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We all have lost socks and most of us keep them, waiting for the mates to show up! Here’s a great way to store lost socks until the missing ones return!

Storing Lost Socks - Easy Organizing Idea

Storing Lost Socks – Easy Organizing Idea

I have a pile of lost socks that I keep in the laundry room. As we were getting things ready so we could show the house to sell, I just didn’t know what to do with them. I use my lost sock pile almost every day so I didn’t want it to get buried in all the moving mess.

Then it hit me– I would put them in the new jar I just bought at the thrift store. (Yes, I know I’m moving but I LOVED the jar! :-)  I was going to use it for something else but I think it’s my new lost sock jar! What’s even better about it is that I can see all the socks in there so I’m not digging around trying to find what I need. I can just reach in and grab the match and finish the laundry.