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What to do in a crisis when no toilet paper is available? Here are 7 easy toilet paper alternatives to get you through if you can’t find toilet paper!

What to do in a crisis when no toilet paper is available? Here are 7 easy toilet paper alternatives to get you through if you can't find toilet paper!

7 Toilet Paper Alternatives!

Toilet Paper Selling Out Of Stores! Don’t Worry!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread in the US. As the number of US cases rises, many people are panicking and buying out toilet paper in stores in case of quarantine.

If you’re worried, I say “Don’t worry!” You can make your own for just pennies with things you probably already have at home! It is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes to make. You can still be prepared even when the store shelves are empty!”

Here are 7 toilet paper alternatives to get you through!

  1. Facial Tissues – Facial tissues are great! You may need to double the cheaper kind but facial tissues are still stocked on the shelves.

Do not put the items from #2-#5 in the toilet. Keep a stash of plastic bags or doggie doo bags in the bathroom so you can throw away these items instead of clogging up your toilet.

  1. Paper kitchen napkins – Yes! If you can wipe your hands and face you can wipe your bum with them!

  2. Paper towels – Cut into halves or quarters.

  3. Baby wipes and flushable wipes

  4. Newspaper, phone book pages, or any type of paper without shine (like in a magazine).

  5. A bidet – Yep! They really work and are still in stock! These days, a bidet is just a small pipe with a sprayer that hooks onto your toilet. No plumber or extra space needed!

  6. Reusable Toilet Paper, aka rags– Yes, this is the super old fashioned but it works great! You can do this in one of two ways:

    1. Make the first soiled wipe with a paper towel or napkin and throw it away. Then finish the job with a rag. (Flannel works best, but any cut up t-shirt or old clothing or fabric will work.)

    2. Use a rag for the entire process. Keep a small bucket near the toilet with water and baking soda OR borax OR a few drops of bleach, Lysol or the disinfectant of your choice. Then, when ready to wash, just strain the water into the toilet and flush. Put the entire bucket of rags into the washer every few days and wash on the sanitize cycle. (This is the same process as using cloth diapers.


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