Using Leftover Oatmeal

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Easy Idea For Using Leftover Oatmeal

Hello. I just thought I’d share a tip I learned recently about oatmeal (after seeing your post of breakfast tips). We find re-heated oatmeal unappealing to serve again as a cereal.  But the thrifty in me hates to throw it out.  I learned recently to put it in pancake batter. 

Just mix your batter normally and add in the oatmeal to the finished product. You may need to add just a touch of milk, but I rarely do.  This actually makes the pancakes heartier as well as using up something that may otherwise go to waste.  The same gal that told me of this trick also adds it to bread dough.  I haven’t tried it yet, but look forward to doing so soon!


I bet this would be good in bread and even in muffins or other quick breads.


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  1. Tina Barrett says

    Great idea! I put the leftover oatmeal in my bread and roll dough. I just put the oatmeal in the scalded milk mixture. It helps cool it down faster. It also boosts the nutritional value of the bread, and gives it a softer texture. If you don’t have oatmeal you can add a 1/2 cup of potato flake in with the flour. It also gives it a softer texture and my bread stays fresh for days.

  2. jill says

    Tina your idea on using up the leftover oatmeal is great and I especially like the idea of using potato flakes with your flour.

    My mom was visiting from Colorado this past week and we were talking about how much better bread, rolls and even doughnuts made from scratch taste with a little potato in it. I usually use leftover mash potatoes but at those times when I don’t have any the instant potatoes would work great.

    Thanks for a great tip,


  3. Dawn says

    These ideas are great, and I’d like to add another. I use leftover oatmeal in muffins. They are really yummy! Just add cooked oatmeal and a little cinnamon to plain muffin batter and bake as usual. I also sprinkle a little cinnamon-sugar over before baking for a little sparkle with my morning coffee.

  4. granny mae says

    I use left over cooked oatmeal by putting it in a loaf pan and refrigerate it till the next day. Then slice and fry it lightly in butter and serve with maple syrup over it ! Very good. In fact I will make extra oat meal just so I can do this !

  5. Michelle says

    I have three young children. We eat oatmeal almost everyday for breakfast, and since they may be very hungry one day and the next day eat just a few bites we often have leftover oatmeal. I add it to meatloaf, bread, muffins, pancakes, brownies, whatever I am making for the day. Today I have a cup that I will add to the pumpkin pancakes I am making for lunch…mmmmmm.

  6. Mary Jane says

    I have also used leftover oatmeal in bread dough, but leftover white or brown rice goes into bread dough just as well. Also cold leftover rice can be baked into a proper rice pudding, or used in my short-cut summer time rice pudding. Just put cold leftover rice into a cereal bowl. Add just enough milk, cream or half and half (I prefer evaporated milk) to just cover the bottom of the bowl. Next, add a tsp. or two of brown sugar, honey or syrup and a bit of raisins, chopped apple or other fruit. Add a sprinkling of cinnamon and stir. Eat ice cold on summer days. All the ingredients can be done to taste, in individual servings.

  7. Wendy Jo says

    We, too, put our leftover oatmeal in an 8×8 baking pan, then cut it like bars the next morning and fry it in a little butter. We serve it with maple syrup and call it oatmeal pancakes.

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