One Trick To Cut Kitchen Cleaning In HALF! Make Cleaning Easier!

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One Trick To Cut Kitchen Cleaning In HALF! Make Cleaning Easier!

Here are some useful tips that will make cleaning your kitchen much easier! Try them and save not only money but on cleaning aggravation!

One Trick To Cut Kitchen Cleaning In HALF!

I did a couple of small things today that I thought might help you. Here are some quick cleaning ideas:

I see so many people with these plastic scrapers always scraping away at kitchen counters and it never really dawned on me that I have never had to use one before. I didn’t know why until today.

One of the key rules of professional cleaners is to let your cleaning products do the work for you. I didn’t realize it but my mom taught me this many years ago when I started doing dishes. I always rinse my dirty dishes and then place as many dishes as I can into the hot soapy water in the sink.

Before I start washing my dishes, I take my super wet and soapy dish rag and run it quickly over all the kitchen counter tops and the stove. I’m not really wiping it, I’m just getting a nice film of soapy water on it.

Then I wash my dishes. When I’m done, I thoroughly wring out my dish rag and re-wipe the counters. When I do it this way, every bit of pancake batter, syrup and honey wipes right up. This works every time and I never have to scrape my kitchen counters.

I don’t do this every time I do dishes. If we only have sandwiches I know there is probably not much sticky stuff on the counter so I wash the dishes without focusing so much on the counters ahead of time.


Years later, this practice worked for me even better because it forced me to put all the dishes into the sink and get my counters cleared. When I had unexpected customers or company, even though the dishes weren’t done, the counters all looked cleared and nice.

I also had to clean my trash can today. I took it outside, filled it full with soapy water and a little Clorox bleach. I placed the lid and a broom that needed to be cleaned into the water and let them soak for a couple of hours. Later, I went out and all I had to do was rinse them. I didn’t even need a rag or anything. All that nasty sticky stuff that gets in the bottom of the trash can just dissolved away. When you can, let things soak.


Jill, I just want to say, YOU WERE RIGHT!!! You mentioned how wiping down counters with soapy water eliminates the need for scrubbing and scrapers. Well, I’ve needed to clean the dreaded microwave for a while now. Every time I’d heat something in it I’d cringe and put off cleaning it because of all the food stuck to the inside.

Well, I took your advice. I got my dish rag nice and soapy and wiped down the entire microwave first. Then I went over to the sink and wiped down the glass microwave plate with hot soapy water and let it sit, too. Then I went back to the microwave and really started cleaning. Everything came off quite easily.

After finishing rinsing the plate, I realized that this “dreaded task” only took five minutes. Who knew?

Thanks! Sarah


Mom always says the best cleaner is Hot Soapy Water. Use it more and you will save more!!! :-)



Hot soapy water and soaking work wonders!



  1. Brenna says

    I always fill a mug with water and put it in the microwave for a couple minutes and when it is done everything comes off quite easily. You have to make sure that the water is steaming, with different microwaves a couple minutes might be too much or too little. Anyway, this works well for me. Have a great day!

  2. rose says

    grandma used to do this but add a slice of lemon to the water… if there was something really gunky like, then she would sprinkle some baking soda and scrub with the hot soapy water… years later she would make a baking soda paste, put on yucky surface and use a bit of peroxide and then clean with the hot soapy water…

  3. says

    I fill a 1 cup measureing cup with water and a little bit of lemon juice and put it in microwave on high for 5 minutes give water a minute to cool than just wipe down the microwave. Kitchen smells lemony too.

  4. says

    I squeeze a lemon into a jug of water and then zap it for 5-10 minutes until the microwave has steamed up. This loosens up the dirt for me and makes it smell a bit better.

  5. Jorie says

    I do the same thing with water in the microwave, but I also put my dish sponge in there. I run it long enough for the water to heat to temperatures where it will disinfect the sponge. As a bonus, having the sponge in the dish keeps the water from exploding all over (as it can when it’s overheated but bubbles don’t have a surface on which they can form – that’s why some people will put a wooden skewer in water when microwaving it.)

