Homemade Dairy Queen Freezes

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Homemade Dairy Queen Freeze recipe

Dairy Queen Freeze Recipe

From: Cheryl

My kids love the Dairy Queen freezes. We make them at home for much cheaper than buying them at the restaurant… I am bad about not measuring things so I just go by sight or taste… everyone likes theirs a little bit different.

In a blender put about:

1/4 cup milk
1 cup of ice

Blend until crushed. Add:

1 cup ice cream
Add sugared drink mix – the amount and flavor you like. Blend.

You may have to add a bit more milk if it is too thick to blend… This will taste like the DQ freezes from DQ. If you are unfamiliar with this old favorite, it is a Mr. Misty blended with ice cream, into a creamy drink…

Photo By: Simon Welsh


  1. says

    This sounds very yummy & way cheaper then DQ! I love all recipes that make a way cheaper verion of bought treats!



  2. says

    Sounds like a great idea. Now I’m inspired to try making DQ’s new Nutter Butter Blizzards at home, too. I’m sure it’s vastly less expensive to mix Nutter Butters and ice cream at home than it is to go to DQ.

    • says

      My grandkids and I were just talking about that – how it would be so much cheaper just to add oreos, reeses peanut butter cups etc. to make our own blizzards. A person could use brownies or any cookie or candy.

  3. says

    I can’t have cow’s milk, so I do make my own Blizzard type treats at home. Only I use some homemade soy yogurt, that I’ve frozen for 24 hours, then add vanilla extract, homemade chocolate syrup (homemade so I know there’s no milk), and whatever broken cookie bits and sprinkles I can scrounge from the cupboards. So delicious. And we can enjoy them in our own backyard, after a serious round of croquet. (Something must be wrong with my mallet. I just can’t seem to win a single game this summer!)

  4. Sheri says

    You got me going! I went off to make me a refreshing coffee drink! One cup milk, a couple handfuls of ice cubes; 1 scoop of “Cafe de Vita” Mocha Capaccino mix and some time in the blender. Mmmmm…. I would share, but our computers are not able to beam substances yet!

    I buy a huge can of the mix at Costco. It’s $14 for 75 servings. Just add milk…

      • Sheri says

        No torture intended! I can’t share my drink, but I can share the love and my recipe!

        Isn’t it better to show you how to fish, than to give you a fish?

        It’s in the 90’s and low 100’s here and no air conditioner. Once the humidity goes away, I can use my swamp cooler. Meanwhile, cool drinks and fans…

  5. Beth says

    A healthy frozen treat recipe my husband enjoys: Take one large frozen banana per person and process it in the food processor. I usually add a little low fat milk to help the food processor. Then add about 1 TBSP of white sugar (for a slightly gritty texture like the Wendy’s frosties) or 1TBSP of icing sugar for smooth texture. Add about 2 TBSP of cocoa powder. Add more sugar (but not too much)or cocoa powder to taste. It is very delicious and you would never know that there is no dairy products in it and it is very good for you. I just guessed at the amounts as it is one of those recipes that you just change to your own taste, and I am one of those cooks who doesn’t like to measure when she’s cooking if she doesn’t have to! :)

  6. Rachel H says

    Not sure if I ever had a DQ Freeze. But I love the Blizzards. I saw they had brought back the Smores blizzard for the summer. Finally had one the other night when my hubby asked me to stop at DQ on the way home from an errand. When we were young our mother would make oreo ice cream for us. This was before they mass produced it. it seemed to me much better than what’s in the grocery stores. I remembered to ask my mother how she made it the other day. She said that she softened a carton of vanilla ice cream, then added the crumbled up oreos (a whole package I guess), and a tub of cool whip. She had these really neat squared ice cream containers they she put the mixture in and let it freeze till solid. Now that I know the recipe, I want to make some for my grandkids.

  7. Karen Heerkes says

    I LOVE freezes but would like more fruity flavors, I will definately try this and use a variety of different kinds of koolaid!

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