Healing Dry Feet And Cracked Heels

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This year after doing a lot of research I finally figured out a way to heal my dry feet and cracked heels. All it took was two simple things you can find at any discount store.

Healing Dry Cracked Feet And Heels

How To Heal Dry Feet And Cracked Heels

2% Salicylic Acid
Gold bond ultimate healing with skin therapy cream

That’s it! The Salicylic Acid is an exfoliant and it helps get rid of the dead skin on your dry feet and cracked heels. Then the Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Cream moisturizes so that the dry skin and cracked heels don’t come back.  When I tried this the FIRST night I noticed a big difference. My feet aren’t horrid by any means but they were dry and and starting to crack and not look so great so I was very happy for this easy treatment.

2% Salicylic Acid is just acne medicine. You can get it in the pads, cleanser or as a toner. I have used all of them and they all worked great. After I figured this out I was going though e-mail tips and found this tip from one of our faithful readers, Rose, and I wanted to share her tip for helping diabetic feet.


Help with Dry Feet in Diabetics

Rose writes: My hubby, who is disabled and has diabetes, was told by his foot doctor to make sure to put a lotion on his foot. (He is an amputee and has only one leg.) The doctor told him to make sure the lotion has cocoa butter, aloe vera and vitamin E in it.

I went to 2 different places (Walmart and Walgreens) and both pharmacists said they didn’t have any kind of lotion with all three of those ingredients, but both recommended this one brand (highly recommended) for diabetics who have severely dry feet. It is Gold Bond Ultimate Healing with Skin Therapy Cream. It has 7 intense moisturizers. I got the one with aloe. It also has vitamins A, C and E. It does penetrate fast, it is non greasy (big plus because I hate greasy lotions!) and it has a nice scent.

Normally, I don’t like to recommend stuff like this(especially lotions because everyone seems to have his or her own favorite) but last night I used a bit of this on my own feet and I must share with you all that my feet feel so soft and smooth! (I have diabetes, too, so I do suffer from very dry feet.) Normally, when I do put lotion on my feet, they feel dry the next day (really no improvement) but almost 24 hours after putting on the Gold Bond Ultimate Healing, my feet feel like I just put lotion on them. 

I bought the Gold Bond at Walmart. (It’s cheaper there.) I paid less than $6 but this is for 2 people and hubby and I won’t use this every day… In fact, I bought it 4 days ago and used it once on him and now once on me so we expect to use it just once every 5 days.

I slept with a pair of cotton socks on last night, too. (I normally do because if my feet get cold, I get cramps in my feet and legs. My doctor says this is one of the symptoms of having diabetes.)



By the way, Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Cream is the stuff that Mike LOVES to use in the winter. His hands get really badly cracked and bleed without it. I’ve never tried it because I always have a ton of other lotion to use up but I’m planning to use this one from now on! (Can I get them to pay me to be a spokesperson?! LOL)

So, do you have problems with dry feet or cracked heels? If so what do you do for them? 


Jill: I had almost given up on anything working on any area of my body after trying so many things but last night as I crawled into bed I rubbed an acne pad Tawra had given me over my feet. I didn’t expect anything to happen at all but during the night I rubbed my feet together and they were as soft as a little baby’s bottom. I was shocked!




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  1. Paula says

    Hi….I have severe dry skin that cracks and weeps. When it gets bad, I use a little vaseline, then socks. I also do this for my hands (socks too!!). Save your old/mismatch socks for this purpose. I also use a VERY thin amount as a moisturizer on my face/eyes…Olive oil works as well

    If you need a good product, Walmart has something in their EQUATE brand called dry skin cream. It comes in a tub and is the same as AQUAPHOR, which can be pricey. Walmart’s is much cheaper and works the same. FYI: use SPARINGLY as it can get greasy. I read somewhere that the BEST time to apply these things is after a warm shower to lock in the moisture. Sounds like a good excuse for a foot soak with a few drops of peppermint oil. AHHHHH!! I also use the Ped Egg on my feet….Check with the Dr if you have diabetes first!!….Have a Blessed day!!!

    • says

      I agree with all the good tips and have used all of them including the Ped egg. They all work super good but boy last night I took one of the acne pads Tawra gave me and just swiped my feet with them let them dry for 5 secs. and that was it. No grease, no more socks and the last stuff I tried smelled so bad, so no smell. I woke up this morning and once again my feet feel like a baby’s bottom.

      I just can’t get over it. All the years I have had to do the grease and socks things and even the time let alone the mess to do it and now all I do is swipe and I am done. No grease left on my feet nothing. I had been running bare foot all day and my feet felt so bad I knew I would have to get out the Ped egg and work on them but decided to wait and try my acne pads without doing anything and they were so smooth. It is still blowing my mind away as you can tell.

      • Maryann says

        Well I too am amazed! This is my third day and I simply can’t get over how well this works. Thank you so much for sharing this remedy.

    • says

      I can identified with all the posts, for years I have had cracks and splits on my heels, in fact in summer and winter. Routine with creams and socks is just well know to me. It seems that different products work for different people. I would like to add an additional product to your list to try. It is available only on line, at http://www.novakera.com. It is really working well and has long lasting effect. It is not greasy, not waxy, no need of socks. I have been using it for awhile and my feet are in excellent shape.

  2. elizabeth says

    Wow that is great to know. Being in Florida I live in my flip flops and also go barefoot alot (drives my Dh crazy lol) and I spend several minutes a day with the whole pumice stones, vaseline, socks, routine. Plus I hate to sleep in socks so I end up kicking them off in the middle of the night. My feet look pretty decent but it takes too much time. I can’t wait to try this tip!!! :)

  3. rose says

    i am going to try those pads jill and tawra… i have the ped egg but i think the little things that seem to scrape off the dry skin is too rough/harsh (i have very sensitive feet too) … my daughter got one at the dollar store and the little ridges seem not as sharp as the ped egg..
    thanks for the advice … everyone…
    hope all is well jill and tawra… we are fine… hubby is in good spirits… happy there is no chemo so far… we are changing his diet again… back to the caveman diet (only whole fruits/vegi’s… no processed foods)… its the paleo diet (or something similar to that)…
    rose 😀

    • says

      Brandy, use the acne medicine first then the lotion. You can use the acne cleanser or toner or pads you don’t have to use all three. I haven’t used the lotion yet because I haven’t been to the store to buy any. I have just been using the acne pads so far and they alone are working great for me.
      I agree with Jayne. Exfoliation is really important.

