Do Not Be Afraid

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 Do Not Be Afraid

It seems that the biggest problem for most Americans and possibly for everyone is fear. (Mom and I think fear is the biggest cause of money problems.)

Michael was working on this video about fear for a couple weeks. Mom, my brother, SIL and I all watched and it and thought “WOW”!

After last week’s shootings at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, I thought it would be an encouraging message to our readers about not being afraid.

I hope it’s a blessing to you.


 If you prefer to watch the video directly from Youtube’s site, you can find it here: Do Not Be Afraid



  1. Laurie says

    Please tell Michael that was an inspiring video!! Several things have been weighing me down and even though we attend church regularly, I needed that reminder today!! All of you are such a blessing as we continue to “muddle on”.

  2. Patricia says

    Michael that was very inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to put this together and to help us remember to praise God and rely on him.

  3. Chantelle says

    Literally gave me goosebumps – watched it twice too.
    It could not have come at a better time. God’s timing is amazing.

    • says

      It’s funny Chantelle because we posted our comments at the same time and we both said we got goosebumps from the video. Great minds or something like that. :)

    • says

      Also talk about timing. Michael sent this to one of the pastors who was at the movie when the shooting happened and he called Mike and said the same thing. He also said to Mike – You have been working on this for several weeks and just finished it this week of the shootings. God’s timing is amazing.

  4. Michele says

    Thank you so much for that video!! I have been struggling with fear lately and I asked God to help free me from it. I opened my email an hour after I prayed that prayer and this video was the first thing in my inbox. Just what I needed!!

  5. Lillie H says

    Thanks to Mike for the wonderful presentation!! It is very encouraging and uplifting!! God Bless your family and Life.. I am passing this on to friends and relitives.

  6. says

    When a video gives me goose bumps it’s a good video. I loved this and not just because you are my son in law. Good job. Very good job.

  7. Kirsten says

    Thank you for creating and sharing this very uplifting video! I will watch it whenever I need a reminder to not be afraid.

  8. says

    All those verses one after another reminding us of where God’s people have already been helps us still today. Thanks for putting the video on for us to get comfort and strength.

  9. Leah Dunn says

    I just got off the phone with a potential new employer. I’m rattled and unsure…..and then I watched this. Thank you for the reminder. It brought tears to my eyes.

  10. Mary S says

    Thank you & Mike for the video.As someone who suffers from panic attacks,I rely on my bible and my Lord to help me through them every day.There were some verses I had not seen before,but have made note of to share with my friend who has agoraphobia.Will we still be able to link to the video from your site later? It would be great if you put a permanent link on your site.

    • says

      Yes Mary it will be permanently on the web site you can either book mark it or just type in Do Not be afraid in the search bar and will able to get it.
      Even if you forget the title late just e mail us later and we can help you find it.

  11. Jan says

    Thank you,Thank you Micheal! I have been dealing with fear of my DD going to kindergarten because of her anxiety issues…I need to let go and let God…She is going to be fine.

  12. Bea says

    YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW GOD USED YOU!!! I needed this today. I’m trying so hard not to let the tears flow from my eyes because it would mess up my makeup, and I’m in public right now. This is truly God inspired and those rays flowing down look like the rays from the heart of Jesus in a Divine Mercy picture I have. It touched my heart, and I feel God was talking to me about so many things I’ve been worried about lately. Thank you God and Michael.

    • says

      I was just thinking about you Bea and wondering if you had had a chance to watch it and here your comment popped up. Gives me chills like that when I am thinking of someone and then I hear from them or something like that. I thought you might enjoy the video and am so glad you got to see it. It really moved me too. I told Mike I am going to play it every day before I start work on the web site to help get my day off to a good start.

  13. Sam says

    Great video! What a wonderful reminder that God is in controland He has a plan. Loved the music you chose. It made it far more powerful.
    Thank you

  14. Bea says

    Jill, It’s the Holy Spirit we share that brings us together in thought. Awesome how God works. Isn’t it? Those Scriptures spoke to my heart on so many issues that’s it’s amazing! I also loved the rays and the music. Michael is talented and used by God. It made my day, and I’m going to look those Scriptures up.