  6. Tania says

    I sometimes put vinegar in the water before I microwave and then use the vinegar water to wipe down the whole kitchen, including the microwave.

  7. Sandi P says

    I used to work with high purity water systems, and found out that high purity water is the closest thing there is to a ‘universal solvent’. (Look at the Grand Canyon.) When you add any kind of soap or detergent to even hard water to break the surface tension, it will clean almost anything with a little time and elbow grease. Also, adding purified or distilled water to any kind of liquid soap or shampoo (up to 50%/50%) will make it work better!

    • says

      That is the same idea as using vinegar or water softener in your laundry. It breaks up the mineral build up or minerals and makes it clean better and get rid of the residue. You don’t have to rinse as much either or use as much cleaner.

  8. candice says

    I finally decided to do this hot soapy water thing with my stove about 2 weeks ago… I thought, the cleaning won’t be as thorough and I’ll likely have to go through the process again later with something better… but I wanted the crusty, dusty ouily messes to go away and I didn’t have the normal 45 minutes to get it done. I took off the grates, stacked the burner fixtures, scrubbed on a heavy layer of soapy water than washed all my dishes, 10 minutes later i just grabbed a nice towel rag, wet it down and wiped off the soapyness… it had worked well… (stood in awe) I wiped the stove down again with a dry towel, did a few scrubs on some old hard peices of whatever and my stove looked very clean… So thank you, I have changed my ways and will not put off cleaning the stove tope anymore. Simple soap and a little time is just fine after all.

  9. Sandi P says

    For the microwave, I keep a small stack of paper (not plastic or foam) plates by the microwave to cover anything I am heating. Preventing spills and splatters is easier than cleaning them.

    • says

      They are a pain to take care of but here are a couple of things you can try.
      White vinegar
      Olive Oil or baby oil
      soap and water

      Just use a few drops of the olive oil or baby oil on a rag and rub. Sometimes just hot soapy water then dry with a dry cloth will work. Many people use just regular window cleaner but the vinegar would do the same as that.

      • says

        I used to work in a restaurant and we used rubbing alcohol to clean the stainless steel pie cases. (I don’t know if that would be safe on her fridge, since it says no cleaners, but she could call the mfg and find out.)

        I also used it in a plant that manufactured IV bags. We cleaned the stainless steel parts of the machines. We were removing packing tape residue. Rubbing alcohol removes tape residue easily and makes the stainless shiny! It is wonderful to remove fingerprints.

  10. says

    I found that placing a bowl of warm water in the microwave and turning the heat to high for a minute perhaps two, depending on how dirty the oven is, then taking a wet cloth wipe the top, then the back and sides of the microwave. The turn table and rest can be soaked in a sink with hot tap water. Soap and then rinse. Place the turntable back in and there you have it.

  11. Sheri says

    I also do the quick soak on my kitchen floor. Sometimes I use laundry detergent and/or oxiclean in hot water for my floor, then go around and do a light scrubbing. Then I mop it up with an old towel.

    I have rolled out linoleum. Don’t use this on laminate flooring! Bad idea…

  12. Jeanne T. says

    Speaking of microwaves, I’ve found that by bringing a large (6-8 cup) measuring cup full of water to a boil, then leaving it in the microwave, helps bread dough to rise. I put the bowl of bread dough in the microwave after the water has come to a boil, and it really does help it to rise within an hour. It’s a nice, warm place for yeast to work.

  13. Tommie Ellis says

    Try spraying your smelly kitchen trash can with a spray bottle of isopropyl alcohol—about a dollar for a large. bottle! Wipe down with a paper towel—-cheap and KILLS the nasty smell and germs. Tommie in Abilene

  14. says

    I made my own dish washer soap and it left soap residue on all the dishes tried the second time with heated dry off with the same result. I used the recipe from chemerical using vinegar castile soap water and lemon juice. Do you have any suggestions?


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