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Composting is a great way to reduce trash and create rich soil to use in the garden. Here are 12 things you didn’t know you could add to your compost pile!

12 Things you Didn't Know You Could Compost - Click Here To See!


Here are things you can add to your compost pile. Besides Egg shells and coffee grounds and lawn clippings. I thought this would help you all that do the compost thing.
Tracy in Newark OH

Dryer lint.
If you must dry your clothes in an electric clothes dryer at
least compost the lint.


Hair and fur
Hair adds nitrogen and other beneficial nutrients to compost.

Fireplace ashes
Wood ashes contain potassium, a major plant nutrient that can
be beneficial depending on the soil type.

Cotton, wool, and silk clothing/fabric
Worn-out clothing made exclusively of natural fibers will
decompose faster if you shred them before composting.

Full vacuum cleaner bags
Paper vacuum cleaner bags and their contents — as well as
all species of non-synthetic debris — are welcome in the
compost pile.

Nail clippings
The byproducts of pedicures, manicures, and even pet nails
are all compostable, provided that they’re polish-free.

Rope and string
Rope and twine made out of natural fibers (e.g., cotton,
hemp, jute, and manila ropes) will decompose in the compost


Leather goods and clothing
Natural leather products will decompose (albeit slowly) in
the compost pile.

Cotton balls and Q-Tips
Just make sure that your cotton swabs like Q-Tips are 100%
cotton and have cardboard or wooden sticks (NOT plastic).

If you live on an ocean or other waterway and your shoreline
is being invaded by washed up seaweed or kelp, add it to the
compost pile.

Stale bread and other grain products
Leftover grain-based food products, including pasta, rice,
cereal, crackers, pizza crusts, etc., can be composted
(bury them in the pile to deter unwanted pests).