Inexpensive Night Light

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A solar light makes a great night light!

Inexpensive Night Light

From: Angel

Need an inexpensive night light for little ones? I put a set of solar lights I received as a gift in my window sill, as I had 3 puppies that would have loved chewing them to pieces. That night, we discovered they were glowing! They were still glowing the next morning until sun-up. These perfect “green” night lites never made it to my garden, even after the pups found new homes.


Photo By: Asiatic League


  1. Lisa says

    We use them when the power goes out too! Gather a few and put them in a vase and you have plenty of light for a board game. Got them for a dollar a piece at Dollar Tree. Enjoy your website. Nice to know you’re not alone when it comes to trying to save money. :)

    • says

      Great tip Lisa. Wish we could give it to all those back East who have lost their power but really good idea. I think I will get some for my emergency kit.

  2. birtrightrose says

    We used these yesterday when Irene had knocked our power out! We also put a couple in the chicken coop for our new day old chickens! I plan on buying a few more now. Great idea!

    • says

      Hope all our readers who were hit by Irene are doing ok. I haven’t posted a lot about it because I didn’t think that being without power and dealing with everything you would be able to read it and be on the internet. But do pray you are are ok.

  3. Jennifer says

    I have 2 sets of flameless candles that we got around the holidays and I put those around the house. The best part is they have a built in timer! So I don’t have to come home to a dark house and the candle in the bedroom can be used as a nightlight.

  4. rose says

    i was looking for these at walmart last nite while i was shopping . . soon, as u all know, it will be getting darker earlier and i thought this would be really nice to have on the walkway up to the door .. i dont like to use the outside light all of the time (leaving it on and using more electricity) but i thought this would be good to have.. esp since my son sometimes likes to go out with friends or his sister or if i go out with them ..
    he has a light on his cell phone but if he is out after a certain hour and i normally shut the light off..
    also .. they have those sonic pest controls . that come with lights .. thinking of getting them too ..
    the package said they are ok to use if you have cats/dogs/fish .. it from black and decker .. but it supposed to keep the other “visitors” away .. and you plug them in ..
    we are getting the house prepared for the winter .. they are in the neighborhood and every year we keep a close eye on this ..
    does anyone use these things and do they work? .. a neighbor said he found a family of “visitors” living in his garage last winter and put these things u bury in the ground and that helped keep them away ..
    another neighbor put moth balls around his house and that kept them away too .. and then another neighbor poured bleach or vinegar or ammonia (not at the same time) around his house and that seemed to help .. i am willing to try all of this .. hubby and son think i am crazy but i do not like those things and well i know they are in the neighborhood and well .. just trying to protect us as much as possible .. in fact, last year, i got into an argument with the next door lady over the way she would leave her trash all opened and not in bags and etc .. i told her she is just inviting them over .. and she told me she was used to doing her trash that way and never had an issue.. one of the other neighbors told her to not do this also .. and then one day the “sloppy trash” (sorry not sure what to call her and i dont want to say her name) lady saw 2 or 3 “visitors” (in daylight!) rummaging thru her garbage can .. after that, she used bags (and still does) and has a tight lid on her cans ..
    people used to laugh at me when i told them if i could smell the trash (if it had a strong odor) .. then i would sprinkle a bit of bleach on the bag when i set it out on trash day ..
    sorry so long ..
    just chatty today .. again .. 😀

    • says

      Rose I wasn’t sure what kind of sonic pest control you meant. I have the kind that plug into the wall and is suppose to keep things away. I can’t decide if they work or not. I have had them for about 10 years now.
      In my old house I didn’t have one and had to have pest control come in every month. Then in these last 2 houses I have been in I have used the sonic pest control thing and I haven’t had much problem at all.
      I didn’t realize until after a couple of years I wasn’t seeing hardly any bugs or mice in my house and I have had to use very little bug spray. I’ve had no mice except one dead one by my garage door.

      I do get crickets in the basement once in a while but then I find them dead after a day or so. Most of the bugs I find are dead ones. No roaches at all which is amazing. I do have a few spiders and sometimes ants.
      Anyway I don’t know if it is the sonic thing or just something in my house although this has been the second house I have found just dead bugs in. It’s an old house too which tend to have more bugs.

  5. Holly in Michigan says

    We live on the edge of a woods, so there are LOTS of mice in the neighborhood. I think those plug-in electronic pest chasers quickly convince mice that our house is too noisy. If we hear something in a wall, which has happened infrequently since we started using the plug-ins, we move one of the devices to an outlet at that wall. The critter leaves within a few minutes. I did find two dead mice in the basement this year, but one of them was as far as it could get from the outlet where the plug-in on that level is located. The other was within a few feet of the door to the outside. The devices seem to have no effect on spiders. The ants have become very rare, but that might be because of the ant bait that I also started using. Unfortunately, chipmunks ignored the noise. I placed wire mesh leaf guards at the bottom ends of the downspouts, which eliminated the chipmunks’ favorite hiding places from hawks. They had used the downspouts and gutters as their playground.

    • says

      So it isn’t my imagination that they are working in my home. You do need one at least for every level of the house. Don’t forget if you have a yucky basement you still need one down there. It is a level.

  6. Sheri says

    Those sonic pest controls sound like they work! Maybe I should get one before winter comes and the mice want in my house. And it is good for roaches too? I think I need to find those!

    Thank you for the tip!

    I really like the night light idea too! I should pass that one on to my really super frugal-to-a-fault friend!

    • says

      Sheri I have fought roaches for 40 years living in Texas and Wichita and I hate them. Since I have been using the sonic pest control in the past 10 years and in 3 different houses I haven’t had a problem with mice or roaches. I have had older homes. I don’t know if it is the sonic thing or what but that is the only thing I have used and I use to have a pest control guy come on a regular basis but haven’t needed one for years.

      One thing though you do need one for every floor and I have my main level one plugged into the wall that is connected with my garage wall and I have only had one mouse (dead) by my garage door. I have found about 2 dead roaches in the 7 years I have lived in here and I see no signs of them any place in the house. I know the signs because my best friends husband was an exterminator and he trained me well.

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