Is Trying To Make Healthy Kids’ Lunches Making You Crazy? Just because news reports stress certain healthy foods doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune!

Healthy Kids Lunches

Is Trying To Make Healthy Kids’ Lunches Making You Crazy?

Dianne Writes:

Just when I thought I was finally free of regular cooking, I get full time care of my grandchild… It’s weird how much ideas about healthy cooking have seemed to change in such a short period of time. I think, for the first time ever, I am finding myself overwhelmed with what to put in lunch boxes, what to feed the family without feeling guilty and how to take shortcuts in cooking without feeling bad because my meals don’t look like the lovely ones that I see see in books and the Internet.

Thank you for your blog post about once a month meals. It made me remember why I should not attempt it again. I am at the stage that I resent cooking, even though I am considered a good cook. It also made me realize that for me personally partially frozen might be the best short cut I can use (i.e. separating raw ingredients into meal sized portions and freezing, freezing buttered bread, etc.).

Your post also helped me remember to trust my own instincts about how food should be cooked and served and what is healthy, rather than relying on people with big incomes and helpers to tell me how to do it.

I think there is too much information and advice being shared about food that is simply not that realistic for everyone. The fact that I have have just now spent $25aud (about the same in U.S. dollars) on maybe 2 days of “healthy” school lunches for just one 6 year old child is, to me, a bit of a joke. But there you have it. If i don’t provide it, the school will call me and its not even a private school.

Thank you again. Your post was refreshing and more than worth thinking about in more than just a “once a month cooking” way.



 Jill’s Reply

I understand exactly what you are saying Dianne. I am also of an age where, even though I have written cookbooks and have a website on that subject, I really don’t want to cook anymore. I also think the world has gone totally insane when it comes to food and the “new” advice about what to eat and what not to eat. “What not to eat” food suggestions have become  like clothes fads. This style is in this year and that is not. Next year it will be different and everyone will forget how urgent the advice was this year. In the same way that I refuse to follow fads in my clothes, I refuse to follow fads with my food.

I don’t believe in jumping on the bandwagon just because “they” said this is the way to eat healthy or studies show this might cause this or prevent that. People state these things as facts but they have no solid proof and most of the time the jury is still out about the conclusions.

In the same way I buy clothes that are classic but still fashionable, clothes that are neat and make me look nice, I keep my food simple, stick to the basic food pyramid and try to relax.

[adsense]If I was in your place, I would slap some peanut butter on a piece of white bread, throw in an apple or banana and a cookie and call it good for lunch for a 6 year old. That menu worked great for the past three generations or more and the only generation having big problems with their health are the ones who are now trying to scientifically analyze every bite that goes in their mouths. They are going to stress themselves into a heart attack and when they do, how much good will that healthy eating have done them? What we need now more than anything with regard to food is moderation and common sense.  

Emperor’s New Clothes

All these new food fads remind me of the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes. To refresh everyone’s memory, some bad guys out to make money, told the vain king that they would make him some special new clothes that were invisible to all but the stupid and incompetent. No one, including the king and leaders, could see these new clothes but didn’t want to say anything because they were afraid of being thought of as stupid and incompetent so they all went along with it.

One day a young child saw the king and said, “The king had no clothes on.” Of course everyone tried to hush him and say he didn’t know what he was talking about. He holler sol they finally had no choice but to agree he was right.

You are probably wiser than most for realizing there is something not quite right with all these food dos and don’ts. So many others wouldn’t dream of saying what you said or admit to feeding their kids a cookie once in a while because, like the people in the story, they go along with things because they don’t want to be considered politically incorrect, unhealthy or judged to be bad moms. 

Relax and feed him a bowl of cereal once in a while when you don’t feel up to cooking. He would much rather have a happy relaxed grandma than one who is stressed all the time worrying about whether or not she is feeding him right or being politically correct with his food.

We all need to pull out our books of old fables and read them once in a while. It is amazing how much they still pertain to our lives today. Human nature really doesn’t change at all. Hmm… Maybe next week I should write about the grasshopper and the ant.


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