  4. Jayne King says

    According to my dermatologist, people think that their skin is so dry that the lotion isn’t moisturizing enough, when what is really happening is that the skin isn’t sloughing off well enough for the moisturizers to actually touch the fresh skin. So you’re just moisturizing the dead layer.

    Exfoliation is a great thing and overlooked. I actually use a glycolic acid product (AHA) that is a wonderful exfoliater. The salicylic sounds even better though since glycolic acid can really sting. Great tip!

  5. Glenda Gardner says

    Hi: I love the tip on using the acne pad on cracked heels. I am going to give it a try. I have used the ped egg and right now my heels are so sore I can hardly walk on them (must have over done it!) So be careful. This message is also for Rose – I noticed she mentioned her husband and chemo. I was just wondering what type of cancer he had. My brother has esphogeal cancer and just finished 2 1/2 rounds of chemo & radiation and surgery. But now we have just learned he must have more chemo & radiation. I love this site – because of my brothers recent sickness and surgery I have not had time to check it out and chat. I miss you all though and glad to be back!

    • says

      We are glad to have you back Glenda. It is so hard to keep up with everything when you have someone you love who is sick. I am so sorry to hear about your brother.

  6. billie says

    I have been having a horrible time with one foot for a couple of years. They are dry, cracked, and itch and hurt.The one foot almost feels PLASTIC. I have tried everything I could find-olive oil, vaseline, crisco,expensive diabetic foot creams, fungal meds and so on. I get regular pedicures but that doesn’t help. I read this yesterday and when I was at walmart I bought a store brand acne pads for less than $3. I tried one last night. I could immediately see a difference;) but I thought it will be back in the morning. Well it wasn’t! I am truly amazed-i just rubbed one pad over my feet and put on some moisterizer-without socks. It didn’t burn in the cracked areas either. Thank you so much!

    • says

      Isn’t that the coolest thing Billie. I was like you and knew it would all be gone in the morning but it wasn’t. I feel so funny about being excited over something so little but after years like you of messing with things this is so easy I still can’t believe it. With me being sick too some nights of the thought of having to mess with lotion, grease and socks could be too much for me but this is so easy. I love it.

    • Sandy Eversole says

      I am so glad I found this site as I am at wits end with my sore , dry and cracked feet. So sore and painful and I have been to 3 different Dr with no success. I will go get these pads tomorrow and repost my results…praying hard as I really want my feet to feel better :)

  7. Mary says

    I read an article about the salicylic acid while at the doctors office being used for the back of arms that are broken out with those little bumps, stopped up oil glands. Now I will be using on my feet which are dry and cracked. Thanks for the tip.

  8. Glenda Gardner says

    Thanks for the welcome back Jill. I love this site and the people that post comments. I feel like I have known you all for years!

  9. Lacy says

    Okay, I have to try this now. I have some cream from Dollar General that is 5% Salicylic Acid. It works well, but I have to put socks on for a while. I’ll try out those acne pads. I love going barefoot or at least wear my crocs (ugly as they are)or sandals, but my feet dry out so much, I have to keep something on them to keep them from cracking horribly.

    Thanks again!!! :)

  10. Dawn says

    Hello to all
    I have worked with 2 podiatrist for 6+ years all of lotion on feet is great! However if you are using lotion and diabetic make sure its is rubbed in good and avoid between the toes. It can cause sores and wear shoes. love the site tawra

  11. Sheri says

    I have never heard of this before! I use a pumice stone on my feet twice a week in my shower. That works for me, but I was trying to figure out what to use on my daughter’s skin. She has those bumps on the back of her arms and hips. I know it has to do with dry skin. My husband has ichthyosis. That just means that his skin doesn’t slough off and turns scaly. I think it would be much nicer to to swipe a pad than to scrub. I’m going to share this tip with others!

    Thank you!

  12. Julie R says

    Hello, I agree with the Gold Bond cream being outstanding. Just so you know, and are always wanting to save money, Walmaart makes a generic form of it and it is just as good!! Maybe about $2 cheaper. Also Gold Bond makes cute little travel tubes in the mini vacation area, I love to keep one in my purse. :) Thanks for the great information.
    Julie R

    • Laura says

      Julie – I agree I use the “Equate” that is comparable to Gold Bond – so much cheaper and works very well.

  13. Bea says

    I went to Family Dollar last night and bought some salicylic acid in pad form, in a jar, and used it on my feet. Wow. Baby soft. Thanks for this wonderful info. Will use it on rough elbows and other skin when winter comes.

  14. Charlotte says

    I have very, very dry and cracked heels. One heel had really deep cracks that made walking painful and after just using this two nights, it is almost completely better. Thanks for this tip! I have already passed it on to two others.

  15. Norma says

    I have been a diabetic for going on 41 years so dry skin, especially dry cracked feet comes with the disease.
    I am also a ALL YEAR FLIP FLOP WEARER so that does not help. I have tried everything except Gold Bond.
    I am here to say amazingly it improved my feet 75% over night and the next day you could barely see cracks and the softness was out of this world. It is really thick, put on liberally I wore socks most the night in bed and they were 100% better the next morning. (diabetics should not wear socks while sleeping unless they are specified for “diabetics”) I paid $5.98 at Wal Mart. This stuff we found out is great for hubbys hands and elbows. (Feet to)


    • says

      It’s almost crazy how good it works! I was totally shocked! I’m so glad it worked for you too. My feet were horrid but were certainly annoyingly dry and cracked. I’m using it on my arms now too. I’ve had these red and white bumps like a rash all over them for years. In 2 days it cleared up a lot! I wonder if they have this in “whole body rub”! LOL

  16. mrscrawford says

    Norma… Love the “Norma Jean” pic! :)
    Coconut oil I heard is the best moisturizer, even for your hair to do a deep hair conditioning treatment. It’s because it’s molecular-ly smaller than say Olive Oil is and is able to penetrate much deeper. I haven’t tried this yet… Just what I heard.

  17. MARTHA says

    Hey ladies:

    Try 100% glyserine from Walgreens it is only $6.99 for the 12 oz. bottle,it is wonderful, since I am in my menopause, my skin changed so much, it gotreally dry and rough, especialy in my elbows and heels. Try it, it works!!

  18. says

    Just a question here, isn’t salicylic acid the main ingredient in aspirin? I was just curious to see if there is an even more affordable way to make your own solution by dissolving the aspirin into some liquid to wipe your feet down with. The pads are fairly reasonable, but hey if you can do it cheaper, why not?

