Frugal Bathroom Redecorating

bath towels

I really hated our downstairs bathroom. The lady who re-did it before we moved in did a horrible job with the wallpaper. It was peeling, you could see the edges, they didn’t even come close to matching and it was just plain ugly. I also didn’t like the fixtures in our upstairs bathroom. They were […]

Clean Up Your Environment

Cleaning House - Scrubbing the Floor

Why is it that we take better care of the outdoor environment than the environment in our homes? I’ll tell you why –Because our society has made working for a clean environment a noble cause. Having a warm, inviting, organized home isn’t a noble cause anymore. Imagine being at a large office party. Say someone […]

Frozen Grapes


Grapes (as many as you can get on sale) Wash and separate the grapes. Drain and put on cookie sheet. Freeze. Store in freezer bags. Give to older kids as frozen treats. Note: Do not thaw; grapes become mushy when thawed. From Dining on a Dime

Easy 2 Ingredient Homemade Pudding Pops Recipe

Easy Homemade Pudding Pops Recipe

Easy Homemade Pudding Pops Recipe 1 pkg. pudding (not instant*) 3 cups milkfruit (any kind, optional) Combine and mix the ingredients only enough to blend well. Quickly pour into popsicle molds and freeze. Chocolate and vanilla pudding may be layered for a fun treat or you can layer fruit with vanilla pudding. Makes 8-10 popsicles. […]

Reader Comments about “Get Dressed!”

Woman saving money by getting dressed

  This reader comment was posted in response to the story "Improve Your Life Right Away — Get Dressed!" I can really relate to the truth in this week’s column. This has occurred to me twice. In 1993, we lost our newborn son due to an undetected birth defect. With no prep time of any […]

Improve Your Life Right Away — Get Dressed!

Curler Woman

Do you want to get out of debt? Do you want to get your house organized and have more control over your life? Do you want your family to respect you more than they do? Then get dressed! I realize that for some people, like those with newborns and toddlers, this can be a challenge […]

Use a Dresser to Organize Your Garage!


It seems like organizing your garage can be a never ending task. Lots of companies make millions of dollars selling all kinds of storage systems to try to make your garage just a little bit more organized. OK I’m about to confess — We’ve had this problem, too! I know, it’s hard to believe, isn’t […]

Staying At Home, It’s Your Choice

mom and son

I was down on my hands and knees for the third time that day wiping up the trail of mud the kids and dog had left on my white kitchen floor. With each swipe of the rag my grumbling got worse until finally in a fit of self pity I threw down the rag and […]