Sugar Snap Peas And Pea Salad Recipes

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Sugar Snap Pea or Pea Salads

These Sugar Snap Peas And Pea Salad Recipes are two tasty salads you can make to use those spring sugar snap peas!

Sugar Snap Peas Recipe

1 lb. fresh sugar snap or snow peas
1 Tbsp. vegetable oil
1/2 cup ham or bacon, finely chopped
1 garlic clove, minced
1/2 tsp. dried thyme
Salt and pepper (to taste)

Cook peas until crisp and tender, about 3-5 minutes. Heat oil in a skillet, adding the rest of the ingredients and saute for about 2 minutes. Drain peas, add to skillet and saute 2 more minutes. Add salt and pepper.


Here’s another pea salad my mom used to make all of the time. You can use canned, fresh or frozen peas. They just need to be cooked and cooled.

Mama’s Pea Salad Recipe

2 -3 cups peas
1/2 -3/4 cup American or cheddar cheese, small cubes
Add one to two spoons full (or to taste) of Miracle Whip or mayonnaise to coat the peas as a dressing.

You can also use 1 cup of peas and add chopped lettuce to make the salad.

This is one of those recipes where you can use as little or as much of the ingredients as you want. If you have a half cup of peas left from dinner, mix with lettuce and cheese to use your leftover peas.


Photo By: Isabel Eyre


  1. Debi says

    We make this “Peas and Cheese” salad also. I like to put in onion flakes, bacon pieces, or real bacon, and I use marzetti’s coleslaw dressing (lite)to taste.

  2. Margaret2 says

    If you are lucky enough to have an abundance of Sugar Snaps, you can pickle them. Use a sweet syrup with white vinegar and either use several sprigs of spearmint in the bottom of the jar, or a good dose of fresh ginger. Process as for any vegetable pickle, and let sit at least a month for best flavor. You can drain off either syrup and keep it for a lamb sauce if you can afford lamb!

  3. Gayla T says

    My salad is very much like yours with the peas, cheese and mayo but I add chopped fine red onion, celery, and boiled eggs. I also sprinkle in some season salt to taste. I made the same salad for my hubby when he was still here but used canned dark red kidney beans and it was his favorite. He didn’t like peas so I tried it with the beans once and it was a keeper. It’s kind of one of those salads you can adjust to your own family’s taste. Another he loved was cole slaw that I added a diced banana and a small can of drained pineapple to. I used about a cup of mayo with 2 Tablespoons of sugar stirred into it for the dressing. That was added to a small head of cabbage I had shredded thin. He was a very picky eater and these two salads were it as far as he was concerned so I made them regularly.

  4. says

    will try the snap pea one.
    Don has finally figured out that I do know what I am talking about when it comes to cutting down on carbs for his diabetes. He went to the dr and she told him exactly what I have been saying. Good dr.
    Anyway new drug and less carbs and he will be around for quite a few more years.
    So the cheese one is out but the other sounds great.
    Thanks for the recipes.

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