  19. Michele says

    I am going to try the acne pads for my feet… they get a really thick callous and crack to the point where I can’t put any weight on my heels. Although my hubby does my pedicures, (I think he loves me!) I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for the tip!

  20. Robin says

    Thanks for letting me know Family Dollar has the pads. Will go tomorrow. Have fibro and it kills me to use the pedi-egg. Love the idea.

  21. says

    This subject really hit home with me. I have the dry feet and bumpy back of arms problem. I’ll try these. Anyone used this on their knuckles?
    By the way, I was trying to codify the Living on a Dime newsletter within my e-mail. Should it go under finances? Cooking? Common Sense? Spiritual, since Jill’s wise advice touches on spiritual matters at times? After today, I considered health and beauty….I think I’ll create a new category inspired by y’all….”miscellanea- a collection of several kinds matters, or things; “

    • says

      Birdseye that is too funny. We need to use your post for a promo for our book. We always try to say you can find everything covered either in our book, e books or website but never know quite how to explain it.You done good.

  22. Dawn Marie says

    AVON has a cream specifically for cracked heels. All the girls at the preschool where I work go on and on about the stuff. It is rather inexpensive too. The most I’ve seen it was $4.99. I might just try your acne pad suggestion and get some of the AVON cream for cracked heels to get my tootsies ready for summertime.

  23. Christy S. Lube says

    *Definitely* going to try this, I’m in Florida and sandals are almost required dress code… lol.

    Birdseye, I don’t try to figure that out, I just have a separate folder for “Living On a Dime”… LOL. (I still have a “cooking and recipes” folder and a “getting out of debt” folder and others, but Living on a Dime just gets its own… much simpler that way 😉 )

    • Nancy says

      Same here, Christy… you just can’t put Tawra in a box (except her own)! I am a wife, mom, grandma andfull-time caregiver to my precious hubby, while I work part-time from home to put food on the table. I know I can ALWAYS count on Tawra and Jill to give me fresh eye and fresh ideas in my day-to-day living. Love, love, LOVE these ladies!

  24. Jacklyn says

    Thank you soooooo much for the tip about the acne med. for your dry, cracked heels. I too have tried everything under the sun. I am on my way to Wal Mart now. Also, I just want to say a sincere, heartfelt Thank You to Tawra and Jill, both. I have Fibro and Diabetes, too. Your website, and your books are so inspiring. I just started a collection for my daughter—starting with Dining on a Dime. I have loaned her all my other books, and for some funny reason she won’t return them to me. I guess I will have to buy another set. LOL

  25. rose says

    glenda and jill . i am so sorry i didnt get back to you all on this .. i totally forgot and well i tend to be a bit scatter-brained at times with all of the stuff i do for me and the house and etc ..
    yes.. hubby’s dr (still) wants him to try some chemo/radiation but we have been keeping his white blood count kinda low with diet for the moment .. and well, bc he is an amputee if he has chemo/radiation he will have to have lots more care than what i can give him ..
    and at the moment he says we will keep continuing what we are doing .. and not change the protocol until somehting drastically has to be done .. he says he feels fine .. and well doesnt want to explore that part of treatment just yet ..
    so i guess the old saying no news is good news (knocking on wood) is best for this situation ..
    as per the acne pads, which brand do u recommend jill/tawra? ..
    i did try that ped egg on my feet and i have to tell ya .. i didnt like it at all .. i guess my feet are super sensitive (which they are) .. adn well was really afraid to use it … the little bit i did do was very uncomfortable .. my daughter uses her’s all the time ..
    believe it or not, i get a huge emery board and “file” my heels .. and that seems to help .. hehehe 😀 ..
    funny, i know! .. but it works .. esp for someone like me with my super sensitive feet ..
    i wish i could wear cute flip-flops/sandals but my feet get sooo icy cold .. even in the summer .. and i live in florida .. dr said its the diabetes.. ugh .. terrible disease ..
    hubby is doing well on his paleo diet .. me? .. well, i love bread too much .. its hard .. but i try ..
    other than this .. nothing else is new .. hope everyone is doing well
    and tawra.. hope the move was as smooth as possible ..
    keep us posted ..
    jill hope u have a safe trip back home .. 😀

  26. Beth says

    You can add me to your list of “the proof is in the pad” believers! When I first read about this I too thought aw, c’mon…seriously?? Well it is amazing how much of a difference this has made with my feet. I am really glad I stumbled across this! They are still in great shape even though I don’t always remember to do it every night. (I haven’t gotten Gold Bond because I have so many other lotions to use.)
    Rose, I have used a big “glass” file on my feet as well trying to scrape off the rough stuff!!
    Thanks ladies!

  27. rose says

    i finally remembered to get the acne pads .. i got clearasil bc it was the cheapest at walmart ..
    omg! .. i can not tell u how good my feet feel … so easy to use too ..
    i told my daughter and well she didnt think it would work (this is when we were in walmart and in the aisle to get the pads .. which by the way i got many strange looks from the people in the aisle) .. but i told my daughter it has to be true bc so many people are raving about this from the website .. and of course she was like “yeah .. ok mom” . and then i had to remind her “what about using prep h on your wrinkles?? hmmmm??? .. hehehe” .. i cant remember where we read that but it does work (make sure to use a fresh tube tho) ..
    thanks again for posting this ..
    i am glad i read it again .. i had forgotten about it b4 .. but now i am glad i tried this ..
    i told my daughter i would let her know of the results today (i bought the pads late friday nite and used them last nite for the first time) ..
    i must say .. my feet still feel better and much softer ..
    thanks again ladies ..
    and beth.. i hear ya .. i have tried the glass file too but i like the emery board the best ..
    my feet are super sensitive ..

  28. birtrightrose says

    For nighttime leg cramps try putting an unwrapped bar of IVORY soap under the fitted sheet down by the foot of the bed. My Dad swears it has relieved his cramps. The cramps come back when the bar is old, he unwraps a fresh bar and the cramp flee again. Sounds crazy, but it can’t hurt to try!

    • says

      Rose this is too creepy. I have been suffering from feet cramps for about 2 years now waking up 5-10 times a night from them. 3 nights ago I finally got up and checked cramps out on the internet and 2 of the main things they said was the bar of soap and to drink a few swallows of dill pickle juice before bed.

