Saving Money in The Bathroom

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saving money bathroom rubber ducky

Here are some easy tips to help you save money in the bathroom!

Put bar soap on a sponge to keep “goo” from getting all over.

Spray or sprinkle cleanser on your rag before cleaning. This reduces rinsing time and doesn’t waste cleanser.

Cover half of the holes on top of the can of cleaners like powdered Comet. Usually way more powder comes out than you need, so just cover the holes with a little piece of tape and reduce how much comes out.

Use toilet paper cores to store scrunchies.

Store barrettes on a ribbon hanging on the back of the door or inside the cabinet.

Keep cleaning supplies and rags in the bathroom. This way you will save time by not having to go to the kitchen to get them.

Use a colander or small plastic basket to store bath toys. It drains great and you can just lift it out in one motion when mom wants to take a bath.

Use a damp lint free rag to wipe down the mirror. There’s no need to buy or make window cleaner.

Teach your kids how to properly fold toilet paper when they use it to keep them from using too much. This could be your biggest savings of all.



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  1. Anonymous says

    I made homemade body wash…I shredded a bar of soap and added 2 cups of water, microwaved for 10 minutes..poured into old bodywash bottle and it works great! It’s a little runnier than the real stuff..but a bar of soap is sooo much cheaper. I got this idea from my cousin. I hope i’m not copying anyone elses idea.

  2. Jen Blow says

    I’m often given bath soap at holidays or birthdays. Sometimes I don’t like the scent that much. However, I save it, and use a soap dispenser, fill it 1/2 with water, then add the free soap.

    • Melody says

      I haven’t bought hand soap for the bathroom in so long I don’t remember! Like a few other commentors I recycle gifts of soaps, shampoos etc…and use them for hand soap…First thing I like is there is no triclosan in them and they are free :) I have been reusing the same bath and body foaming pumps forever…Add warm water first 3/4 of the way then slowly add 1/4 of your soap…Cap and swish back and forth a bit…Makes lovely foaming soap! I also change my hand towel in the bathroom daily…So like your tip abover every morning I will dampen the used one a bit and wipe down the mirrors and counter quickly!

  3. frugle ruth says

    I reuse the hand pump soap by puttig about 1/4 inch of shampoo in the bottle, and adding water to fill it allmost up. then i shake it up. ta da its very runny but cleans just great.

  4. says

    I also use toilet paper roll tubes & paper towel empty tubes to “stuff” w/ lint used from the dryer screen and dryer towels from the dryer as ‘firestarters’ in our wood stove thru the winter.

    love your website and helpful hints!!

  5. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    In USAF basic training they taught us to wash with shampoo because it didn’t gunk up the tiles like soap did.

  6. Bea says

    The sponge for the soap works great. I wish I knew this years ago. That jelled soap was driving me nuts, and the toilet paper roll for scrunchies is great too. Needed both of these ideas.

  7. Rosie says

    Paper tubes can also be used to organize cords such as those from tv’s or entertainment systems. Just roll the cord around the tube and your done. To prevent the cord from unraveling, I cut a small slit into each end and just simple tuck the cord in. Kinda like a spool of thread.

  8. Maggie says

    I also use the toilet paper rolls for storing extra extension cords inside – then just label the length on the outside of the roll.
    I use the rolls from alum foil or waxed paper (because they are thicker and sturdier) to hold cross-stitch projects. Roll them around and then use a scruncy to hold them on (if you need to). Most of the time, just rolling it up is enough. Be careful if there is any tacky glue left on the roll before you use it. Also, you can use the rolls for cloth waiting for a project. Takes up much less space when storing and you can see the colors without having to paw through them. Keeps them cleaner.

  9. Liz says

    I like the idea of the sponge to put the bar soap on. We have a wire shower caddy where I put my bar soap, but it seems to find it’s way to the cubbies in the bath/shower walls.

    I used a lingerie bag with a drawstring for my son’s toys when he was little. So easy to hang it and let everything drip dry.

    I also use toilet paper tubes for campfire starters with dryer lint. I also use them for crafts for the kids.

  10. Gail Burkhart says

    Before putting the toilet paper roll on the holder, press it in half to bend the tube. When you put it on the holder it doesn’t roll as easily so people (especially children) don’t use as many sheets. It’s like the one in store bathrooms where you only get a few sheets at a time.

  11. Tommie in Abilene says

    Has anyone else noticed that rolls of toilet tissue are becoming more narrow (from
    One end of the cardboard core to the other)???? I don’t think it’s my imagination .
    I suppose they can put the same number of sheets on the roll, but we get less tissue.
    Sorry to be an old sorehead. Tommie

  12. Sue says

    I have a foam pump container from hand soap that I fill 1/2 and 1/2 with water and either Lysol cleaner or any of my favorite bathroom cleaners. (I use vinegar for a lot of my cleaning as well.) I pump out a couple squirts on the surface of the counter top and I have a re-usable cloth that I wipe it down with. My girls use a sponge to wipe their stuff down.

    • says

      Thanks for the tip Sue. One thing I do do that saves a bunch on cleaning products is when I can I spray the cleaning product on the rag or sponge instead of on the place I am cleaning. This saves in using quite so much product but still cleans it great.

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