Ninety Minute Rolls Recipe

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Ninety Minute Rolls Recipe

This ninety minute rolls recipe is our family’s favorite! Are you looking for an easy and inexpensive homemade dinner rolls that your family will love? You can make these Ninety Minute Rolls for less than $1.00 per batch.

Ninety Minute Rolls Recipe

2-2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 tsp. salt
2 Tbsp. sugar
1 pkg. or 1 Tbsp. yeast
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup water
2 Tbsp. margarine

Mix 3/4 cup flour with sugar, yeast, and salt. Heat milk, water and margarine until very warm (120°-130°). Add to dry ingredients and beat 2 minutes on medium speed. Add 1/4 cup flour. Beat 2 minutes on high. Stir in enough flour to make a stiff dough. Knead 2-3 minutes. Place in greased bowl and let rise 15 minutes. Divide dough into 12 pieces and shape into balls. Place in 8-inch round cake pan. Let rise 15 minutes. Bake at 375° for 20-25 minutes.

To make cinnamon rolls from this ninety minute rolls recipe: Roll dough out after rising the first time and spread with 2 tablespoons margarine. Combine 1 teaspoon cinnamon and 1/4 cup sugar and sprinkle on dough. Roll jelly-roll style and cut into 1 inch pieces. Place in pan and bake as usual.


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  1. Beverly says

    I have this recipe on an old empty pack of Red Star Yeast, the date on it is 1978. I have made it several times lately, I find I can use 1/2 wheat flour, and whey low instead of sugar and it comes out great still! My husband and I are diabetic and I find some recipes cannot be altered and come out right. This is a great recipe!

  2. Cheryl says

    I tried these rolls last week, and while they turned out okay, the seemed a little “dense” to me. The liquid was the right temperature and the yeast was fresh. Did I mix in too much flour, or aren’t they supposed to be light and airy? I’ve never done much yeast baking because of time constraints, but I have bought the frozen dough balls and made dinner rolls with them, so that’s all I have to compare them to. Thank you! Love your website and your book!

    • says

      Cheryl when you make any yeast bread you might notice 2 things. First as you can see in this recipe the measurement for flour is 2- 21/2 cups of flour and that is what they normally do for these recipes. You add the least amount and if it is still too sticky to work with you add say a 1/4 cup more at a time until it is no longer sticky.

      Another thing too is I always get the dough to where it is slightly sticky then knead in the last of the flour in. Often people get the dough mixed great, then put it on a board with lots of flour to knead it which can be enough to effect the dough. Does that make sense? Hope this helps.

  3. says

    To fancy up the cinnamon rolls you can sprinkle in soaked raisins and continue as usual.
    Another thing I do quite often is chop up a peeled apple and then roll jelly roll fashion. Makes a nice snack in the car in the morning or when ever you happen to want something filling on the run.
    Instead of sugar I use splenda since my husband is diabetic. He loves them.
    One thing to remember is Splenda does not make yeast rise. You need sugar or honey for that.

    • Sheri says

      But flour, especially white flour, will feed the yeast to make the dough rise. I have two bread recipes that do not use sugar or honey. One bread is all white flour and the other is all whole wheat. They both turn out fine!

      • says

        Yes you can leave the sugar out of most recipes. Here is one of many recipes from our web site and book that you can make without eggs or milk too. It is what I call depression bread because it calls for very little “fancy” ingredients.

  4. Cheryl says

    Tawra and Jill, Thank you so much for your help. I tried the rolls again and they turned out better this time. I think it is the same principle as the pie crust, keep trying until you make all the mistakes and then they will come out perfect!

  5. Jen says

    This was absolutely excellent! The only thing I was wondering is there anyway you could freeze these and bake them later? If you can at what point should you freeze them?

    • says

      Jen, you can freeze most bread or roll dough. Fix them up to the point where you shape them into rolls. Place with space in between in a pan or on a sheet and freeze. You can then place them in a plastic bag to store in freezer. You can also place in one of those disposable pie pans with space in between then you can bake them in the same pan.

      When ready to use thaw over night in the fridge or 2 hours at room temp. Continue with the recipe like it says, let them rise bake etc. If they were froze and placed in a plastic bag then place them on a sheet or in a pan which has been lightly flour to thaw. In either case when you let them rise cover with greased plastic wrap or I just warm my oven at 200 degrees for a couple of minutes, turn it off and then place the rolls in there to let them rise.

  6. Cindy says

    I know this may sound like a crazy question – but is that plain flour or self-rising? I am new to baking and I am wanting to learn.


    • says

      Cindy it is plain flour. Most recipes if they say flour mean plain flour and usually if it needs self rising will state it in the recipe. Not always so it was good to ask anyway.

  7. Cindy says

    Thank you so much for this information – as I will be making these this weekend. Again I love your site.

  8. Jenn says

    LOVE These! Making them tonight….for the third time in as many weeks. I even had to double the batch because my family was lamenting not having more the last two times. Also substituted a bit of whole wheat flour for the added fiber. 😀 Thanks ladies!!!

  9. Carry says

    What does it mean when you say, ‘roll it jelly roll style’? I’ve never done that before, so can you explain it to me, please? Thanks!!

  10. Mary says

    How do you make the fruit bread from this recipe? It was mentioned on Facebook it makes a great fruit bread. I would love the recipe.

    • says

      Mary I am sorry but I don’t know which comment you are talking about. We get hundreds of them and so I’m not sure. Maybe one of our readers can tell you.

  11. Betty Key says

    I used this recipe to make rolls but halved it and used one half to make sausage roll-ups. Prepared the dough as for cinnamon rolls but instead of cinnamon, I added crumbled, cooked sausage and cheese and rolled it. These were delicious as were the rolls!

  12. Wendy says

    3.15.15 – made these for the first time tonight, followed the recipe exactly and they came out great! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe!


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