      Well I tried the dill pickle juice 3 nights ago and for the first time in 2 years I had no leg cramps. I was even going to post something about it today and here was your post on soap. Too weird. I will maybe try the soap next when I run out of pickle juice. Oh they also said if you couldn’t drink the pickle juice you could try Pedialite. (sp).

      • says

        Legs cramps are signals that you are not getting enough water during the day and before sleep time. I suggest that you keep a gallon of distilled water or tonic water near your bed …drink what you can at least 4ozs before bed and if you should await with a cramp- drink water until you are filled–reposition yourself and wait for the cramp to pass…always sleep with nothing on your feet and when you get a cramp at night-stand in the shower(cold) running to frozen the pain…take deep breaths and relax. the bottom line is this- you need to take in water during the day and potassium/magnesia during the day…cramps are simply letting you know that some nutrients is missing…

        • says

          That is the usual thing that is wrong when people have leg cramps and most people do need to drink more water. I’m afraid that is not the problem with me. I drink almost too much water and I never knew this for years but you can. Most people have the opposite problem so that is why you never hear about it. Tawra and I both drink a ton of water. A few years back Tawra when to a physical therapist and the gal told her “I never thought I would say this to anyone and never have in my whole career but you have got to stop drinking so much water.” Have had all my “nutrients” checked out many times and they are more then fine too. Nothing seemed to help at all. I did about 3 weeks ago start doing this crazy exercise of trying to pick up rubber bands with my toes and I have not had one night of cramping since I started doing that. I don’t actually pick up the rubber bands I just go through the motion of doing it. I’m holding my breath that this might actually be working for me. : )

    • Jennifer says

      That is very true! I just heard about it and have tried it, and it works! A doctor told me to do this, and he said it was crazy, but somehow it works!

    • says

      I have a remedy that is just as weird but works- I save leftover home perm and use it to smooth out my rough heels.. I am in flip flips daily-I live in the south-I wear flip flips during the winter !!!…the home perm leftover works but must be wash off within 10mins….saves money

  29. birtrightrose says

    Jill, I have to laugh at your response! My dad’s story is very much the same. He is very Conservative and skeptical. He laughed at himself (along with us) as he described his ‘alternative’ therapy!
    My sister says that when you learn or hear of a weird thing and then you have that same thing revisited 3 times in a week it’s called the Aardvark Theory!!

    • says

      That’s a new one on me – Aardvark Theory but will have to remember it because it happens to me all the time. This past week Tawra’s youngest had me sing a Bible song Behold behold I stand at the door and knock knock— He loves it and hour later at random I read in my Bible in section I don’t often go to a verse – guess what it was? Behold I stand at the door and knock. To cap it off the next day the preacher uses the same verse in his sermon. Okay is God trying to tell me something or is it the Aardvark Theory? HA!HA!

  30. Liz says

    A former co-worker gave this recipe to me.
    1/2 Part Glycerin
    1/4 part Hydrogen Peroxide
    1/4 part Bay Rum
    Mix well. This is a liquid. Rub into hands and feet at bedtime. Cover with socks as it is sticky. The bay rum stings a little when you first use it as it is healing. I only tried it on my hands as we use to have to wash them often in food service. It worked great on my hands. Didn’t use on feet. I AM going to try the acne pads on my feet as one is particularly dry and cracked. Nothing else has worked.

  31. vinny says

    i just use a thick nail file to rub out all the dry spots…..sometimes put a lite coating of VASELINE (not the lotion kind) on feet at bedtime with a sock so it doesn’t rub off during sleep. Feet are smooth as a baby’s BUTT in the morning.

  32. Anne says

    Oh my gosh!! I tried this remedy and IT WORKS!! It works very well too. I bought the ‘pimple pads’ that were the 2% and the gold bond healing cream as directed. I do one the first night then the other the next night. Now my heels have gotten so much better I just keep up the treatment every several days or so. THANK YOU so much! Oh, works on my rough elbows too. Thank you thank you. Anne

  33. Laura says

    It works! It works! It works! For any Doubting Thomases out there, you only have to try it ONCE to be a believer. I too have had the painful cracked heals. The skin on my right foot was so thick that I couldn’t even feel anything when I stepped on something. Now, they are like new. I thought I was going to have to throw big bucks at a podiatrist to get my feet back to normal. But for less than $8 I have new feet again. Now, does anyone have a sure-fire remedy for toenail fungus? I tried the prescription Penlac, which was a waste of money. And I’m afraid to try the oral Lamisil (prescription) because of the concerns about what it can do to the liver. I’ll try anything(almost, LOL). Thanks.

    • says

      Laura, I use Vicks Vapor rub. I know it sounds as crazy as our cracked feet remedy but it really works. It does take much longer then the meds and a little effort but it does work. All you do is rub your toenails with vicks at night and then put on a pair of socks. Now I must admit it took about 8 mons. to clear it up but it finally did. After you get it cleared up too if you ever have problems with it coming back be sure to start the vicks right away because then it won’t take as long next time.

      I only put it on once a day because I didn’t want to smell like vicks all day but maybe if I had used it twice a day it would of cleared up faster I don’t know. One other thing I discovered was I never go with out toenail polish and I think that is what was causing my problem so now I don’t wear the polish in the winter only summer and I haven’t had a problem for a long time.
      Hope this helps.

      • Paula says

        For toenail fungus my doc said to soak in bleach water and then use the Vicks vapo rub. Seems to be working.

    • Squirrel says

      Vicks vapor rub works for toe nail fungus and somewhat for cracked heals if you keep it up. Going to store today for pads and gold bond. thanks for the great tip – have been dealing with ugly cracked heals for over 30 years,

  34. Bea says

    Epsom salt soaks for about 15 minutes several times a week helps, and so does sea salt which draws toxins from the body. You can use a little of each, or just one of them in your foot soaks.

  35. Laura says

    Thanks Jill & Bea. The Vicks solution sounds much more convenient than the Epsom Salt soak, so I am definitely going to try it. Thanks again.

    • says

      Sandra I’m not sure about where they sell them in South Africa but here they are usually sold in most department stores, places like wal mart, target and even in grocery stores. They are in the cosmetic department where they have face care, or acne cleansers and toners. Even if you found an acne toner that had 2% Salicylic Acid in it might work. If you can find that I use the Gold Bond Lotion and that really made a difference on my dry feet. Hope this helps.

  36. Judi says

    I cannot wait to try this!! So any generic acne pads (like the stridex pads, only store brand) will work? Been battling with my feet forever and now, living in flops and sandals in FL, I want (more than ever) something that actually works!!

