Cool Garden Ideas

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Tawra’s front porch railing

A New Place To Find Some Cool Garden Ideas!

I don’t know if many of you know or not but Tawra has just started a new website that is nothing but gardening tips and ideas called I’m very impressed with it. I know she is my daughter but even if she wasn’t I would be impressed with it. It has easy to read tips and ideas on everything related to gardening. It is worth a peek just to see the “cool” pictures. I know some of you newbies may think summer and gardening is almost over but any true gardener will tell you there are things to do almost all year around in your yard and garden so check it out if you can.

Here is a list of just a few garden ideas you can find there:

How to make compost tea.
Window box ideas
Homemade weed killer
Landscape ideas
Feed the Soil, not the plants.
Hummingbird nectar
How long after using Roundup can I plant?
Building garden furniture from pallets

Tawra really does have some “cool gardens” on there. Check it out!!



  1. Mary C now in SC says

    Hi, Jill and Tawra
    I’ve been to the site and it really is cool!!
    What are the flowers in the tins on the railing? They look like “upgraded” fancy petunias. Just lovely!

    • says

      I think they are the fancy ones. We are so lucky my DIL works at Lowe’s and when they put half dead plants on sell she gets them for us. Tawra can take something that looks like a dead stick and make it bloom into a beautiful plant. Me it still looks like a dead stick no matter what even if it started out as a beautiful plant. :) Anyway my timing on my trip was just right this year so I was hauling plants back and forth from Kansas to Colorado.

      • Mary C now in SC says

        Jill, I have the same “talent” with plants as you- I seem to be able to ruin even the healthiest looking ones.

        • says

          I just got off the phone with Tawra and she told me she pulled a weed out of her yard that she thinks she may be allergic to. She instantly puffed up like a marshmallow and her eyes were swelling shut. I said so that means a person can be allergic to yard work and pulling weeds – can I use that for an excuse for my awful yard. We had a good laugh with that because I am forever trying to make excuses for my sad yard. Thought maybe you could use that one too Mary. : )

          Oh I did have sympathy for her but after living with my children for over 40 years now and now have grandchildren I have learned to not panic and to calmly say just drink some Benydrl. : )

          • Mary C now in SC says

            Oh, my! Hope she can recover quickly! We are temporarily in a rental home, and thought I would neaten up the flower beds. Quickly got a really nice case of poison ivy, so I think I’ll let the next resident finish the job!
            I’ll be praying for Tawra.

          • says

            She’ll be fine but boy I do feel for you and that case of poison ivy. I hope you get over it fast and it isn’t too bad of one. That can be miserable.

      • Mary C now in SC says

        Tawra, you have a very special touch, and I’m sure your neighbors enjoy the results of all your efforts!

  2. Bea says

    OH HOW PRETTY TAWRA. Now that I live in an apartment that has a garden, it will be nice to read your new website because my landlord told me I can garden too, in the backyard if I want. I never had that privilege before, so it’s something new for me. You will inspire me I’m sure. I love nature. One thing I did notice is the pretty butterflies the garden attracts which are nice to look out onto, when I’m doing my dishes and looking out the window above the kitchen sink.

  3. Rachel says

    Hi Tawra, I hope you’re feeling better. I am so excited for you to have a website dedicated to your love of gardening. I really want to do something with my yard, if we survive all this rain, and Isaac is about to dump some more on us! I will definitely go to your website for ideas.

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