Quick and Easy Snack Mix

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Quick and Easy Snack Mix

If you need a really fast snack or treat for company or a party, go to your dollar store and buy a couple of boxes of caramel corn. Add things like candy corn, raisins,dried fruit, nuts, pretzels or any other candies and things you would like.

Be sure to hit your after Halloween or Christmas sales to find candy to use in this.



  1. Grandma says

    this is one I could go for.
    I would add lots of salty things as well as the sweet to please my husbands sweet tooth and my love of salty snacks.
    the white chocolate party mix sounds good and easy.
    these days easy nice looking and tasty are a high priority.
    thanks for these 2 additions.

  2. brenda-ohio says

    A more frugal snack that covers it all in my book, salty sweet and chocolate…salted popcorn and chocolate covered raisins together…yummmmmm. Also gives ya the crisp and chewy in one. What makes it more frugal is its just two things mixed together.

  3. Samantha says

    This is a really good idea, and makes a great snack. I already had a bag of popcorn on hand, so I just microwaved it, and when it was done, I put some into a little snack size cup for me and my kids, drizzled some melted peanut butter on it, and added some pretzel m&ms that I got from the dollar store. It was really good.

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