) that always seemes to help her when she needs it so I told her to make an “office emeregency sewing kits” and she went to the dollar tree and got a package of needle ,thread, buttons,safety pins etc and I gave her those two tins to use. I helped her fix them in to nice gifts. It just goes to show what a little “thinking” will do!

    • says

      Cute idea Susan. I love sewing kits even though I have a bunch but never in a million years thought of them as an office gift. I really like that idea. Thanks.

  4. Mary Hale says

    Barbie ghosts!
    Have old unused barbies that you don’t know what to do with?
    Cut an old white rag, draw two eye balls & mouth w/ a pen and cut the rag to where only the barbie’s feet will hang out. tie a string around the neck and hang from your front porch. :) I’m sure you’ll get comments about your GHOST BARBIE! :)

  5. Bea says

    I like all those Jack O Lantern ideas. You can add candy corn to brownie mix too, and cut rice krispy treats with a pumpkin cutter and frost and decorate.

  6. Maggie says

    I was looking at the great recipes for a crowd that Jen mentioned and I wanted to tell you one thing that has worked for me in making dishes that require ham. I make a fried rice for my family that calls for ham but I usually dice the ham and add an equal amount of Spam. Once it is in the recipe, no one can tell (at least in my family) that I have substituted the ham for Spam. I think it stretches the dish without changing the flavor.

    • Grandma says

      Maggie I have found that spam or klik works out to be more expensive than ham. around here it is $4.00 a can.
      you could replace ham with balogna but still cutting ham from a large ham roast is still lots more economical.

  7. Marcia says

    We loved our grand caravan. Also have 4 kids and did lots of traveling. We had one for for 14 years and then my DH thought we should get something smaller like an SUV. We went back to a van 3 years later. Still wish we had a caravan and not the Ford we have now. Water pumps like to go out around 100,000 miles on caravans. Watch for that! Good luck!

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