Cajun Pork and Beans Recipe – Berries and Cream Dessert

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Easy Berries and Cream Dessert Recipe

An Easy Crockpot Menu – Cajun Pork and Beans


  • Before adding sauerkraut to a Reuben sandwich or on hot dogs, use a potato ricer to squeeze out all of the juice to prevent things from getting soggy.
  • For a different but delicious topping on fruits, soften and beat an 8 oz. package of cream cheese, Add a couple of cups of marshmallow creme to it. This can be used as a dip too.
  • For a less sweet frosting, mix a can of frosting and an 8 oz. package of softened cream cheese. This would also be a great dip for berries and fruit!


Cajun Pork and Beans
Corn on the Cob
Berries and Cream Dessert



Crockpot Cajun Pork And Beans Recipe

Crockpot Cajun Pork and Beans

5 (15 oz.) cans Pork-n-Beans
2 (6oz.) cans tomato sauce
2 onions (chopped)
6 hot links or 8 hot dogs (sliced)
1/4 bottle barbecue sauce (about 1/2 -1 cup)

Add in extras to taste:

Worcestershire sauce
Hot sauce
Cajun seasonings
Liquid smoke
Brown sugar

Mix all ingredients in a crockpot and cook on low 4-8 hours.


Easy Berries and Cream Dessert Recipe

Berries and Cream Dessert

1 loaf (10 oz.) pound cake or angel food cake, cubed
2 (3 oz.) pkgs. cream cheese, softened
2 cups marshmallow cream (about 1 large Jar)
4 cups of your favorite berries (or other fruit)

Place cake cubes in 8 bowls. Sprinkle with berries. Whip cream cheese, fold in marshmallow cream and place a dollop on berries. Chill until serving.

 You can easily halve this recipe if you want.


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  1. says

    This sounds a lot like a variation of what we would call refrigerator cake. You slice a loaf cake, then spread with a combo of some sort of creamy filling, and fresh berries. Stack the layers as you spread, cover with plastic wrap, chill overnight. Turn the loaf back on it’s side, and spread the rest with whipped cream. This also works, using cookies in place of the cake.

  2. Erika says

    I have been catching up on the news after some days away.
    Are you guys okay? They announced a huge fire in Colorado and it seems bad. Is it close to you or the smoke affecting Tawra?

    Also one of the regulars is from northern Ontario(can’t remember name offhand grandma?) and they have announced a mall roof collapse there and people missing. Are you okay?

    It’s like family and you worry sometimes when you hear stuff.

    • says

      So sweet of you to ask Erika. I worry too when I don’t hear from some of our regulars. Grandma is fine. She just posted some things yesterday. Tawra and them are about 30-40 miles from the one fire and are just getting a lot of smoke. The smoke detectors have been going off in the homes in their area from the smoke but the fire is burning north and away from them. I happened to be visiting Tawra the day it broke out and we were in the mountains and saw it before they had even started trying to put it out. We knew it didn’t look good at all.

      Sat. was a little hair raising because Mike and the boys went up to Estes to go hiking and was up there when that fire broke out but they made it down fine and Mike’s folks lived only a mile from the Estes fire and were on evacuation notice but they got it out pretty fast although they did lose about 25 homes.

    • says

      We’re fine, thanks for asking. We have some smoke now and then but considering how bad it is the smoke isn’t bad at…yet. :-) One broke out by Mike’s folks about 1 mile away from them on Sat. but thankfully they were able to pull the helicopters from the other big fire and put it out quick before the entire town of Estes Park went up in flames.

  3. Mary says

    I managed a Bakery/Deli several years ago. We used marshmellow creme and cream cheese whipped together as a dip for the fruit. It goes well with nearly all fruits.

  4. Marisa says

    I like to put crushed pineapple and mashed bananas in cherry jello, let firm, then mix cream cheese with a jar of marshmallow cream and spread on top. Keep refrigerated. It is really good, you can do many variations with the jello and fruit. If I don’t have bananas and pineapple, I will use a large can of drained fruit cocktail.

  5. Cynthia H says

    I’d be tempted to go whole hog and make the pork & beans from scratch if I was going to use a slow cooker anyway . . .

    • says

      There is no reason you can’t Cynthia. It is just much easier and faster for me to open the cans of pork and beans plus I’m afraid I don’t like to eat any kind of beans but Van Camp pork and beans so I use them alot.

  6. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    I drain my sauerkraut by holding the open can upside down while I squeeze the lid up into it. No potato ricer to wash.

    FYI all of that fermented food and its juice is good for you. It’s what kept our ancestors alive before refrigeration and canning.

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