Go Easy On Yourself

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Go Easy On Yourself

Go Easy On Yourself

This is an older post from April 2007 but it still applies.

This has been one of those weeks. I’ve been sick with a bad cold for almost 2 weeks, the baby (our 3rd) has been sick for over a week and now has an ear infection and now everyone else is getting sick. On top of that we are trying to sell the house so I can’t just let "anything go".

Yesterday I was on the verge of just collapsing. I tried and tried to get myself motivated to do something but I just couldn’t. I kept thinking "I just don’t know why I can’t get myself to do anything". As I was talking to mom she said "you need to go easy on yourself." "You are sick, have sick kids, a baby who still gets up 1-2 times a night, you’re selling your house, have chronic fatigue syndrome, are trying to run a website and are just plain worn out."


Ok, I had all this written and then mom piped in with the rest. So I will let her finish what I was saying.


Oops! Sorry for butting in daughter dearest. : )This is too funny. For a couple of weeks I have been mulling over a post in my head and was thinking about calling it "Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself." I spend so much of my time trying to motivate people to get up and start doing things that I thought I needed to address those who give 150% and need to lighten up on themselves. Then I happened upon this draft post that Tawra wrote this morning and I thought I would add my two cents.

Sometimes some of us push ourselves so much more than even God expects of us. He continually tells us, "Come unto me and I will give you rest," or, "Be still and know I am God." He even told us to take one whole day of the week just to take it easy but we keep pressing on trying to do more and more and wondering why we are so tired and frustrated.

In one of my favorite songs there is a line that I think fits what we are talking about. God is saying to the Christian, "If just a cup of water I place within your hand, then just a cup of water is all that I demand". Don’t compare yourself to others or try to do more than what God expects of you. He has given you just the right amount of everything so do the best you can with what you have. As much as I don’t like laziness there are times when doing way more than we should is wrong and is just as harmful to our families as not doing anything at all.

If you are ill, a single parent, growing older, have a small income, etc. do the best you can and then let God take care of the rest.

I think I will post the words of the song I mentioned above. They have always helped me to put things in perspective and I hope they help you too.


Follow Me
by Ira Stanphill

 I traveled down a lonely road and no one seemed to care; The burden on my weary back had bowed me to despair. I oft complained to Jesus how folks were treating me. And then I heard Him say so tenderly:

My feet were also weary upon the Calv’ry road The Cross became so heavy I fell beneath the load Be faithful weary pilgrim the morning I can see Just lift your cross and follow close to me.

I work so hard for Jesus I often boast and say I’ve sacrificed a lot of things to walk the narrow way I gave up fame and fortune; I’m worth a lot to Thee And then I heard Him gently say to me.

I left the throne of glory and counted it but loss; My hands were nailed in anger upon a cruel Cross but now we’ll make the journey with your hand safe in mine; Just lift your cross and follow close to Me

O Jesus if I die upon a foreign field some day ‘Twould be no more than love demands; No less could I repay. No greater love hath mortal man than for a friend to die. These are the words He gently spoke to me

If just a cup of water I place within your hand then just a cup of water is all that I demand. But if by death to living they can thy glory see I’ll lift my cross and follow close to thee.



  1. Susan says

    Tawra, take a deep breath, organise medication for the sick, delegate what you can to those who are not sick. Call on your friend. Get paid help if you can (to help you through this difficult time).
    Only do the absolute essentials.
    Focus on where you will be moving too (sounds lovely to me.
    Try to get more sleep (lack of sleep makes things seem loads worse).
    Know that there are lots of people who are wishing you well.
    Take Care, Susan from England

  2. Karrie says

    Thanks for sharing the lyrics, I am printing them to post on my wall at work. What we give in return to Him in nothing compared to what He has done for us. Thanks for the reminder of who we serve!!

  3. Bea says

    Jill and Tawra, I just LOVE the way God uses His children to help each other. Sometimes He will inspire us to do something and we don’t know exactly why, but if we listen to His voice we may get to learn the reason, if not in this life, then in the next. I feel that God used YOUR post today to confirm something He was trying to get through my thick head last night. I was tired and kind of down, thinking of some areas of my life where I desperately need His help, because I ran out of ideas on what to do myself. I told Him that I am just a very weak, little, helpless woman and I need Him to do the majority of the work, because I am limited in what I can do to resolve the problem. Because I was feeling this way I got out a Christian book to read and came across something that basically confirms what you just posted. It was to remember that God gave me certain abilities and strengths and made my life a certain way and if I acknowledge that I can’t do it alone, He will help. I can’t rely only on my own strength. He will come in and help out of His goodness because He loves me. I just need to trust. Thank you both so much for letting God use you to help me. I’m sure I’m not the only one either. God bless.

  4. Laurie says

    Oh how I needed the words of that song this morning!! Last night at soccer the moms were going on and on about work, kids in 3 different places at the same time (ours can only be in one activity at a time until the teen years), getting their nails and hair done, etc. I have all I can manage as a SAHM, picking up loose ends for the rest of the family, etc. But I know this is what I’m capable of at this time and I shouldn’t always be thinking I should be doing more!! Thanks so much for a great message!!

  5. Judy Nelson says

    Thanks for your very thought provoking words. I have been ill with a serious chronic illness for three years and there are days when I am not sure I can keep going. The words of your favorite song are so true and have helped me many times to keep going even when I don’t think I will be able to. Blessings on each of you and Hugs from this 71 year old. :o) Judy

  6. Mary C says

    Thanks! I needed that. God bless you all today and keep you in the palm of His loving hand. Mary C

  7. Grizzly Bear Mom says

    We all need to remember that even God took a day off after working all week. If you are selling you house, it may have to be Monday because they normally show a lot on weekends.

  8. Ginny says

    So sorry to hear that all of you have been so ill. It’s very hard to be the care giver when you yourself are ill. I was my daughter’s caregiver until she went to be with the Lord. There were many times when I felt weighed down by respnsibillity and lack of energy. God and a good hot lavender bubble bath kept me focused. When things seemed overwhelming, I took a five minute break away from husband,children and myself. I would close the bathroom door to all for 5-10 minutes. Soak in a steaming hot bubble bath either pray OR sometimes would force myself to let my mind go blank. It worked wonders….I could go back to reality not only refreshed BUT ready to start all over again ! It’s what you always say…keep it simple,trust in the Lord and a brighter,better tomorrow will come.
    Take care of yourself and you will be able to take care of the family. Remember that God loves you.

  9. suz says

    God is good … all the time. All the time … God is good! Your words have come at the right time. I have been a mess for the past two weeks trying to homeschool, help out at church, having my basement torn apart with workmen walking in each day. In the back of mind is my son’s upcoming wedding, my mother’s death, etc., etc. And I am experiencing the mood swings of menopause! Today I took the day at home slept, cried, and prayed. I am feeling better already! Thanks for reminding me that I am not alone and that God is good … all the time!

  10. Maggie says

    It is Aug 1, 2012. I just found this article and think it was meant for me to read it today. I have had a cold for a week, working everyday since I really cannot take off mush more time for sick days this year because I have been off for biopsies, MRI’s and other more extensive procedures. It is freezing cold in my office which makes me feel even worse. I had not been to the grocery since we got back from the beach so had to do that last night and am feeling just plain tired. YOu might think this is not a bad thing but my workload at the office has been cut by 50% so some days are me just making work. Spent a lot of years with almost too much work so it is very scary not having much to do. I know it’s hard to believe that I would not like that but it makes me nervous for the stability of my job so that is a stressor. Anyway, I need to remember to take the extra time I need to get well and improve my health. Feeling lousy is no way to live.

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