Saucy Turkey Sandwiches

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Saucy Turkey Sandwiches

In place of the usual lettuce and mayo, try making your turkey sandwiches with a slice of leftover cranberry sauce and cream cheese instead. Spread butter on one slice of bread and cream cheese on the other adding a slice of turkey and cranberry sauce in the middle.


photo by: stuart spivack


  1. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    I heard of heating stuffing up on a waffle maker! Yum Yum! I’d dip those in gravy or cranberry sauce with a little hot sauce or something added to spice it up. As if there were going to be leftover stuffing.

    • says

      Yum that does sound good Grizzly Bear Mom. I am going to miss my stuffing this year. I getting together with my son’s family this year and I am the only one who eats stuffing so it wasn’t really worth making especially since we will have so many leftovers anyway. I did buy a turkey so maybe in January I will roast it up and make me some dressing then.

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