How to Make Blue Glass Jars

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I saw a Make Your Own Blue Glass Jars Tutorial over at Remodaholic. Wouldn’t these be pretty sitting on a mantle for Christmas and you use them making jars that you would normally throw away. It is super simple to make and yet so elegant!




  1. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    Very pretty. But then I think jars filled with jelly are pretty too and considered setting them in the window. My grandmother used to fill tall bottles of different shapes like ketchup and dish liquid with colored water and put them in her windows. I guess they were her stained glass.

  2. says

    What a really simple idea!! I have some cheap clear vases that are in interesting shapes and would work too…especially the ones found in thrift stores. I will try this very soon.

  3. says

    Haha! At first I thought it said Blue Grass Jars when I got this in my inbox this morning. I wondered if they had blue grass in them, then my mind went to banjos or something. I thought how strange for Christmas then reread “OH! Blue GLASS!” Wow. I need a nap!!
    They are beautiful though. If I had some place to put them I would have tons!

  4. Grandma says

    how do you keep the glue from staying sticky?
    did I miss reading a step?
    they do look nice but wouldn’t they be sticky in humidity.

    • says

      When you let white glue dry well it turns into just a hard coat and doesn’t stay sticky. Usually humidity isn’t enough to bother it and the only thing that might affect it would be soaking it for a long time in water. That is why it is so hard to get some labels off because once it dries it becomes rock hard.

  5. Brenda says

    I wouldn’t have thought to “just” paint the jars. I had my 4-H craft kids make decopauge jars with torn up celophane and tissue paper glued onto a jar to make fun little jars for their stuff or to put candles in. Such great ideas! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Marlena says

    This is awesome! I have been wanting to try making liquid soap dispensers out of some glass jars and I think I will now paint them green to match my kitchen. I just love the look of green glass! Thanks!

  7. Bea says

    I made 2 of these last night and they are beautiful. Since it gets so dark so early now, the candlelight is nice. They really are simple to make and hard to believe it really works but it does.

  8. rose says

    i like this craft .. simple and yet can be quite elegant too .. and fun! ..
    i too like the look of colored glass .. and well this would make a nice gift for someone who has a certain color scheme in their kitchen (or whatever room you would to give this for as a gift) ..
    the blue is pretty .. i wonder how pink would look? .. thats my fav color.. or the purple ? .. i bet they are pretty too …
    and u just paint them with the glue and food coloring? .. who would have thought such an easy thing to do to make a generic item look classy ? .. add the candle and voila! .. nice homey gift .. ;D ..
    thanks for sharing 😀 ..

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