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Quick Bread Tips

Quick Bread Tips

  • You don’t always need to make your quick breads into loaves. I use my banana bread recipe to make muffins. I also frost them with vanilla or cream cheese frosting to make cupcakes. These don’t dry out quite as quickly as a slice of bread, are easier to serve and kids will almost always eat a cupcake with frosting where they might turn up their noses at a slice of bread.
  • Turn your regular banana bread into a Christmas bread by adding candied fruit to it like red and green cherries.


  • Add butterscotch chips to your pumpkin bread for a different twist.
  • When making quick breads, sprinkle your greased pan with sugar instead of flour to prevent sticking. This prevents that gooey white on the bottom of the loaf.
  • Make your quick breads the day before you need them. Wrap them well and put them in the fridge. They will slice easier and leaving them in the fridge gives the spices and flavors a chance to meld together.
  • If your bread happens to last long enough to dry out, try toasting it in the toaster for breakfast or for a late night snack with hot chocolate or coffee. Be sure to slather it in butter, honey butter* or cream cheese while it is still warm!
  • Sometimes we would love to have homemade biscuits but don’t have the time to roll them out. You can get that same great taste with less work by making drop biscuits. Mix baking mix biscuits as if making regular biscuits but, instead of rolling them, take a large spoon and drop on a greased cookie sheet. Bake as you would regular biscuits.

    If you don’t have a biscuit cutter, remember you can use a glass (flour the edge before cutting) or just gently roll the dough into a rectangle and cut with a knife into squares.

  • Make quick breads in the waffle maker just like you would waffles! Serve with honey butter. 


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