    Faithful reader here, keep up the good work!

  37. P Spicer says

    I use Vick’s Vaporub (or the store brand version of it)on my feet after a shower and before bed. It helps moisturize, but more importantly, my feet no longer “burn” on the soles. I have completely flat feet with no arches. I tried a bunch of pricey podiatrist creams and gels. The main ingredient is menthol but the foot dr creams are PRICEY! Vapo rub is the same thing and works even better. I noticed that it helped the cracking on my feet, too.

  38. says


    • says

      Yes, that’s helps. The problem for me in the summer is I’m in and out of the garden so much with mud I can’t wear them. Another thing is now they hurt my feet so it’s just me and Crocs. :-)

  39. Margaret says

    I don’t have dry feet but very dry, thin skinned hands. which bruise easily so can’t do any exfoliation because that makes them bleed. i tried this remedy but it didn’t work on my hands. Being 70, my dermatologist told me it was due to aging and thinning skin due to lack of collagen, and that only laser therapy which costs several hundred dollars per hand would fix it. Since my insurance won’t pay for it I have just had to live with it so far.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for this problem?

    • says

      my grandmother always rubbed her hands with vaseline and wore white gloves over it when in bed.
      She was a farmers wife with 6 kids and nobody could believe how her hands were so young looking.
      She said her skin was thinner as she aged but she kept up the vaseline and gloves and they never split or dried out. She died in her late 90’s and people were commenting on her beautiful thick hair and her soft hands.

  40. Sunny says

    IMPORTANT! Sorry to yell, but this really is important. My daughter and I are recently-diagnosed diabetics. In December, my daughter woke up and her foot was dark and smelly with split skin. I took her to the hospital and they had to amputate her big toe. 6 months later, after hyperbaric treatments 5 days a week and always wearing a wound vac, she’s finally almost healed. This foot looked perfectly healthy the day before, no sores, no swelling – nothing unusual. They finally figured out it was due to MRSA, that had entered her foot through dry skin or behind a small callous. I knew diabetics have to keep their feet dry, but I never knew not keeping them moisturized could be dangerous! Please, everyone, take very good care of your feet!

  41. LAC says

    The Salicylic Acid in acne cream was sold at the $ store. I used to buy that and put it on my feet until they stopped selling it. My feet were smooth! I have a Ped Egg but honestly for me I felt that I was grating cheese instead of my feet! The gross factor was definitely high! I now use my $ store pumice stone and a cheap bottle of hair conditioner on my feet and they are soft and smooth!!!!

  42. Higgins11 says

    My feet were cracked and my heels were rough enough to tear nylons. I ordered Lady Soma Skin & Nail Treatment because my mom swore it can be used on feet and helped her with her cracked feet.

    3 nights ago I started applying the Skin & Nail Treatment after my shower on my feet. Its very thick which is great. Tonight being the 4th night, as I sat down to apply it, I noticed my feet were as smooth as a baby’s behind. All Calluses were gone. This is the best and I can’t thank Lady Soma enough. I will be buying more.

    If you have tried other products for your feet, you have to try this. It will work. It is also 100% guranteed to work. I have spent a small fortune on lotions and cremes and I am sure many of you have too. Give this a try, you won’t be disappointed.

  43. says

    I have had dry cracking heels for about 2 years now.
    Nothing really worked and I have tried all the different products I could find for cracked heels. They are so bad at times that I can barely walk and the cracks bleed.
    Right now I have a crack on my right heel with an antibiotic Band-Aid over it since that sort of moisturizes the crack, helps with the pain and lets it heal.
    For a while I was wearing plastic bags on my feet almost constantly but someone told me that was making them worse and it really was.
    If I took the bags off the feet felt wonderful and soft but after a few hours the skin hardened right up again.
    The only cream I found that helped even a little bit was Flexitol but I have to keep reapplying it a few times a day.
    I have purchased the acne pads (Stridex Alcohol Free) and tried them for a couple of days. Chose the alcohol free since I was afraid alcohol would make the cracks sting more.
    My heels are not ragged any more but the skin is still sort of “tough feeling” so not sure if it is the cure for me yet.
    I sure hope so.
    Do you ladies that use this apply it just once a day? Do you use lotion or cream right after this or later or at all?
    It is great not to have to wear socks to bed, I can’t stand hot feet and we are having temps in the 90’s here now.

    • says

      Candace you wipe them with the acne pads then apply the lotion right afterwards. I have used the pads with other lotion then the Gold Bond and it hasn’t worked quite as well for me. So be sure to use the Gold Bond lotion too. With your feet being so bad you might want to for a week or so use it twice a day. I did buff the hard dead skin off when I first started but don’t have to now.

      I know what you mean about the socks. Love them in the winter but can’t stand even having a sheet on me this time of year. We’re 102-104 all this week so no socks.

      • Candace says

        Thanks Jill
        I will pick up some more Gold Bond lotion – I had tried it before but it wasn’t enough at that time to stop the cracking. Hopefully now with the acne pads and exfoliating I will be over this:) I tried the Ped Egg, ordered it online and they asked me to review it. I told them I thought it was the “tool from Hell”:) My feet got much worse after I used it. I do still exfoliate but I use one that is more like a file – I think it’s made by “Trim” but not sure. Much gentler.

        • says

          The file sounds good. I had some files in my tool box ans used them before and they worked great. Probably the same idea. I have used sand paper too and it seems to work. Never thought I would be getting my beauty products out of the tool box. : )

  44. says

    Wanted to also comment on toenail fungus but thought I would do it separately since my last post was quite long.
    Anyway, in the process of using the plastic bags and then s- – -m- -e socks for the dry cracked heels I ended up with toenail fungus on two toes.
    I searched the web for remedies since nothing I bought worked.
    I found one that worked very well.
    It, of course, is not instant since it takes time for the nail to grow completely out.
    All I did was apply decolorized iodine to the thick and discolored nails two or three times a day.
    The nails were really bad, very thick and discolored with the sort of disintegrating stuff underneath the nail. GROSS!
    I kept them trimmed short and in a few weeks they were normal and still are almost a year later.
    Decolorized iodine is very cheap and you can find it almost anywhere. Have even gotten it in the grocery store.

    • says

      Yes this is a good warning for all. Toenails need air. I keep my toenails always painted and then I got a fungus too. I now don’t use polish in the winter to help them breath a bit. I used Vaseline every night on mine for a year and it cleared it up. I think anything menthol like will kill it. Eucalyptus oil works too I think. I have never heard using the iodine but that is a good on to know.