    • says

      I think the music was perfect for this. So many things you see has quiet peaceful music with pretty mountain scenes and there is a place for those but I think more often we need to be reminded as Christians of the amazing power, boldness and strength God wants us to have and use in a good way and this music and the whole video does that. So often others and we ourselves see Christians as peaceful, cowering and meek people when the reality of it was Jesus was bold, strong and His amazing.

  15. Maggie says

    Music always makes words more powerful and this music was awesome. Fear keeps us from doing many things. I am having some medical issues again and see my liver doctor tomorrow for the results of an MRI and biopsy. This video reminded me that God is there for me despite my fear and will help me manage whatever comes to pass. Michael, thank you for taking time to do this video and reminding us all that God is ALWAYS there for us! God Bless You and Your Family. And thank you! Your timing is impeccable.

  16. Bea says

    Jill, You are so right. I felt God’s strength and power when listening and watching the video, and I really needed that. I also needed to feel that God wants me to act and He is going to help me.

  17. Linda says

    Wonderful! I read the verses aloud when my 4 year old grandson asked “what movie is this?” since the music was so like his superheroes’ movies. Awesome music, though I didn’t recognize it, so busy reading/being encouraged by the Scriptures! Thank Michael for it please!

  18. says

    Thank you for bringing God’s Word to light! He is awesome – in Him we do not need to fear! We teach self defense and are constantly learning new stats of crime/attacks that happen. We know God is in control but sometimes its good to be reminded! Thanks.

  19. Gayla T says

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I needed this video. I’ve been involved with some very frightening incidents the last couple of months and fear has become a big part of my life. I realized the other day that I had not left the house for over 2 weeks. My daughter lives just one house between us and if she was going to the store I’ve been having her pick up things for me so I didnt have to go out. So many bad things happened to people in the Bible that I have stopped trusting God in these perilous times and I desperately need to get over it. Even though the Jews are God’s chosen people he allowed so many to die in the holocaust that I can’t think that he is going to prevent awful things that we are seeing in our country. Several time lately I’ve seen Christians called Haters when we don’t agree with what’s been done to our country and it’s a pattern that has me very frightened. I even read a man’s remarks where he said that Christians hate education. I just have been feeling that the world is turning against us and so the fear has been building up. I now this video is a gift that God sent through your wonderful husband and I plan to make good use of it by studying the verses he has used. I also will be sharing it with everyone on my email list. Thank you for sharing it with us and please thank Mike for me. God bless and protect us all.

    • says

      Gayla you know fear has a way of paralyzing us and keeping us from functioning the best way God wants us to. It can not hurts us in our lives but it keeps us from being there for others to support and help them. Satan loves to cause us to be afraid or to fear things because then we can’t function and he knows it. That is why when I start feeling afraid I become angry and remind myself in no uncertain terms that I am not going to give him the satisfaction of winning or having control over me.

      You are right so many bad things do happen and Satan loves causing them to happen because he knows it can destroy us. I know it may sound trite or a Pollyanna attitude but good things happen too. Those are the things we need to look at. I truly know what it means to be hurt and scared but I discovered that I have a choice I can be hurt and scared and run and hide being a basket case or I can be hurt and scared and stand firm and say dear God I need your help so I’m letting you deal with this and let Him help me through it. The thing is when I do this I always come through and for the better but if I allow my fear to control me I don’t make it through and things can get even worse then they needed to be.

      God wants to use us so bad. I always think about things like there may have been a cashier at the store who was having a really bad day and just a smile or kind word from me would have been enough to make her day and help her get through the week but if I had allowed Satan to use fear to keep me home and not go to the store because something could happen not only was I hurting myself but her too.

      I am so glad to hear Mike’s video helped you. It is hard I know.

  20. Micaela says


    As a slow reader, is there a way to slow the video enabling me to read the words. The screen changes too fast so I am not able to completely read what is on the screen. Thank you

    • says

      I am not sure if he can slow things down for this video but will see what he can do for future ones. Thanks for letting us know you were having trouble.

