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easy sewing tips

Easy Sewing Tips

  • For a pin cushion that you can wear on your wrist, sew a hair scrunchy to a small pin cushion.
  • Using the hems of old sheets and pillow cases, sew them to the backs of quilts for a sleeve to hang them by.
  • Keep a dryer sheet in your sewing basket to run your thread across to prevent tangling.
  • Fusible web is the coolest thing since sliced bread. It is one of the easiest sewing tips, very versatile and is especially helpful for those who don’t normally sew. Here are two more ways to use fusible web:

    • Apply double sided fusible web to fabric to use to cover boxes for all kinds of things. Just iron the fabric with fusible web on it to any box.
    • Apply double sided fusible web to fabric and then cut out anything you want – initials, flowers, stars– anything! Then, using an iron, fuse it to a wall. It sticks beautifully and when you want to change it,  just peel it off and it leaves nothing behind. This is so great for a nursery, kids’ room or teenage girl’s room. I would even look nice using decorator fabric for wall art in a living room.


Photo By: Sewing Daisies

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