Budget Tips For Married Couples


These budget tips for married couples help you understand your spouse better and how to work together to make a family budget that works for you!
Budget Tips For Married Couples2015-05-20T08:57:04-06:00

Teach Your Kids About Money


So many of us struggle when it comes to teaching kids about money, but it's easier than you think! Don't be afraid to try it!
Teach Your Kids About Money2018-04-17T20:20:08-06:00

Preventing Bills From Getting Lost


I thought I'd share a short post about preventing your bills from getting lost. If you keep things organized you can save money on fees and reduce the stress of worrying about bills being late.
Preventing Bills From Getting Lost2015-01-15T08:17:26-07:00

Saving Money On Gas!


From: Natalie T. Hey, gas prices here in the west are way, way up so

Saving Money On Gas!2013-02-06T06:48:17-07:00

Are You a Slave to Debt?


Are you a slave to debt, but you don't know how to get yourself out? Debt is a cruel master but you can free yourself from the tyranny of debt!
Are You a Slave to Debt?2013-03-19T16:05:59-06:00

Is It OK To Use Credit Cards Sometimes?


A response to a reader who found it necessary to use a credit card to charge funeral expenses for a family member
Is It OK To Use Credit Cards Sometimes?2011-02-25T11:08:32-07:00