I am a big fan of saving money in any way possible!  We conserve water at our house.  If we are just rinsing something out we save the water to put on our garden.  If we do not finish a glass of water we put it into a special pitcher and it is given to our cats and dogs.  If we find a bottle of water we pour it on an outdoor plant. Sheri D.


Some families couldn’t handle this next tip but we always drank after each other so I kept a small lightweight jug of water in the fridge. The kids would take a drink out of it and pop it back in to stay cold. I never had a pile of dirty glasses and at an earlier age the kids were able to open the fridge and get a drink so I didn’t have to get water out of the sink for them to drink each time.

I guess most people now have refrigerators with the water on the door but I sure did love my jug because it saved not only water but prevented me from having to wash so many glasses and finding glasses sitting all over the house.



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