      The main secret to getting rid of fungus is it takes forever and you have to keep at it.

      • says

        Yes it does take a long time to clear up toenail fungus. The decolorized or white iodine was pretty easy though since it wasn’t greasy or anything and the smell goes away when it dries. It will still stain somethings a bit yellow while it’s still wet but nothing like the old brown iodine. AND yes, you do have to be diligent in applying every day at least twice until the fungus is gone. You don’t have to do it any longer after it’s gone and the nail has grown out perfectly.

  45. Sam says

    My husband’s feet can get so bad! I gave up doing them. We would soak them and lotion or vaseline them with socks. We have tried the ped egg. We have tried everything. But, one thing that has eased his cracked heels is called Heel to Toe. I bought it at sally beauty supply. It was only a couple bucks and the cashier said it was good. It actually worked. He still has dry feet but if he would use it regularly it would help. It has beeswax in it which Dr. Oz said is good because it locks mositure in. The only thing is that it is a tiny jar of thicker than vaseline stuff. I apply it with a Q-tip and his deep cracks actually filled in and went away over night. But, a couple of nights not using it and the cracks are back. So, I don’t know if it will work for you but it has eased his feet. A little relief gors a long way.

    • says

      Sometimes when you have cracks that bad and they come back right away it is a fungus or some type of something on the foot which needs to be treated before the problem will stay gone. This may not always be true but just a heads up for those of you who can’t seem to get rid of the dry cracked skin for more then just a couple of days.

      • Candace says

        Sam & Jill – I just got your posts today (11/5/12) – first ones I have gotten on this subject since I was here a few months ago. It is so strange too since I had given up on any of the remedies I have read about and tried. I was really very discouraged and told my husband just the other day that it is like my heels, actually my feet were rotting (since some of my toes, up the sides of my heels and the edges of my sole near my big toes were also now involved) When I soaked my feet or even just showered and the skin on feet and toes was damp I could take my finger nails and scrap off layers and layers of dead skin but it never stopped coming. I knew that I had more toenail fungus too and those were the toes where the skin was hardened and peeling like my heels. I started thinking about how I described my problem to my husband “that my feet were rotting” and thought that is sort of what fungus is like. So just this past weekend I decided to try a different strategy. Saturday (11/3/12) I purchased Equate Athlete’s Foot Antifungal Cream. I never felt like I had athlete’s foot since there was never itching or burning, I bought it for the antifungal properties. On the box it says “on the bottom or sides of the foot: apply twice a day (morning and night) for 2 weeks or as directed by a doctor”. I started using it Saturday night and actually noticed a difference the next morning. Today my heels are pink and smooth instead of yellowish gray and ragged. The tips of the toes that have the nail fungus are still rough but no where near as bad as they were. I am really hoping I have solved my problem this time as I have truly suffered for over two years with this now. I had been following the advice I read somewhere of wearing enclosed supportive shoes during all waking hours since the heel spreading out in flip-flops or sandals could cause cracking – BUT I think that having my feet encased constantly may have aggravated the fungus (if that is what I have) because, while following that advice, my feet were just getting worse instead of better. I am going to continue this for the advised two weeks and at the end will report back – hopefully with good news. Sorry this is so long.

        • says

          Oh Candace you must have been miserable. Half the time people think they just have dry feet but it isn’t it is a fungus or something similar. Be sure to use the fungus medicine as long as you can because it is hard to kill and after you stop if you see any signs of if coming back start it up again. I had a problem with my toenails and it was because I never went with out polish. They were total sealed all the time and made me think of you wearing inclosed shoes. You are right that probably did make your feet worse. Also you need to keep using the stuff on your toes until they are totally grown out because the fungus can stay under the nail until it gets all grown out.

          • Candace says

            yes will definitely keep at the toenails after the recommended two weeks for the feet. I know it took a month or more to cure my toenails when I did them with the decolorized iodine that I mentioned in my first post here months ago but they were perfect and beautifully normal looking when they were finally grown out. The iodine actually worked better than the product I bought that was specifically for nail fungus and it is cheaper.

  46. Jeanne says

    Pedicures can do wonders for your feet as well, and we all need to be pampered once in a while.

    Do you use the acne pads overnight and then apply the lotion in the morning?

    • says

      I just apply the pads then the lotion right away. Recently I have tried something new. I was visiting Tawra and so busy didn’t have time for anything let alone a pedicure. Since I go barefoot most of the time when I got home my feet were getting pretty rough. I knew those “egg” things you can buy to keep your feet smooth had sand paper in them to use so I went to the garage and grabbed some sandpaper to use before I put lotion on. It worked so good. I loved it.

  47. says

    Hello everyone. I read this article with quite some interest being a person who has very dry feet. But I also wanted to pass on what I found helpful.
    I get the organic Virgin Coconut Oil in the jar and use it on my feet, dry hands, on my face to moisturize the dry areas and it can be used as an oil to cook with too.
    It might be a tad expensive you might think but it lasts and lasts so really it is truly worth it.
    Be sure to get the organic kind since it is so beneficial to your health.

  48. says

    I’m so glad to see these suggestions for dry feet. I to have diabetes and suffer with terribly dry feet all the time. I’m heading to Wal-Mart after work and purchase these items and give them a try. Do I need certain kind of Acne pad or will any work?

    Thanks for the information and also I love your website and your receipes…. look forward to it each week.


    • says

      The most inexpensive is fine as long as it has 2% salicylic acid in it. Also I use the Wal Mart brand of Gold Bond too and it works great.

  49. Jenny L. says

    My feet are horrible looking with cracked, dry heels. I’m embarrassed to wear sandals. My sister and my girls all have it too, in varying degrees. In my family we call it swamp foot LOL.

    I’m definitely going to try this!

    • Gina says

      Swamp foot is funny, I have it also, I try everything but never keep a routine going, I do love the Avon foot products tho. We call my feet “Hooves”. I think I could walk on coals!!
      I have heard of the listerine solution also.

  50. Roxie says

    I found this on the internet, I do not know where, I did not mark the spot…but it works and is not expensive to do. I will share it with you. I the bottom of a large pan (I used a dish pan) add 2 cups vinegar, 1/2 cup of Listerene (I used store brand) and 2 cups of water. I used the higher acid vinegar. Soak your feet for 1/2 an hour. Amazing. Feels wonderful and if you have anything like fungus on your feet or nails this is a huge help.
    Years ago I lost a toenail in an accident. The nail grew back but has always been thick and yellow looking. This really does help with that. After doing this for more than a year my nail is almost normal. I do this soak 2 times a week.

