When Queens Ride By

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When Queens Ride By - Inspiration To Have A More Organized Home

When Queens Ride By

This is a wonderful, inspiring and important story that I really want to share with you. I first read this myself 30-some years ago and it has had more of an impact on my thoughts, feelings and attitudes toward being a wife, mother and homemaker than anything else in my life ever has.

Even though it was written in 1926, its basic principles can still be applied to today’s world. At first reading, it may not seem that way but I’m going to give you some things to watch for as you read it to see if you couldn’t apply them to your life today.

I get so exasperated when I hear people say “but things are so much harder and more stressful now than years ago.” That is so not true. People are the same and life is the same. That is why the Bible’s principles can still work as well today as they have for thousands of years. The basic human nature, the wants and needs are still there.

Here are some things to watch for and notice while you are reading the story. As you read, note how even though Jennie worked on the farm she had all the same things to deal with as if she were a modern woman who left to work her full time job each day.


  • She couldn’t keep up with the laundry and housework
  • She had to leave the kids “to their own devices” (like videos games or coming home to an empty house)
  • She didn’t bother with her appearance. (Is that like wearing sweats all the time?)
  • She spent time eating on the run. She didn’t have time to prepare proper meals or often didn’t feel like it.
  • She felt like she had no time or relationship with her spouse.
  • Jennie and her husband had a large mortgage and were at the point of losing their home.

  • She constantly had feelings of self pity-making comments like, “You don’t know my situation, I have no choice”.
  • She thought, “This is too hard of work for a woman,” but was convinced that if she left the job to her husband they would starve and he needed her help. She was sure that they couldn’t do it on one income.
  • She had the desire for more and wanted to keep up with the Joneses.

Keep your eyes open for these things and others as you read the story.



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When Queens Ride By

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  1. Sharon Matthews says

    Loved the story, When Queens Ride By! Reminded me of what’s important. Thanks for including it in your newsletter.

  2. Bea says

    I love this story. I like the picture you picked too. I think this story shows women that their God-given qualities are appreciated by men and that’s a good thing.

  3. Jennifer says

    This newsletter was like a message from God for me! I regularly pour over your website, and eagerly await the email newsletters for inspiration, but this e-book was truly God using you to touch my heart! I am a Registered Nurse, but left my position due to children and my health. I currently work Per Diem, at a job that I truly love, but the hospital has not had many hours for me. This has been difficult for me, as this is my 2nd marriage and I am used to being the breadwinner. My husband has taken on the extra needs, but I now see how I can better serve him (and our family) at home. We used to share the household work, and I have been bitter about no longer having any “help” at home with 4 children. Thank you, for you may not know how many lives you have allowed God to use your forum to touch!
    In greatful appreciation,
    Jen Gagnon

  4. says

    Wow. I read that story in half an hour or less! Jill I think you’re right: human nature is timeless and we all have the same struggles, needs, and desires. Thanks for sharing this and may I direct others to this page? The story was inspiring!

  5. Megan says

    This is a wonderful, life-changing story! I loved it so much that I printed off a copy to have handy whenever I need inspiration and also emailed it to all the ladies in my life that I love. I received much positive feedback from others who read it and were touched. I have read it many times but still get so much out of it each time I sit down to read it again. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Barbara says

    I read this story about a year ago on your newsletter and I can’t really explain how it affected me. I printed it out and I’m going to print it out again. I am a working wife and try to keep up with the house and everything as much as possible and it does get hard sometimes. I’m 50 yr. old and don’t have any kids left at home. I wished I had read this story years ago. When I read it last year I was really thinking of a friend of mine. She is my ex-daughter-in-law. She is married with two little boys that I love dearly. She was working at the country club at night and hardly ever got to see the boys. Her husband (who I also love dearly) was practically raising the kids by himself. He worked all day, came home, fed the kids, helped with homework, baths, laundry, and everything. This story just reminded of their situation so much. I know it was taking a toll on their marriage. Now she is unemployed. I know alot of people would see that as a bad thing. But her husband has a good job and now with her at home she can take care of her house and children. That was my prayer for her when I read When Queens Ride By.

  7. CCBelle says

    Wow! I just finished reading When Queens Ride By and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It came at the absolute best time and day. I really needed to read this. Thank you ever so much.

