Holiday Centerpieces

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Christmas Center Piece

Holiday Centerpieces

Most of us love having beautiful centerpieces for our tables, especially during the holidays but sometimes they can be in the way when we need to use our tables for other things. 

One way to make things easier is to arrange your centerpieces on a silver tray, Christmas tray or some other sort of tray. That way when you need to use the table you can lift the whole thing up in one swoop and remove it.

This is also handy if you happen to need a temporary centerpiece or decoration for someplace else. You can just pick up the tray and use it where you need it.



Photo By: Dennis AB


  1. Grandma says

    but Jill where do you put it after you take it off the table????
    everything else is covered with christmas and daily life clutter.
    sorry not being nasty just have no extra space for centre pieces or much of any table top decorations.

  2. Brenda D. says

    My mother has done this for many, many years. It is a great idea and works wonderfully! Here’s a quick funny story: One year for Christmas, my mother hosted a large gathering and after all was done and the dust had settled, mom was putting her house “back to rights” and she couldn’t find her arrangement that had been on the table. She cleaned the entire house and still could not find it. Feeling a little glum thinking someone had thrown it away, she got on with her week and doing things around the house. 3 or 4 days later, she went out to the garage to get in her car to run to town to do her weekly errands and low & behold, someone had set her arrangement on the roof of her car. So now after every dinner, she always checks her garage and car to make sure something isn’t stashed out there. Have a great week and a great Thanksgiving!

  3. grizzly bear mom says

    I REGULARLY use my car as a kitchen and holiday tool. Foods cool on its roof to keep my Siberian Husky dog from counter surfing! I’ve got an ice chest on the back seat that I’m filling with deserts for the Hurricane Sandy victims’ Thanksgiving dinner. That dog is getting smart though. He can push the lid off milkshakes I put in the car’s console and start lapping them up faster than I can follow the shake into the car! I also put my suitcase and gifts in then as soon as I think about it about it so I’m not doing everything at the last minute. P.S. I thought perhaps you mom had gifted the centerpiece to a friend or they had taken it by accident!

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