    • says

      This formula makes sense Roxie because sometimes dry cracked feet are caused by fungus and those types of things which just applying more lotion to them won’t help. This is along the same line too and probably why the 2% Salicylic acid and your formula work because it helps kill these things.

  51. says

    I’m new to your site. Thanks for that tip for cracked feet. My Honey is a diabetic, too. Here’s another economical idea:
    Before going to bed smear vegetable shortening on you feet (everywhere, but not between the toes) and put on a pair of cotton socks to wear all night. Also, leave it on your fingers and hands and put on cotton gloves. By morning your hands and feet will be soft and pretty.
    Give this a try… I’m almost certain you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  52. DonaW says

    I have been diabetic for a number of years. I use Bag Balm on my feet and elbows. Each evening after cleaning and checking my feet over thoroughly (very important for diabetics), I apply Bag Balm, then socks. It’s not a pretty substance, comes in a green square tin. You can find it at most pharmacies (along with Udder Cream) and at some Feed Stores. I get mine at Costco for less than $5.00. My dad has psoriasis and lives in Florida. He would use Bag Balm to calm down the itching and cracking associated with psoriasis.

    Keep in mind that you do not have to be a member of the big box clubs in order to use their pharmacies. The pharmacies will order most things if they do not carry it.

  53. Veronica says

    This is a quick tip to get the dry skin off hands right before a big event. Mix some sugar with any kind of oil or cream Slather it on the hands and rub together vigorously for a couple of minutes then wash off and apply your usual hand cream. All the rough skin will be gone and you won’t snag your nylons. No good for deep cracks but there are plenty of tips here to try for that. I use an antibiotic ointment on deep cracks and cover with a Band Aid as they frequently carry infection

  54. Beemo says

    The best and cheapest way to heal cracked feet is with Vick’s (or store brand) vapor rub. At bed time, rub it on your feet lavishly and then put on socks. After a couple of days, your feet will be smooth and healed.

    When your kids are coughing a lot, put vapor rub on their feet with socks and their coughing will cease! Don’t know why but it works!

  55. DeborAnn says

    I read that you could “fill” the cracks (yes, mine were that deep and long) with “Super Glue”.
    It works, also. and it works, “instantly”.
    Word to the wise…!
    Don’t put your foot down on anything (floor, shoe, sock…) too “instantly”.

    The “vaseline” hint works, too. Keep feet wrapped/covered all night and get up with softer heels
    Substitute, “Crisco” for the vaseline and that works, three.

  56. Shannon says

    BEST TIP EVER. Since I am on a budget, I was very apprehensive about spending the money but for Clearasil wipes for $3.67 and Walmart brand of the Gold Bond lotion. LOVE IT. IT Works so well. I was amazed. Having been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I was interested to read the original post by Rose. I am not usually one to run out and purchase something just bc someone recommends it but for some reason, I got these 2 items the next day.

    HIGHLY recommend this for those with dry and cracked feet.

    Thanks bunches!

  57. Joanne says

    This idea for course heels is amazing! I read it a few days ago, but didn’t think much of it because I don’t really have this problem. Then, the next day my husband said something about his heels being hard and cracked, and I remembered reading this from your blog. So, I looked it up, went to Walmart and bought the special 2% acid (on pads) and special gold bond lotion, and my husband is SOLD! I tried it on my heels too (why not?) and, just like Jill, kept rubbing my heels together in disbelief of how soft my heels were!

    I love your site. It’s actually the only site where I actually use your tips. Thank you for all you do!

    • says

      I had to laugh at your post Joanne. I really take that as a compliment that our site is the only one where you use the tips. I know exactly what you mean. Some of the tips out there can get a little scary, weird or falls into the “what were they thinking”. We usually try to use things we have either tried ourselves or have some common sense to them. Thanks for taking the time to e mail us. :)

  58. Sophia says

    HI i have athletes foot under my little toe and there is a big crack and it keeps getting bigger. I am a swimmer and I practice 3.5-4 hours a day so i need it gone fast and I CANT miss any practices at all. Help My foot is burning!!!!!

  59. Shari says

    Thanks all for the tips! Going to try the acne pad/moisturizer method of softening feet. My cracked dry feet are driving me bonkers!

    I wanted to mention that if you are suffering from leg cramps, tonic water helps. Drink a glass before bedtime – it contains quinine, which relieves leg cramps. Also eat bananas, as you may need more potassium. If you find the tonic water too bitter, you can cut it with juice to make it taste better. :)

  60. Clare Bear says

    So … Ladies I am new to posting information! But I looked up cracked, sore feet looking for help & came across your postings. I read & reread your posts and was extremely specital about the acne pads … But I decided to go ahead & check them out – the ones I saw were
    Stridex on sale for about $3.75 for 90 pads. Tonight is the first time I have used them …. so I will let you know how I get on. A few days ago I did buy some Eucerin Cream & have really slathered it on twice a day then put socks on – as you do! And I have to say in just the few days I have used it I have seen a big difference – but in the summer I can not walk around slathered in cream with socks on!
    I am not very savvy about postings/computers/etc & I don’t see any dates on any of the postings…. so I suppose this link could be years old or months old….
    It was so nice to read your post’s – you all sound like such nice ladies. From what I have read some of you are diabetic or have husband’s that are diabetic, or that are ill & going through various treatments, or that you or your husband are not feeling so good. I so hope you are all well. As I mentiond earlier in this post I don’t know that anyone will ever read this as I have no idea of the time frame. How weird is that???? FYI – I am writing (posting) whatever you call it

    • says

      You did just find on posting Claire. Join the crowd on not being to computer savy. I have to have my “boys” (grandsons) help a few times a week to figure things out. I do recommend using the Gold Bond but since you already have the Eucerin and you really like it try the Stridex pads with it first. If it doesn’t seem to work then you might try the Gold Bond. I think the Eucerin will maybe work. I’m not sure but I think what happens is often dry feet are caused by a bacteria or something like that and the Stridex pads kill that so the combination of that and a really good lotion is what gets rid of it.
      Can’t wait to see more comments from you you did a good job and no matter how old the post we still see your comment and post it.