  8. Cindy says

    This is such a beautiful story and I’m sure it applies to many of us. I have recently been thinking I should find another job (I work four half days each week) but this story made me remember what is was like when I worked full-time a few years ago. Coming home to a cold, dark house in the winter (we burn wood for heat) and no supper ready! My husband works long hours at a physically demanding job and he is 58 years old. This story brought home to me the importance of how I make our lives better by making a home, and how much more pleasant it is for him when I have supper cooking and the house warm and brightly lit. I’ve always thought that the home has to be the priority of at least one person in the family in order for things to go well!

  9. Barb says

    This was really wonderful. I printed 3 copies. One for 2 of my daughters (already married and on their own) and 1 for my special notebook of special things. If only we could/would all heed this woman’s deep wisdom.

  10. Janine Desrochers says

    I lived in New Alexandria, PA where she was born and is buried. I have collected several of her works and will enjoy reading this one I am sure. Thanks for making it available. Janine

  11. Bonnie Born says

    WOW! As I sit here amoung the holiday clutter and wonder if I will ever get the house back in shape, I took a break and read this story! My, My! It certainly has changed my views about several things! I have a lot of things in sacks, etc., that I bought half price after Christmas and they are just sitting there. I just need to focus and get these things squared away. And think about next Christmas and the lovely new things I will be able to adorn our home with. My house needs cleaning, I need to finish the laundry, need to clean out the spare bedroom.It overwhelms me at times at all the things that need to be done. But they will get done in time. My husband is a wonderful helper. This story was an eye opener! Thanks a bunch for passing it on! Bonnie

  12. Kathleen in IL says

    Jill, THANK YOU for sending this to us. I had read it years ago through Fascinating Womanhood and later printed out a copy for my ‘gentle living” noteook, but goodness I had forgotten about it (and does that tell you anything?). It is SOOOO timely. I won’t get into the argument about the “places” of men and women, but it well reminds me that *I* have talents and abilities that make the home warm and loving, things that my husband cannot do. I so wish I too could have read this years ago when my son was small. It might have made such a difference. Yes, I work full time (from home) although I admit I’m in my 60’s (insurance problems) but I try to make our home warm and welcoming. We ladies CAN do that, no matter what income status we are, whether we have a home, an apartment, even a tent!!!! A great reminder. Thank you again for posting this!

    Kathleen in IL

  13. says

    This was a great story which came at a perfect time for me. I have been reevaluting my life with the new year approaching and this really made me think about things in a different manner. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Elizabeth Edwards says

    I have always enjoyed and recommended this story. It certainly had changed my outlook in life and when I read it and put it in practice it certainly changed my life. I would like to thank you so very much for publishing it and know that I will once again forward it to the young women in my family.

  15. barb~ says

    Thank you, Jill-just wonderful. This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

    “Life is what happens while you are making plans.” I believe john lennon wrote this in one of one of his songs.

  16. rose says

    thanks for posting this again jill .. i have thought about this story many many times over the yr since first reading it (when u first posted it and actually it was on the old website and i found it by accident) .. i tried to tell my sisters, mom and daughter of the story and each one said “email me a copy of it” and i couldnt find it for the life of me .. now that u have it in the e-book form, i am going to definitely email it to them ..
    its an excellent story … and so true even in our time ..
    thank you so much for all the inspiring things you help all of us with (to make our lives easier) ..
    i am truly greatful for all i have … i can not say how thankful i truly am for everything GOD has done and give to me and my family … and that includes being part of this wonderful website and getting to know all of the readers and of course, you and your family jill …
    thank you so much for posting wonderful things on the website to help us with being frugal, clutterfree, awesome recipes, ideas, and even taking the time and answering some of the odd things i have sent u and tawra and mike notes about ..
    thank you for your friendship, kindness, generosity and your time to help so many …
    thank you for your wisdom too ..
    and thanks to all the readers who help each other .. be it a recipe, kind word or even a simple pat on the back (example: dont stop, you can finish your project (or something to that effect/affect (sorry not sure which word to write))…
    yes jill/tawra/mike/the other readers.. i am truly blessed with far more than amt of money anyone could supply me with … GOD has enriched my life by giving me wonderful children, wonderful husband, fantastic friends (here where i live and here on this website), my mom (who is 82 and still with us and (knocking on wood) will be here much longer), siblings who are awesome, nephews and nieces who think i am the best thing since chocolate has been discovered (not gloating but i have 7 nieces named after me), a job (hopefully it will be for a long while), food, shelter, clothing ..
    i pray for all the people in my life that they too feel the same way and thank GOD for each and every blessing HE has given us (might not be what we want but it is definitely what we need, HE knows what is best for us!)…
    i just wanted to share this with all of you and tell u that i wouldnt have anythihng in my life like i do until one evening i was super depressed and prayed to GOD to help me find real peace in my life and for the first time in my life, i have stopped and really looked at all i have .. and
    i just wanted to share with u all GOD is truly amazing and wonderful .. and yes, HE does answers prays ..
    thank you for reading my post .. 😀

