Easy Pumpkin Recipes – Muffins and More!

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Easy Homemade Pumpkin Muffins Recipe

Easy Pumpkin Recipes – Homemade Pumpkin Muffins and More!

For part 1 of this post, read How To Roast Pumpkin Seeds and Pumpkin Recipes here!


Pumpkin Smoothies Recipe - Easy Pumpkin Recipes

Pumpkin Smoothies

1/2 cup pumpkin
3/4 cup milk or vanilla yogurt
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
1/8 tsp. nutmeg
2 tsp. brown sugar
4 ice cubes
whipped cream (optional)
sprinkles (optional)

Place all of the ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into 2-3 glasses. Serve with a small amount of whipped cream on top. You may also add orange sprinkles if you like. Serves 2-3.


Pumpkin Crunch Recipe - Easy Pumpkin Recipes

Pumpkin Crunch

1 package yellow cake mix
1 can (15 oz.) solid pack pumpkin
1 can (12 oz.) evaporated milk
3 large eggs
1 1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. salt
1/2 cup nuts
1 cup butter, melted

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Mix pumpkin, milk, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, and salt in a large bowl. Pour into a greased 9×13 pan. Sprinkle dry cake mix over pumpkin mixture. Then sprinkle with nuts. Drizzle with butter. Bake for 50-55 minutes or until golden brown.

Cool. Serve chilled with whipped topping.


Easy 2 Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins Recipe - Easy Pumpkin Recipes

Homemade Pumpkin Muffin Recipe

1 cake mix (any flavor works, but chocolate is our hands down favorite!)
1 can pumpkin or 2 cups mashed cooked pumpkin

Beat together with an electric mixer until smooth. (It will be really thick.) Add 1 cup mini chocolate chips and stir. Line muffin tins with paper muffin cups and spray with no-stick spray. Use an ice cream scoop to put batter into muffin cups (I can get 24 muffins from one box of mix). Bake at 350 degrees for around 20 minutes.

Cool and frost if desired. My family likes them just as they are when they are hot from the oven.

Spice cake mix is great – add white chocolate chips, peanut butter chips or butterscotch chips.

I have made pumpkin muffins with white cake mix and yellow cake mix, too. They have around 120 calories apiece with the mini chocolate chips and are virtually fat free. If you are on weight watchers, they only count as 1 point.

This is a fabulous way to sneak some vitamin A rich vegetables in on the kids. Just don’t let them see you put the pumpkin into the muffins and they will never know it is there. These are more moist than very expensive name brand double chocolate chip muffins.


In case you missed it, read How To Roast Pumpkin Seeds and Pumpkin Recipes here!


  1. says

    Our area has been affected by the pumpkin shortage; some stores haven’t been able to get canned pumpkin for a month! The pumpkin crunch cake sounds wonderful, and I’ll make it when I can get some pumpkin again!

  2. Liz says

    I was afraid of the pumpkin kill off last year with all the wet, but now this year it is too dry? I wonder how long canned pumpkin “actually” lasts? Anyone have any idea?

    • says

      Pumpkin is no different from any other canned fruits or veggies – usually a couple of years. Most store bought cans have an expiration date on them. Also what many people don’t know and are so afraid of is that most of the time the expiration date on canned goods is very conservative. Usually you can go over by a year or two and then they really don’t go bad (unless the can is dented) for many years. The most they do is after so many years they start losing their flavor.

      We so often want to go back to the way they use to do things before preservatives came in to play and back then even without preservatives people would think nothing of using can goods 10,15,20 years after they were canned. When I was growing up and even after I was married for many years we didn’t have expiration dates so you bought food and just kept it and used it till it was gone. You wouldn’t dream of throwing away canned goods. Food was too expensive to waste.

      One thing I have found to do though if you are worried about it going bad before you use it is I dehydrate mine (canned too). It will keep for several years like this and if you vacuum seal it it will keep like 30 years.

      • Liz says

        I agree with the “date” issue, unfortunately my darling son-in-law doesn’t, so I try to keep things updated :)
        On another blog it states that we can’t “can” our own puree, that it can only be frozen. If that’s true, I think drying it would work out better for me. I’ll have to google how to do that. Thank you for the reply.

        • says

          Liz here is an article I did on dehydrating and it has one of the better websites on if about this. It is dehydrtate2store.com. Pretty much you just take cooked or canned pumpkin, mash it and put on trays, dry then toss in a blender to make into a powder. It does take a little work but really no more then canning.