  61. Lucy says

    I am a nurse , 63 y.o. I think i have had cracked, dry feet , heels forever!! I have tried every product on the market, some with success but only after lots of constant care. I have also had professional pedicures, always being told I have THE WORST feet they have ever encountered! After a couple of days, I am always back to square one, dry cracked, painful, itchy feet and heels. One of the previous posters is absolutely correct in saying you must exfoliate the area first or NO creams will work. There are other ways to acheive the exfoliation but it is very time consuming and labor intensive. I have tried them all. Today I went and got some stridex pads. Tonight I used them then applied HYDROLATUM cream, which I had on hand and put on a pair of socks ,within an hour my feet were 75% improved. The hydrolatum is equally as good as gold bond Ihave used both. I get mine in Walgreens, as walmart typically does not carry it. The amazing thing here is that it works so quickly. i cannot stand socks on my feet at night while I sleep, so this is perfect for me. Because my feet were so bad I will probably need to do this a couple of times before acheiving “baby soft ” foot status but tonight after many, many years, I think I have witnessed a miracle!!!

  62. says

    I work as a firefighter/paramedic and have boots on constantly! My feet are my biggest embarrassment. I can’t even wear flip flops in the summer because I am soooo embarrassed by my feet. I can’t wait to try these remedies! I”m off to WalMart RIGHT NOW! Wish me luck! (I’ll have to come back tomorrow and let you know how it works!) Oh yea.. I’ve already spend $100’s of dollars trying to find the “right remedy”..so what’s a few bucks more?!

  63. Lucy says

    Thank you , Jill. I am admittedly very computer illiterate. I kept attempting to post and nothing happened,thought I was doing something incorrect, this is the first time I have posted ever on any site, I did not know it needed approval, sorry. Thanks for the great site.

    • says

      That’s ok Lucy. I am not too far ahead of you. I still don’t comment on different places because I am not sure what I am doing. You actually did really good.

  64. Tisha says

    My grandmother always used apple cider vinegar for her dry cracked feet and it worked great. She had it in a spray bottle diluted down.But it can also be mixed in a foot bath too.

  65. amanda says

    ok so my daughter had on of those winters where her face was really chapped doctor said vitamin e and aloe lotion with cocoa butter to couldnt find it friend gave me this recipe and we use it all the time can get stuff at dollar tree around home.
    super lotion
    one tube vaseline
    one large bottle baby lotion for this one u could use the aloe kind or sented use kind
    and one small bottle vitamin e oil
    mix together in a bowl and there u have it all three in one

    • says

      This is a great homemade lotion Amanda. All the ladies in our family used it for quite awhile. My daughter in law loves it and I make up a batch for my mom all the time. I have stopped using it only because the off brand gold bond works as well for me and it costs about the same or less with none of the work but if you love the smell of fresh baby (which I do) then try Amanda’s recipe and it works really good too.

  66. Gail says

    One cup of antiseptic mouthwash (like Listerine), one cup of vinegar and 2 cups warm water for a foot soak will help rough heels. Finish by rubbing with a pumice stone. In between soaks, I just use the pumice stone before I get out of the shower.
    I’ve also used an epsom salt soak for my heels. Both methods have solved my heel problems. Several times I’ve gotten deep breaks in my skin. Petroleum jelly applied before bed helps heal them.

  67. Stacey says

    I am so excited that you shared this. I swear I thought I was one of the few that had to take power tools after her feet. I stand on my feet for work; so have beautiful callouses on my big toes……enter the hedge trimmers here. lol. I too have been doing the soak/file/pumice/lotion routine. Heck, if some Salicylic acid can make this process a lot faster for me; I am totally game. Thanks for the tip; I hadn’t heard of this one before. :)

  68. LynnaO says

    I tried all of the above for weeks after reading and nothing. I then used Flexitol Balm for general and diabetic foot care in the foot care section by the pharmacy at CVS, and it is the only thing that has worked on my heels that were dry and had cracks and were becoming painful. Within days I started seeing a difference I don’t have diabetes, but I read urea is very important to have as an ingredient off of a podiatrist’s site and maybe even on here. I read it several places But I did learn a lot on here about wearing shoes and good creams anyway. Thanks. I tend to wear sandals, etc., or even barefoot around the house when I get home. So I am trying to cut that out.

  69. Nancy Dowling says

    7/7/14 For athletes foot, try soaking in very warm salted water; cleared mine up in about 2 weeks; I had tried lots of meds before that did not help.

  70. Lucy zappala says

    Good Morning
    I am back once again. I never post on any sites and here I am on twice! Well, because I found relief after 60 plus years I thought I should come back to underscore what a miraculous treatment this has been. Just wanted to mention again that you could use a cream from heaven but if the feet are not exfoliated, all is in vain. Enter Salycytic Acid! The removal of the dead skin first with the stridex pads is key. I have used the listerine and vinegar soak and it is a great way to cleanse and soften the feet and skin. Another choice that works very well and I like because I do not have to lug bottles in the house is JOHNSONS FOOT SOAK they come in a box with packets inside. It is cleansing and soothing and your feet feel beautiful after. I sometimes use a half of package and less water ( just enough to cover feet) to cut down on the cost.
    After I use the pads I wash my feet then apply the lotion. Even though I HATE socks on my feet , after the soaks and stridex I do apply cream and the socks. I have found that because the feet are so dry that you only need to keep the socks on for a short time as the cream absorbs very quickly. I have always had success with BAG BALM and HYDROLATUM. Bag balm is very effective, it is used on horse’s hooves, has been around for years, buy it in any pharmacy. ??

  71. Amelia says

    I have calluses on my toes and dry feet. What I do is right before bed (it’s weird walking around once you get your feet fixed up) you lube your feet up with castor oil (I bought a big bottle on amazon for $7.50 or so) then wrap your feet in plastic wrap then put socks over that. Your feet are super soft in the morning, and mine stay that way 2-3 days. If you don’t have castor oil I figure Crisco might work. I read some years ago about putting that on your feet then putting socks on, doing that with the plastic wrap should get great results I figure.

    • says

      Thanks Amelia. You are right Crisco or any other oil of the same type would probably work. One oil is pretty much the same as any other for many of the things that we use oil for, like this, you don’t need expensive – what I call “exotic” oils to soften your feet.

  72. says

    OMG…I been using n doing everything to my feet since I had my first son n 2003 n my feet haven’t been right since. I found this site on Monday n I just used the acne pads n gold but bond lotion n Yes Yes it’s been so long since my feet been soft.that’s to all of you now maybe my boyfriend can touch n rub my feet ….thanks again everyone iiiim so happy omg


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