Use a toy box to organize your home

Make Better Use Of Toy Boxes

I really don’t like to use toy boxes to store toys in kids’ bedrooms. Toy boxes seem to become black holes that are bottomless pits. Most of the toys in the bottom of a toy box can’t be reached or seen and, because of this, kids rarely play with them.


That doesn’t mean I am totally against toy boxes.

I think a toy box is great to use in a family room or living room. Buy an unfinished one. Then paint it and make a cushion for the top. This gives you extra seating and makes a great place to store things like blankets, pillows, games or a few large toys.

If you live in a small apartment, a toy box would be great for extra seating. Then you could store large things you may not have room for in your kitchen inside it, like a crockpot, large vases, pitchers, trays, etc. You could even use it to store extra things like toilet paper, extra toiletries or towels.

If you have a daughter, repaint the toy box as she grows. She can use it as a reading bench or hope chest for her room and later, when she leaves home, she can take it with her to use in her own home.

For a son, use the toy box to store large sports equipment and balls and it can also double as a bench.



Photo By: Walter Riccobene

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