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Here’s an easy how-to tip to save money growing your own green onions in the house. It’s easy to plant and grow fresh green onions and they make a great topping for many kinds of foods!

Plant And Grow Green Onions To Use In The House

Plant And Grow Green Onions To Use In The House

We love green onions around here and I’ve often grown them in the garden! Even though we are moving, I decided to throw some green onion sets in a pot and save some money.  A bag of green onion sets cost $1.49 for 80. A bunch of green onions in the store costs over $1.00.  Once they start growing you can harvest several batches of green onions and save a lot of money! 



Planting Green Onions To Use At Home

Just put a few onion sets one inch apart in the bottom of your pot.

Cover with soil, water and set in a sunny window. In a week you will have a great bunch of green onions to start enjoying! -Tawra