  3. Maggie says

    I saw one of the cooking shows this week and they made brownies with a box of brownie mix and a can of pumpkin. It was very thick and she mashed it in the pan with her hands. It took less time to cook than regular brownies but when it was done, she sprinkled chocolate chips over the top and when melted, it became an icing. It looked scrumptious. Since I cannot eat chocolate, I am interested in your recipe of using cake mix instead. Will probably try it this weekend. Also, the crunch cake looks yummy. I am recovering from another hospital stay and have a taste for something sweet and special. I think that just might fit the bill. I’ll add pumpkin to my grocery list and have a nice dessert tonight.

    • says

      I haven’t tried it yet but I think anything made with pumpkin or spice cake might taste really good with a little cream cheese frosting that has had a bit of cinnamon added to it. That would really satisfy your sweet tooth Maggie. I do hope you are doing ok. I know you have to go in to the hospital so much for things but you sure do have a sweet spirit even though I know it must get tiring, wearing and discouraging sometimes. I do think of you often.

  4. Bea says

    Maggie, That pumpkin brownie recipe interetsed me so I looked it up and found one that uses a brownie mix and a 15 ounce can of pumpkin, or 2 cups, and 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice (optional) and you bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes. They are suppose to come out great.

  5. says

    I just went to the Dollar Store and bought canned pumkin,after looking at label found it came from China!!!I used it to make muffins and found it not as flavorful as LIBBY’S.

  6. says

    I just saw a video of a man making what he called “cinnamon roll pumpkin cups” looked good.
    you take a tube or a large one and a small one roll them thin individually put in a muffin tin. then add the pumpkin pie filling bake for 15 min 450′ for 10 min turn down the heat to 350′ until they are baked. I think he said 30 min and they were done.
    I might try this as I make lousy pie crust. Just thought I would share this idea. He mentioned that he got he idea from someone who had done the same thing with apple pie filling. I guess the possibilities could be almost endless.
    Fairly quick dessert and something you could whip up for drop in company.

  7. rose says

    i make this all the time .. the family loves them . my daughter adds the chocolate chips to hers . and i usually frost mine with the cream cheese frosting

  8. Mare says

    When you say 1 point for Weight Watchers, is that one point for the whole muffin or the mini chocolate chips on top?

  9. Mary Jane says

    Here’s an ‘expiration date” story. About 13 years ago, I came downstairs late one evening to find my 17 year old son sitting with his kitchen chair wedged in the refrigerator to keep the door open. He had a spoon in his hand and was intently eating something out of the fridge. It was about 11:45 p.m., and he was focused. I asked what he was doing and he replied, “all this stuff expires at midnight, so I’m eating up as much as I can before it goes bad.” I laughed so hard and explained the purpose of the expiry date. Don’t know if he believed me, but he was pretty devoted to not wasting food, as he made a meal of condiments, and whatever else he could find.

  10. Mel Free says

    I made the Pumpkin Crunch recipe last night. It was delicious, although I would warn everyone that it is not like a regular cake recipe, where you can eat it warm! 😉 I thought I had not cooked it long enough, & this morning I got up to a very hard topped dessert. It makes it’s own layers…soft pumpkin on the bottom & hard delicious crust on the top. I didn’t use whipped cream on the top…next time, I will..Again, it is DELICIOUS & you really should read the recipe, which clearly states to cool..I couldn’t wait! 😉

  11. Mary Jane says

    You absolutely can “can” pumpkin puree. I have done it successfully for years and find it more convenient than using frozen puree, though that is good, too. I cook and puree and drain the pumpkin flesh one day, and refrigerate the pulp over night in the fridge. The next day I can it up (cold packed) into clean sterilized and heated jars, and pressure can it at 10 lbs. pressure for 90 minutes once the appropriate pressure is reached. Most pressure canner books will have directions. It is important to use 10 lbs. for the whole 90 minutes, as pumpkin flesh is dense, and like corn, poses a significant threat of botulism, if not properly done. Pint jars need only five or ten minutes less than quarts, so I just do a full 90 minutes for all jars, for good measure. For best results pressure canners should be no fuller than 1/3 full of water, once the jars are all in, but for anything that takes over an hour, I add an extra cup or two of water, so that the canner doesn’t boil dry before the time is up. (I only ever had that happen once on a small batch of pint jars.)

  12. Mary Jane says

    P.S. Pumpkin can ONLY be safely canned in a pressure canner. Any good book on pressure canning, including the one that comes with the canner will give times and directions for canning pumpkin, in a table-like reference sheet. This is not just my experience or experimenting speaking.

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