  17. Lisa Littrell says

    This was a perfectly lovely story!! and so very true!! Thankyou, I just loved & enjoyed it so much :)

    Thankyou so much for your newsletter, I use it so often. I also use the cookbook I bought from you last year, all the time! God bless you & yours in all that you do!
    Happy New Year to you!!
    Yours truly,

    Lisa Littrell

  18. Robyn says

    I am so glad that you posted this story. Sometimes we need to step back and look at what is really important. I love that at the beginning of a new year I can check my attitude and see how I can be the best mate to my husband – who is really the best. Thanks so much….

  19. Sharon Goist says

    This story came to me like a bright light! We live on the old family farm.
    My husband and I work from morning to night and all to often grump at one another because we have lost our hope. We to feel that it is always morning. This wonderful story brings new hope and new light. It shows that help comes in many ways and that we never know how encouraging others will affect them and by encouraging others we also receive. The others can even turn out to be us! Order and care can go along way to encouraging our goals; just as we do when we grow our children. Thank you, thank you. We don’t believe in coincidences and this story couldn’t have come at a more needed time! God bless you.

  20. says

    How very thoughtful and kind of you to post this story for all of us to read, here.
    I really was inspired by the story and appreciate your thoughtfulness in sharing it.

    Thanks again,and God bless


  21. Dawn says

    Thank you for the beautiful story. I have just found the best New Year’s resolution not only for myself but for my family. We will all benefit from this new found knowledge. Thank you and have a wonderful New Year everyone!

  22. Bea says

    I printed this story out because it’s so good. Thanks. Did you ever read the “Keeper of the Springs” by the Pastor from the 1940’s, by the name of Peter Marshall? That is good too.

  23. Bea says

    You can read it at wwwladiesagainstfeminism.com under the word “femininity” in the left column. It’s under that heading, a few articles from the top.

  24. Melissa says

    I cannot express just how much I needed this tonight. As I reflect on a year gone to waste, or so it has seemed, and as I put to paper some written goals and try to visualize them in my own mind, I am convicted by this story! I have been at home with three kids, who we have had in three years’ time, but I’ve not done my part at home to refresh my husband or to keep myself going as I should. I was just writing down all the tasks I could do, but the most important thing is my attitude in doing them! I am keeping this comment short ONLY to go get started on scrubbing my home from top to bottom so that I can keep it that way and so that I can feel good about myself, my home, and my calling in life as a wife and mother and homemaker! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! (P.S. I am 31, but have felt 45-50 years old lately…thank you for sharing this story, as it has restored my youth!)

  25. Christy says

    Thank you so much for sharing this e-book with your readers! I just read it this morning (January 1st) and it was a great way to start the new year. We can all get bogged down with everyday life and forget sometimes how important the little things are like lighting candles for the supper table or stopping for a few minutes to rub someone’s back or give them a hug. I have always felt that the man should be the head of the home, but I feel more than ever that the woman is the heart. So much of how our families function and work together is because of the woman’s attitude and initiative in taking care of her family and her home. Thank you again and may everyone have a Blessed New Year!

  26. says

    As a wife and mother the same age as the woman in the story, I can easily relate. Thank You for sharing such a wonderful and still relevant story!

  27. donna says

    Thank you for the eye opener. Not all has to be done at the cost of a happy family. Sometimes you need to reevaluate how you do things to make them run smoother. I really enjoyed the story, thanks again.

  28. Tena says

    Thank you for the story, I had never heard of it before. I copied it and read it later in the day. It really gives you something to think about, really several things to think about, as I sit here looking at all the Christmas things still out not put up and the house in a mess! Thank you for the emails you send, I ‘m not very good with a computer, so I’m just going to this part of you sight. I will try to venture into more of your articals.

