Quick And Easy Banana Split Recipes

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easy and delicious homemade banana split recipes

Quick And Easy Banana Split Recipes

Forget turning on the oven. It is toooooo hot! But that doesn’t mean you have to go without desserts. Hot summer days are perfect days for banana splits!

Try adding a new twist to your regular banana splits and use those leftover cereal crumbs by mixing:

1 1/4 cups crushed cereal (corn flakes, frosted flakes etc.)
2-3 Tbsp. melted butter or margarine
2 tsp. chopped pecans

Sprinkle on top of ice cream or banana splits. Serves 5.


For something truly different, try this fun dessert, which is great for kids and adults alike. Serve it for dinner, at birthday parties or for a snack.

Poor Man’s Banana Split

2 (3 oz.) boxes of your favorite Jello (strawberry, cherry, etc.)
4 bananas, sliced lengthwise
Whipped topping

Mix each box of Jello separately and chill. Place one banana in a bowl or banana split dish. Scoop out scoops of Jello and place on top of banana (as you would ice cream on a banana split).

Top with:

  • Whipped topping
  • Cherry on top
  • Sprinkles
  • Nuts
  • Fresh fruit – strawberries, pineapples or mangoes


Photo By: IvanWalsh.com


  1. Susan says

    This sounds good! Jill Is Tawra alright? I noticed she closed down the comments on the blog. I hope you all will keep up the good work! I do so enjoy your website
    Have a blessed day

  2. rose says

    this looks delish!… hubby asked for some jello this week for dessert… and we have plenty of banana’s… i wiil just get some cool whip… yummo!… 😀

    also, jack looks soooo cute in his picture… what a cutie bug! … hehehee :D…
    hope all is well with you and hte family jill… so hectic here… but it will slow down soon…
    try to stay nice and cool… the heat is horrible…

  3. jill says

    Yes Tawra is doing fine, Susan. She had a really good day yesterday. We just sometimes have to close the comments because some people can write some very unkind messages. It’s like a debate starts and once it starts rolling some people can pull out all of the stops so when we start getting several comments that are more discouraging then encouraging we decide to close the comments for that topic for a bit to help cool things down a some.


  4. Glenda says

    Sorry for the people that have wrote the unkind comments. (They should write with their heart) (Plus they ruin it for the rest of us!!) Hope you all are doing fine and Tawra is getting some rest. The baby is just sooo adorable. I love this Newsletter and the Blog and look forward to reading it everyday. For some reason I feel like you are all my neighbors/long time friends. – I guess in some way you are.
    Love & Hugs,

  5. Alicia Webster says

    The dessert sounds delicious and easy–thanks. Congratulations on your new baby–I hope that you are having an easier time of it today. I have a three-year-old, a two-year-old, and a one-year-old, so I understand some of the stress and worries that you might be dealing with. Remember to nap–you can cook and clean later (like when he is five!) I wish you the best–

  6. Susan says

    That dessert sounds yummy! I have an easy dessert for hot weather I have fixed this for years and it is always a family favorite especialy with the kids! and best of all there is no oven needed!

    1 large bag of oreo cookies or store brand
    1/3 maragrine melted
    1 gallon of vanilla ice cream softened
    1 16oz can of choclate syrup
    1 carton cool whip or store brand

    crush oreo cookies and mix with melted margarine
    reserve 2 cups for topping
    press remaining cookie mixture on bottom of large pan
    spread soften ice cream on top of cookie layer
    top with choclate syrup
    Ice with cool whip top with reserved cookie mix and freeze for a couple of hours

  7. kb says

    The dessert sounds perfect. I work at a daycare and we are always looking for a great snack they will enjoy. We could set this up like an ice cream social (buffet style) and they could serve themselves—-with supervision of course!


  8. Natalie says

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  9. jill says

    We don’t have an increase here in Kansas but I do know different parts of the country do so yes check it out. We save about $40 a month on electric by hanging out our clothes. Of course your savings depends on how many loads of clothes you do but no matter where you are the savings is great if you line dry your clothes.

    For you new comers be sure to check out our web site and old blogs because we have a ton of info on line drying how to and savings.


  10. Carol says

    My mum used to just add the sliced bananas when the Jello was syrupy. She’d do tat during the day when we kids were either at school or outside doing kid things, so we weren’t underfoot. Then she’d just scoop the jello into bowls after dinner (or before bedtime – what a treat that was!) and top it with whipped topping or ice cream if we had any, but we still thought it was a treat if it was plain. I remember she used to use strawberry jello, and the flavour combination was great!

    • says

      Carol you post made me think how we so often feel bad if you can’t get our kids all these fancy ice creams or treats but yet most of us as adults remember those special treats like the Jello you mentioned. Makes you wonder if we aren’t depriving our kids of some sweet memories.

  11. Marilyn says

    My mom just used a can of fruit cocktail in the lime flavored jello. I still love it this way. Also I was remembering from when I was a kid (ages ago) A desert called a Howdy Doody Sundae. It was vanilla and chocolate pudding layered in a sundae dish and topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Haven’t had that in years.

  12. Grandma says

    maybe it is our cold weather for half the year but my boys and my grandchildren now do not like sweet desserts.
    even ice cream they find too sweet and heavy when it is hot in the summer.
    They really don’t even like jello.
    When I was a kid jello came with a bud of flavouring instead of it being mixed all through.
    I loved being in charge of jello because I would break the bud and get all the juice out of it and then use the shell in the jello. That being said I was not in chare of jello making as often as I wanted.
    food and memories seem to go together.

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