12 Tips for Beautiful Nails and Hands

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12 Tips for Beautiful Nails and Hands

Whether your hands and nails are suffering or whether you’d just like to pamper yourself, try these 12 tips for beautiful nails and hands!

Tips for Beautiful Nails and Hands

  • To soften hands or feet, rub liberally with petroleum jelly, put on a pair of gloves or socks and wear overnight.
  • Use a nail buffer to shine nails between manicures.
  • Cut a slit into the center of a sponge. Place the sponge into a small container and fill with nail polish remover. Dip fingernail in slit and slide around to remove polish.
  • Use an old toothbrush as a nail brush.
  • Go to the local beauty school to have manicures, pedicures and facials. You can feel pampered without spending a fortune. Five bucks is a great deal for a facial!

  • Wash dry hands with a small amount of cornmeal or sugar mixed with water. It will remove the dry skin. Thanks to Cyndi in California
  • When finished eating a grapefruit or lemon, place your elbows in the halves for 10-30 minutes to soften them. (Thanks to Erin in Washington for this tip.)
  • Purchase nail care kits after Christmas at half price. You can get several polishes and tools for $2-$4.
  • An easy way to remove cuticles is to rub them with oil. Then gently push back the cuticles. I saw a product that was a miracle treatment for nails. It was $29 for about a tablespoon of it. Guess what the ingredient was? — vegetable oil.
  • Save the cotton from aspirin bottles. Use for your face or for manicures.
  • Thin thickened nail polish using nail polish thinner (not remover!). It’s found by the nail polish remover.
  • Soak nails in lemon juice to remove stains.


For lots of easy tips and recipes for elegant all-natural homemade bath and beauty products, take a look at our Pretty for Pennies Frugal Bath and Beauty Guide!



  1. Martine says

    Instead of using makeup remover cotton pads, I cut up a few baby washcloths and use them. I dump them in a meshbag before throwing them in the wash. It was a great way to reuse something I already had rather than throwing out disposable cotton pads.

  2. Emilie says

    I’ve read that using a paste of baking soda and peroxide will remove nail polish stains from your nails too. Haven’t tried it but hate that leftover color that darker colors tend to leave!

  3. Bea says

    If you make a paste with olive oil and cornstarch on buff on nails it will bring a natural shine to your nails almost as good as clear nail polish. It’s a French beauty secret.

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