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Did you know you can decorate Easter eggs with Kool aid dye? Here’s an easy recipe with easy tips including how to to dye eggs without the shell!

Decorating Easter Eggs With Kool Aid Dye

Decorating Easter Eggs – Dyed Eggs without the Shell

There might be times when you don’t want to mess with the shells and the peeling of dyed eggs. If this is the case you can dye hard boiled eggs that have been peeled. Do just as would if the shell was still on. These would look really pretty made into deviled eggs and laid on a bed of lettuce.

Yes you, can dye Easter eggs with Kool Aid!

Decorating Easter Eggs With Kool Aid Dye

2/3 cup water, (tap water – doesn’t have to be warm)
1 pkg. Kool Aid

Mix.  Dip eggs in dye for a few minutes and then remove. 


  • You don’t need vinegar because Kool Aid is already acidic.
  • Lemonade and pink lemonade do not turn out very well when used for egg decorating.
  • Grape turns an ugly dark color as an egg dye.
  • You can add some Berry Blue to the grape to lighten it and add some strawberry or cherry to the pink lemonade for a pretty shade of pink.