  29. Jane says

    Thanks for sharing this story. Imagine my surprise when I clicked on the link and saw the author’s maiden name was the same as mine – and it’s not a common name! Will have to do some research and see what family connection there is. Happy New Year!

  30. Linda says

    I Loved this story. Thank you for printing it. I too work with my husband as well as my job. I luckily am past child rearing age and we have no little ones at home. We work together on most everything, but my husband has realized that when I get to tired, I go to the house and cook or clean. I love the story

  31. says

    I just finished reading When Queens Ride. Fabulous story and so very fitting even today. I plan on printing this off and giving to my oldest daughter and printing a copy of to give to my youngest when she marries.

  32. Erna María Ragnarsdottir says

    Thanke you very much for this wonderfull story. It has tought me a lot. For me its about living by choice. Ive decided to be a queen.

  33. Teresa says

    Thank you for including that in. It was a good lesson to me. I could relate to it. I have been feeling very responsible for our debts that have incurred through the years. Some of these debts were due to unfortunate events, others were a mismanagement due to my husband’s spending habits, which I have begged him to stop. I will be thinking twice before I beat myself up and try to come up with the extra we need. I truly value being a housewife and mother and living on a dime has inspired me to value that and has taught me great tips that I am able to incorporate in to my life.

  34. says

    I haven’t read something so worthwhile in quite some time. It touched my heart, made me smile, and renewed my courage to move forward with my efforts to be a stay at home (really work at home as you can see) mom. I will be sharing it with others to be sure!

  35. Sheri says

    I printed this book out before, but this time I am going to read it! Now that my husband has a much better job, I can back off on my hours at my part time job. My husband has been underemployed for way too many years now. I’m hoping this job will be everything it promises to be. But… I really am putting my trust in the LORD Who gave the job to my husband in this depressed economy with job, good jobs hard to come by!

    I will be sharing this book with my daughter, my daughters-in-law and my friends who need this encouraging word.

    Thank you for sharing!

  36. HappyMomof5 says

    THANK YOU! FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! This was (is) a story about me! It really hit home! Thank you for sharing! I pray I can make the change & my story ending will be as happy as the one in this one. Blessings & strength to all you, mother-queens, out there!

  37. Diana Green says

    I am Thankful that a dear friend of mine sent me this article about two years ago and reading it again still blesses me very much! I have been a homemaker for 20 years now and it has been challenging, because of the pressure of the world and other working mothers to get a job. They act as if being a homemaker is a lost cause and if you really want to be a blessing to your family you will need to contribute by having a job. They imply that you are really a nobody if you don’t. When my husband and I were first married I found out that he would much rather come home to a clean house, happy kid’s and supper on the stove than anything else! They need that and I love doing it! Ladies, it is worth the extra money that you would make on the job because being a homemaker is a job and it’s the best job you will ever do!

  38. Mary D says

    When Queens Ride By reminded me of how I can help my husband to relax and feel happy after a long day’s work. It reminded me of what’a more important than the computer or tv, and how spending quality time with my kids can change everythin.

  39. Erin says

    Good story ! Slow down and simplify, don’t take on more than you can handle and sacrifice the balance of the household, and keeping an clean and organized house is a haven of comfort to a tired mind and body. The message is a good one. Take care of yourself and then you are better able to care for those around you. Be happy and content with the little things. Think positively and positivity flows and follows you. I am going to get offline now and organize my kitchen and take down these Christmas decorations and clean up the house for a fresh new year. Happy New Year, Tawra and Jill! Many blessings to you and your families. I always enjoy your posts and information. :)

  40. MS Barb says

    I printed this out a few years ago & have it together w/ a special clip–I LOVE this story–when I need a wake up call, this story helps me to keep my focus…and…I have an antique, lacy (so not like me!) handkerchief as a reminder also…I would recommend this book to any/all women,as necessary reading, after The Bible! THANKS to you & your Mom for sharing!

  41. Susan says

    Hi Jill and Tawra!

    Love this story, when it was posted in your news letter last year I kept it and every now and then I will go back and read it. I sent it to a friend of mine and she loved it. I hope 2014 will be a blessed year for everyone in your family.

