Free Mini-eBook – Staying Cool This Summer

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Our friend Susanne from Hillbilly Housewife graciously provided this free "Staying Cool This Summer" Mini-eBook for you to download! It’s full of healthy drink and snack recipes to help you and your family stay healthy and keep cool.

Staing Cool - Healthy Snacks and Beverages

Staying Cool This Summer
Guide to Great Beverages and Snacks During The Hot Summer Months

Download it Here!


If you like the Staying Cool This Summer Mini-eBook, you might also like Susanne’s Summer Cooking e-book, which she has offered to our readers this week for only $7.00. Along with the Summer Cooking e-book, Susanne is also throwing in a 140 page collection of her favorite Summer Recipes this week only!

 The Summer Cooking e-book includes lots more recipes that are similar to the Staying Cool This Summer Mini-eBook, but it also includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, desserts grilling and more! Learn more about Simple Summer Cooking here.


  1. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    Advice please. I have one small airconditioner in my running in 97 degree DC humidity. Should the fan sucking atttic air out of the house be on or off? I turned it off because I figured I was sucking hot air in by sucking the current air out.

    • says

      You know that is a good question Grizzly Bear Mom and one I have wondered about myself. In Tawra’s last house their one attic fan you really could use because it went directly into the living and sucked everything out but she did put another one in which only sucked air out of the attic which worked better.

      I did have an air conditioner in the first floor of my one house and an attic fan that just pulled air from the attic out. It really helped me to use them both because their was a whole uncooled floor between.

      Maybe some one out there has more info.

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