  21. pamela says

    Thank you sooooooooo much for this. I was feeling very fearful this morning and this was just what I needed . The music was powerful and so right for God’s verses…sometimes we forget that our GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD while being a loving heavenly father who gave His Son to die for us .Every blessing to you as a family too . Pamela in Northern Ireland

  22. CJ says

    Such a powerful message of God’s great love and care for us. Thank you so much for sharing this video. The music is so appropriate, could you share what it is? Thank you.

  23. Jean Fallace says

    Thank you, Michael, for this inspiring video. May God’s blessings be upon you and your family!

  24. Esther says

    Thanks for the powerful video reminder of what the Lord wants us to always remember but as humans constantly forget: God is in control of every aspect of our lives we just need to surrender it all to Him. Bless you!

  25. Deborah Hiatt says

    The video was very inspiring and reminded me of the inportant things in my life. What really matters in this life is to know that you are a child of God. He is our
    sword and shield and the video helped me a lot. Thanks for
    such an awesome video .Keep up the good work.

  26. Angela says

    I would like to get the high resolution version of this so I can share this with my church this Sunday. Thanks.

  27. Laurie S. says

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU! The video made my day! God bless you for listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in making this wonderful video! I am certain it will be a great source of comfort to many people…just as it has been to me!

  28. Eva says

    Thank-you Michael for illustrating so succinctly and beautifully God’s promises to us. The Lord is Truly kind and merciful. A little testimony if I may:

    Recently, I confess that I put the Lord to the test asking Him to provide all the funds necessary for my husband to go on a mission trip. I prayed, “Lord, if you really want my husband to go, please pay for it all.” I also told Him that I was afraid that we didn’t have the money for this mission “adventure” that my husband wanted to go on but I was willing to put my trust in Him.

    We sent out letters to friends and family asking for donations for this cause. Well, the money kept arriving until exactly all of our expenses were paid for — the Lord provided every last dime necessary — but no more. My faith has been strengthened tremendously by my “experimental” experience of trusting in God’s provisions.

    May we always remember to lean on Him and offer up our fears and worries. He will take them as His own and all will be done according to His will and for the greater good. Jesus, I Trust in You. Amen.

  29. Janet says

    Very nice! The thing I like the most about this video is that it’s simply scripture and nothing else.

  30. Rhonda says

    You have no idea how much I needed to see that. I am sitting here in tears as the Lord used that amazing video to work on my heart. Sometimes we just need to be reminded what His Word says. Wow! I have no words for what is going through me right now. That video just gave me the encouragement I needed to move forward. Thank you so much!

  31. Neva says

    This was very nice! I’m planning to write down all of these encouraging Bible verses (or where they come from in the Bible) so I can look them up and read them whenever I need them! You did a good job picking out great verses from God’s promises. I really enjoyed them! I’m forwarding this to my kids too so they can watch this video. Thank you for sharing with us!

  32. says

    Thank you so much for this. I am going to share it with my Mom who found out yesterday that she must have major surgery very soon. I am also, going to share it with my family and friends. We all need to remember that the battles we face in life are God’s battles and not our own. It’s when we try to fight these battles alone that we find we are fearful or we fail.

  33. Shirl says

    Thank you so much for the wonderful video. What a blessing!! God’s word is always comforting. He will never leave us nor forsake us as He says in His Word. He is not a man that He should lie. He loves us sooo much that He did not even spare His only son so we can live an abundant and that we can have eternal life. As it says in Psalm 46 “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, even though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried in the midst of the sea; Though its waters roars and be troubled, though the mountains shake with its swelling.” God went to such great lengths to show us how much He loves us and cares for us.

  34. David says


    This was an amazing video! I loved every second of it. I am a pastor and have frequently told the church that there is a “Fear Not” for every day of the year, and since the beginning of the year we read through one to begin our Prayer Service. I think that I will show your video for our next Prayer Service! Bless you.


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