  42. Karen Kronmiller says

    Thank you so much for printing this story. I had read it once before and then could never find it again so I was just thrilled to see it today. I think it reiterates what the last chapter of Proverbs points out-that our job as a wife, mother and homemaker is so very important and that God places great value on women and their place in His order of life. Thank you again for putting this in your newsletter. Wishing you and your family and everyone who reads this a very Happy New Year

  43. jaylee says

    It is funny that you should reprint this story today, because I pulled it up just yesterday to reread for motivation to tackle all the decluttering and cleaning projects I have to do. I saved this story when you shared it before — it is so sweet, and truly is inspiring. Thank you for all you both share. I hope you had a blessed Christmas, and have a wonderful New Year!

  44. says

    An amazing story of how one little change of attitude starts a whole change of thoughts and behaviors, and those change a life. Good story!

    Anita B.

  45. Glenda says

    this came at an excellent time. Having several chronic and painful medical problems I tend to struggle with what I Need to get done–fogetting to provide a relaxing cheerful supper and providing peaceful comfort in our home. Living on a small farm in the country does always have more then can get done. We need to set limits for ourselves so we never run out of time for our selves, our spouses,children and God. We end up getting more done and being happier at the same time!!

  46. Christine Lieske says

    I loved that story!!! So inspirational!! And so true! I think for tomorrow and the New Year, I will try as she did to make my hectic world just a little bit better. Thanks so much for putting a smile on my heart.

  47. Jamie says

    Enjoyed the story, really made me stop and think, and re-evaluate my priorities. Somehow, over the years, my husband has lost sight of the importance of the woman in the home and has insisted that I return to the work force instead of being a home-keeper. He used to defend the importance of me being home with the children.

  48. WILMA says

    This is a wonderful and timely story…I was almost there, and it’s made me stop and evaluate my outlook. Thank you! As I age, both my appearance, and my ability to accomplish things quickly seems to diminish; and I find myself scrambling to “get the work done”.
    Thank you for reminding me that the work will always be there, but life needs to be lived in the meantime.

    Each day is God’s gift to us…what we do with it is our gift to Him…and people are His most important creation. :)

  49. Trouble OHara says

    I read all the other comments about how this story came at just the right time. I know it may be trite but I have to join in the celebration as this story did come to me at a time I am struggling with trying to find my purpose in life. See, I have been dealing with a debilitating depression and other mental illness and have been put on permanent disability. For years I have struggled just to survive and achieve some sort of “normalcy”. During all this time, everything has fallen on my husband to do, all the housework, cooking, cleaning, shopping and working. Now that I am better, I am trying to start taking care of the house but really considered it something we should be hiring someone to clean. Reading this story has opened my eyes that taking over the cooking and cleaning is something I can do that will really make a difference to my husband, make him look forward to coming home instead of thinking about all the work he still has to do. Thank you for this! I have been looking for a creative way to do housekeeping and you just provided it!

    PS: I also ordered your Dining on a Dime and received it a couple of days ago. I have been reading it and planing meals. I have actually cooked dinner two nights in a row! This is really a big deal. I am hoping with this inspiration, to continue on and see myself as a true homemaker. With all your hints and tips, I know I can be one!

    • says

      Way to go Trouble. It sounds like you are really headed in the right direction and being sick myself with CFS I know to some cooking 2 meals a week may not seem like much but I understand how hard some of these things can be and know that is really a lot to accomplish for some. Keep up the good work. I always warn everyone when they start in a new direction that they may have a day or two where they will be tempted and may even fall back on to old habits and ways but don’t get discouraged and know it is ok. You can get up the next day and start again. Take it slow and easy too. It is like seeing a lovely delicious pie and we want to eat it all right away. If we stuff it all into our mouths at once we will choke and make ourselves sick but if we slowly eat it one bite at a time and one piece a day it will be more enjoyable and easier to eat that way. That is the way we need to do when we are changing habits and ways in our lives.
      If you do start getting discouraged just try reading When Queens Ride By again. I know it always inspires me. Of one tip too. Be sure to keep the meals simple if you need too. You don’t need to make homemade rolls – a simple plate of store bought bread and jam is ok. In place of making a salad or cooking fancy veggies have a plate of carrots or sliced cucumbers and sliced cheese. You don’t need a fancy rice dish. Throw in some potatoes in the oven to bake. Roam the website because we have many more tips that will help you to keep going. Holler if you have any questions.


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